Monday, February 18, 2008

Lingering Memories

The old lives that we had, the old deeds that we've done. The times when we laugh together, talk and even cry. These memories are playing like a film without sound. They keep rewinding every second and started playing again and again. Sometimes I think times will never change. But they can't, they need to go on and on. Well those are the days I'll never forget. They linger here and there in my mind, and comes out everytime I'm alone. And I dedicated this article to Lalhmingliana (1988-2002), one of my friends in Mary Mount who answered his calling in 2002. Hope to see u again up there, friend.

My Genesis of being a student started in a school called Mary Mount school. I joined this school in the year 1993 as one of the students of KG-I. Needless to say I was a talk-less boy. (coz ya all know). I've not so much friends. My classmates since KG-I till now were like Rammuanpuia, Mandy, Chhani, K-i, VL Hmangaihsanga, Krishna, Vanlaldini, Lucy, Melissa, Jerry (BP-a), Christina (C No-i zawk) and some more, I can't remember. One of my best friends in Mary Mount was Lalzuala Sailo, he was with me till cl-VI since he left for further studies at Sainik School, Manipur. Lalzuala was a decent boy, he was very good in studies. He used to get a result of distinction mark in every term exams since KG-I. He was known by the name 'Beng hlaia', since he got L ears.

I can't forget his name Malsawma, the boy who teach me how to make a 'tumtelel' using a hanky. When we were KG-II, our classroom was near the assembly hall stage. Some friends use to pee under the stage. I can't forget how Miss Geeta taught us the song 'Stomach paining'. The actions were really 'cool' and i can't forget how she make her faces to teach us how stomach is paining. One of our classmate was David Lallawmawma, he was one of the naughtiest boy in our class. One day as I was walking on the steps of our school heading for home. David came running behind me, calling my name, "Joseph, Joseph". I stopped and look back. David said to me in a loud voice, "AFONI AJAIS". I don't know what it meants but I just pointed at VL Hmangaihsanga, who was going before me. These words of David, 'Afoni Ajais' never left my mind. (Till now, i don't know the meaning). I can't remember how David look like, since its a long time back now. Hope my old friends got to know abt this. I can't forget our hand writing teacher in Cl-II. She was Sister ....(Sorry, I can't remember her name). We submitted our assignments and as she check she called out our names. She pinched our cheeks and always says these words, "Oh my God, Oh my darling, see see see", pointing at our handwriting. Oh Sister, hope you will be fine by the Grace of the Almighty Father.

Sister Phelomen was our class teacher in Cl-VII. She was one of the best teacher I've ever came to know. She was taking our English subject. Sister, I can't forget your kindness you've shown to us. The love and care you gave us. We, your ex-students are very grateful and proud of you. And, Sister, I still remember when you saw me in a City Bus last year and gave me bread to eat with my friends. Those friend of mine were, MS-a, Zaia, El-a, Zualtea & Remruata. They are also very happy with your generosity. Also, Lalnunfela and Zodingliana, you two still clings in my mind. Lalnunfela known as "Uite pangang", was a good boy, you used to give me a lift on the way home from school. Miss ya, mate. ZDLA ie Zodingliana, I still remember how you teach me to skate on roller blades. And the way you used to sit in the class ie You lifted one of your legs up on the bench and rest your butt on it. The day when i was having sudden fever in the class, ZDLA started calculating my body temperature with his watch!! Wish those days can be turned back. Belinda and Zorinpuii were my bench-mate in class VI. We three used to grouped in such a way that, we finishes our homework at the same time, class tests at the same time. The way this two girls use to behave with my bag, they used to make my bag inside-out. How I lost my temper and started to punish them. One thing what we used to say was, 'hnip'. For private matters, lets not mention what it meants. And David Lalhlimpui, can we continue our FIFA World Cup final match!!

Being the house leader of Blue House in MMS (2001-2002), we have reponsibility in every activities. We spent a lot of time in this. My friend who was always by my side was Lalnunfela. If I was a little busy, and needed to go home late, he was there with me, helping me till I finished my work. Thanks a lot, friend. The assistant leader of Blue House was Deborah. She was always busy talking with teachers etc etc. One thing, I almost forgot to mention about Lalnunfela. I used to asked him for computer games, to let me borrow it. He used to give me in a floppy disk. Floppy has a storage capacity of only 1.44 MB. I wonder how he used to copy it in the floppy.

There's so much to say. So much to write about. But, let me stop with this. As, I'm not knowing how to express my feelings and thoughts of our (G)Olden Days. There are so many mistakes in my English writings, but please do understand me as I'm not very fluent in English. Not even a single word in the dictonary could express my feelings. How I'm missing my friends. There is nothing I can do for them, but the best thing I can do for them is just to be their friend. May God be with you all always, till we meet again.


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