Friday, October 12, 2012

Thoughts - for an update

Waazzzuupp??! It’s been a whole month since my last post. You might wonder why I don’t reply to my blog comments and the halt in new posts.  Well, there’s completely no reason behind that. As a matter of fact, I sit in front of the computer and logged into my blogger account, clicked on the ‘new post’ button and just stare at the screen thinking nothing.  Just completely nothing.

Yes Russell, guilty as charged; your words were true.

Stumbled upon some blog posts from the Mizo Bloggers group which inspires me, motivates me yet again to think what to scribble and I’m doing my best that this effort will not go wasted in to Draft. So here I am, lazy as never.

Lately I came into contact with this app called WhatsApp messenger. I’ve never thought of using it. Now that 3G networks are up, downloaded one and sign me number up. To my surprise, I could see most of my friends already using the app. “How could I ignore this? This must be good” was the thought I had...... aaannnnndd its gone!

Scrolling down the list and I see the most ‘amazing’ thing on earth, the little chap who sells 120 paan in Silchar was also there! Y’know, I use to order the paan right away from hotel room and that’s why I have his number. Now the thought - Where is the old tech-savvy Jo? – dropped in my head like a big solid feces, dropping like a free spirited potato and making that happy-ending glonking sound when reach the water. And that happy face it makes just before it got submerged..... aaannnnndd its gone!

And I have this one friend Arun who called me “Bro” but never remembers that I have his digits. He had to remind me every time when he is drunk that he is Arun and I should save his number. And this happen yet again in WhatsApp

monster-penis.jpg” I replied.

He didn’t.

Speaking of Arun, there’s this one ‘Yahoo Messenger’ time back in 2004 where we join one room in video chat. Arun logged in with his fake ID ‘cutie_pie765’ and chat with this one guy from US and A. We told him that “cutie pie” wants to see him naked. But, the guy pleaded for cutie pie’s cam. Told him cutie pie doesn’t have cam but can send him her naked pictures. So, we downloaded some nude pictures and sent it to him. “Hey....that’s too professional, didn’t believe that’s your pic,” he replied. Cutie Pie explains “I am a model and that’s my picture taken by a professional photographer..hmmmppffhh.” And with that, he responds with a smiley and showed us his web cam..... aaannnnndd till this day, we regret that chat.

Everywhere I may sign-up, be it MySpace, Hi5, Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, G+ and whatnots, I meet the same group of people. And these people always make me feel like a Chief Guest. The Chief Guest arrives last and all the other stands to welcome him. Same with WhatsApp but the only difference being the Chief Guest has to notify everyone that he had arrived.

I saw Sandman Kima’s status – “Real friends send me pics of their boobs” and I sent him mine. Just because I’m a real friend.

Some friends are so close that we chat on WhatsApp, Facebook, GTalk and SMS at the same time. Just to be sure that some way or the other, the person must receive my message. The message isn’t important, it may just be a smiley or a simple ‘haha’, but the person on the end must know that we are still up for the conversation or their message has been acknowledged.

Now that’s enough for an update.  :P

Monday, September 10, 2012

Shine on you crazy diamond

            Thlasik a ni tawh a, tlai ni tla tur te chuan lunglenna an chawk tho veng veng zel mai thin. Zan boruak thiang kuk kara arsi de zauh zauh te chuan hun kal tawh te min thlir tir a, tlaikhaw vara zai mai loh chu min hnem tu dang a awm lo. Heng hunah hian a ni mizo hla hlui sa a mittui hnam sawk sawk a kan kiu vawng vawng thin ni. 

            Chung kan lunglenna te chuan ngaihtuahna thar min pe a. Krismas hma ngei a kan hranghlui zaithiam te inlar theihna hun siamsak bakah kan lunglenna te min tawmpui tura sawm tha in kan hre ta a. Tichuan, kan hranghlui zaithiam kan tih zual ho, chu hun min hmanpui tura sawm tur thlang chhuakin hun kan hmang chhunzawm a. Kan ngaihtuahnaa lo lut hmasa ber te zinga mi chu “C.F.L. Hmingthanga” a ni.

            Ani hi khawiah nge a awm?”, “A la dam em?”, “A la zai thei angem?” tih zawhna te chu a rawn lut nghal zut zut a. Engpawhnise, zawnchhuah tha in kan hre ta a. Theihtawpa a hranghlui pui te kan biak kual hnu leh a awmna chin hriat theihna tur hrang hrang kan dap kual hnu ah Phunchawng veng-ah a awm tih chu kan hriat theih awmchhun a ni a.

            November 12, 2011 chuan kan “Oldies party” hmanna hmun tur Valley View en thlithlai pahin, CFL-a zawng tur chuan Phunchawng veng lam chu kan pan thla ta a. Chawhnu her hret a kal kan nih avangin kan tlan chak hle a, Phunchawng kan tlan pelh fe hnu ah ‘a ni tawh em em lo deuh’ tiin mi kan zawt a. “Let leh char char rawh u,” an tih avangin kan tlan let leh a, Phunchawng veng kan thlen chhoh leh chuan dawr kan hmuh hmasak ber atang kan zawt chho tan ta a.

            “Chhung saroast-i dawr han zawng rawh u,” ti chuan min hrilh zel a, chu dawr kan zawn hmuh leh hma chuan dawr 5 vel laiah kan zawt nawn leh hman. A hnu ah a awm na In ni ngeia an sawi chu kan thleng ta rawih mai a.

            Inchhunga lut tlang nghalin, “Pu CFL Hmingthanga hi a awm em?kan ti a. Anni chuan hmun danga a len thu te min hrilh a, lo nghak turin min ti zui bawk a. Rei deuh fe kan thut chhungin a awmna nu hnen atang chuan a chanchin kan hre nual a. Tawngkam mawilo nilo sela, zu a in nasat avangin damdawiina dah luh tawp tawp thin a nih thu te, camp a luh tir thin a nih thu te, ruihhlo ngai te home lama dah a nih tawh thin thu te chu min hrilh bawrh bawrh a.

            Tichuan, nakin deuhah chuan mi pakhat mit khur thuk dak mai, a hmel en reng reng pawha natna chi hrang hrangin a sual beh mek a ni tih hriat khawpa vun dum tak mai, zozial rawn pak khu talh talh chungin kawngkharah a rawn dak hau mai a. A thawmhnaw pawh suk loh in a ha rei tawh tih a hriat a, a kekawr zipper pawh zip lovin inchhungah chuan a rawn pai lut chhak chhak a. “Hei an nghak rei tawh lutuk che,” ti a a in neitunu in a sawi chiah chuan kan mi hmuh tum CFL-a a ni tih kan hre chiah. Mak kan ti lutuk chu kan hamhaih zo vek.

            Ani chuan bengvar takin, “In van fel em em ve, khawi atangin nge in lo kal a?” tiin min han bia a. Keini pawh chuan rang takin thutna atanga thovin kan chibai zui nghal a. Kan zaithiam ngaihsan leh mizo zingah chuan a aw lunglenthlak kan tih thu te chu kan fah liam liam a. Ani chuan inthlahrung takin muang ban cherh chawrhin min chhang ve zel a. Kan inbiak danah a rilru pawh a pangngai tawh lo hle tih a hriat a, rilru a na duh ngei mai.

            Tichuan, kan kal chhan te, zai ve tura kan duh thu te kan sawi a, a hmun tur te min zawt a, a chak ve zia te, hun a neih phawt chuan tel ve ngei a tum thu te chu min hrilh ta a. Kan titi thui zel a, a hla hlui te chu laptop ah chuan kan han play a, a ngaithla a, a sakpui a, a lung a leng a ni tih hriat takin a mittui a rawn parawl kuang a. A hla hlui a han sakpui te chuan a aw chu CFL-a ngei kha a la ni, mahse a hmel ah chuan a ni ang tih rin ngaihna tur reng reng a awm lo.

            Ka pu, keini thalai te hian kan la ui si che a, khawngaihin i thil tih thin zu hi chu in tawh lo hram la, i thi hma ang tih kan hlau khawp mai,” tiin inthlahrung takin kan hrilh a. Chuveleh a aw ki a rawn san a, thinrim meng bial pawpin, “Chutiangin min ti suh u,” tiin a kut chuan min kawk kual a. Sawi thui pui chi a ni lo tih hria in, a hla hlui lamah chuan kan kuai lut leh a. A lunglen ngai tho in a lung a leng leh a, Mizo Idol lama a hla “Intawng leh ngei ang” tih a lar thu te chu kan hrilh a, ani pawhin a lo ngaihthlak tawh thu leh, thiam a tih ve zia te a sawi a.

            A thian hluite, an hun laia a zaipui thin te ho chanchin te kan zawt a, a ngaih thu te, an hunlai na na na chuan Mizoram an al hneh ve zia thu te a sawi a. A bik takin U BM-a a ngaih thu a sawi chhuak ngun khawp mai.

            A hla chu kan play sak zel a, a chang leh kut zaizir nen meuh a sak pui a, a chhing vawng vawng a. A hla kan play apiang chu, “Awwww…hei pawh hi,” tiin a sakpui zel a. A hnu deuhah phei chuan a music video hlui te chu kan en tir a, ama zai chu a en ngawih ngawih a, a kuttum humruhin, a awma a beng dawp dawp pahin, “Keimah CFL Hmingthanga….Keimah CFL Hmingthanga” a ti a.

            Hun a kal chak duh ngei mai. Ani pawhin nuam a ti tih a hriat a, kan chhuah pahin min rawn thlah thlap a, phone in thla ka lakpui zuai a, kan kalsan ta a, min vai lauh lauh lai hmel pawh ka mitthla ah a la cham reng mai. A live a ka hmuh hmasak ber leh ka hmuh hnuhnun ber a ni ta. Zofate rimawi khawvel lunghlu pakhat in min kalsan hi a uihawm a, rimawi khawvel hian a ruak pui huai dawn a nih hi.

Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun.
Shine on you crazy diamond.
Now there's a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky.
Shine on you crazy diamond.

Died 09.09.2012

Friday, September 7, 2012

Coming Soon : Annual Cosplay Con Mizoram

Join the event on Facebook – Click Here
Official page for Project Z.E.R.O. – Click Here

Mizoram is preparing for its “1st Annual Cosplay Con Mizoram”, thanks to Project Z.E.R.O. [Zeal Entrepreneur Reformation Operation] for taking the initiative. Well, being a member of the cosplay squad, it makes me shoulder a responsibility to jot down some‘thing’ about the event.

The event which is planned to be held at Millennium Centre roof top on 28th December, 2012 will be based on the theme “Anime”. So, this makes it clear that you can’t enter the roof top dressed neither as a Marvel comic character nor Hollywood’s bigshot superheroes. If you’re going and you don’t know what character you’re going to cp, you can google them all the time.

The squad aims at bringing Anime fans – big or small, together in a place where they can share what the world has been doing for years. Cosplay has been one big event across the globe for many moons and we see the content smile, the happy faces behind those masked and unmasked characters. Nothing is better than seeing people doing what they love and this event calls for a gathering for fans across the city to quench their thirst.

Cosplayers can enter their name for a competition on this big day and prizes will be given to best cosplay blah blah blah - later. And yet, you can still come to the venue cosplaying some character without participating in the competition.

There are some rules laid down by the organizers for the participants in the competition which you can read at the event page. Yes, check out the event page and see how many people brace themselves for the event.

On the contrary that we believe cosplays are kinky and are meant for big boys and girls, it certainly isn’t. Come and witness the young and pure hearts in action.

We had a promo video shooting and photo session somewhere outside Aizawl and I feel great to be a part of young and energetic guys out here, they’re awesome. Videos and official pictures will be out soon. So stay tuned on the official page.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Khawnglung Run en thu (No spoiler)

Zodin, JL, AR Cinema Hall tih vela cinema en tur a awm tawh loh vang vang hnu thangkhat lian zet a liam ta maw tih ah East View Cinema hawn a ni ve leh a. Chuta kan movie en theih chu Hollywood kutchhuak “sap film” kan tih a ni tlangpui. Chutihlaiin Mizote tana rahbi thar min chuankai tirtu ni turin “Khawnglung Run” chu Leitlang Pictures in an lo buatsaih mup mup reng a, nimin August 23, 2012 khan Chanmari YMA Hall ah Mizoram Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla’n a release a nih kha.

Khawnglung Run Poster
A chhuah hma hauh atanga chanchin ngah em em Khawnglung Run hi online khawvelah leh print/e-media hrang hrang ah chuan hmuh tur a awm reng a, a hautak zia leh an uluk zia te kan hriat rualin kan en chak thu in a zui ngei ngei bawk thin.

August 23 ah release a ni dawn tih leh hemi zan hian show vawikhatna neih a nih tur thu chuan min rawn deng ta dawt a, kan phur viau e tilo chuan ticket lak lam reng reng kan lo ngaihtuah lo a. Mahse, en ve chu kan tum ruh hle a ni. Hemi zan hian hmun thum - Chanmari YMA Hall, Vanapa Hall leh East View Cinema ah an chhuah dawn tih te chu kan hre zui zel a.

Ka en ve dawn anih chu!

August 21 chhunah chuan call ka dawng a, thianpa Chda chuan, “Hei Khawnglung Run ticket chu kan la tawh aw, Vanapa Hall ah kan en dawn anih chu, zan dar 7 ah, Dara nen kan pathumin” tih zawng mi rawn hrilh a, ticket chan loh kan hlauh vei nen a ngaihthat thlak ta sawng sawng mai.

A hun a lo thleng a

August 23 zan chuan dar 6:30 ah inhmuhkhawm tumin kan insiam sap sap hlawm a. “Kal hma a ngai, kal hma hma thutna neih that an ti,” tia Dara’n a sawi avangin dar 6:30 chu hma veh vawh takah kan ngai a. Tichuan, a hun a lo thlen chuan pathum chauh ni lovin paruk kan lo ni reng tih te ka hmuchhuak a. Hihi. Thian zei tak tak neih hi chuan ka’n heti leh tlat thin.

Luh hma boruak

Vanapa Hall kawt kan thleng chu, mi pawh an lo tam khawp mai. Aurinna hmangin, “He film hi chhuah a la ni lo a, hmanhmawh duh suh u, muangchangin, innek buai lovin aw,” tih te chu kan han hre nghal pang a. Gate chu tereuhte in hmun khatah an hawng a, a hma ah chuan line 4 lai  in kan intlar ta anih chu. Luh duh theuh theuh, dar 7 chhuah tan ni bawk si, gate hawnna pakhat tereuhte a tlar li inhnawh luh tum chu a hahthlak ve det!

Hmelhriat hmuh tur an lo awm nual a, a tam zawk chuan a hmuna ticket lei tum an lo ni a, changlo an awm nual. A tlangpuiin en tum an felfai thep thawp hle a, nalh tak taka nula leh tlangval inchei bakah, chhungkua a en tum an kat nawk mai. Hemi anih vang emawni, Gate a innek buai deuh vak vak inring rana ka intlar pawh chu, ka thlen meuh chuan tumah nek ngai lovin ka lut thak thung.

Seating arrangement

“Rs. 100 man ticket la ho chu khu lamah khuan kal ru,” tiin luhna tur kawngkhar min kawhhmuh a. Kawngkhara lo duty chuan, “Thuthleng sen chin zawng khi Rs. 100 man ho thutna tur,” a ti leh a. Tichuan, thuthleng sen ah pawh a hnung lam chu ka’n han pan ve a, projector bul chiaha thutna tlar phei kan thlang deuh kher a. A chhan chu, a kahchhuahna zawn taka en hian a angle a dik deuh kan rin vang a ni.

Thuthleng sen ah kan thu

Kan thut fel hian dar 7 a la ri lo deuh a. Thutna an arrange dan chu fuhlo kan tih thu leh felfai taka seat number pek thlap thlap awm tiin kan lo titi mai mai a. Kan thu rei tial tial a, sawi tur a vang tial tial a, chhuah tan lah an la tum der lo. Advertisement fiahlo tak pakhat video hi an play reng a, VLC player in, fullscreen loh lehnghalin, lu a ti hai thei deuh reuh! Tan hma hauhin zun a’n chhuah tlat pek chu, stage hnunga O LE ah ngei khan ka zuk zung a. Tichuan ka let leh chuan chhuah tan an lo tum a.

An chhuah dawn ta

Light an off tan, kan inring thap. Sana ka en a, dar 7:45 a ri chiah. Chutih lai chuan Stage ah mi pakhat a rawn chho, thu a rawn sawi. Mizo Film Society (?) tih vel lampang ho chuan hun an rawn hmang leh te te. An pawl hruaitute ho stage ah an inlan tir diat diat, thusawi turin an president an la sawm deuh deuh. “Ka sawi lo mai ange,” ti niawm takin a lu a thing a, hun an hmang zo. Sawi ngat se chu ka silipar in ka vawm ang ka ti deuh a, silipar ka lo bun lo hlauh a. Tin, a sawi ta lo bawk nen, ngai kan awh leh hram.

Light chu an off kim ta. An chhuah dawn e, tren tren. Stage ah chuan computer desktop a lang kuau a, desktop-a “Khawnglung run” file chu an play dawn ta, Windows Media Player in an han play ta tehreng. An fullscreen a, kan nghak thrap. A reh ngawih ngawih! A lo in play reng reng lo, a support lo! A chhan an zawng tih turin an han click kual kawi vel a, a hnuah VLC chuan play an han tum leh a. AVI File Broken a lo inti kuau, awi karei, kan en thei dawn lo a ang. “Ka pendrive ah hian player tha deuh ka dah sia, ka zuk install sak dawn emaw ni le,” tiin Chda chu ka hrilh fiamthu hlut a, a nui vur vur. Tichuan, VLC player hmang chuan a broken file chu an han fix leh te te a, 1% a kal, 2% a kal leh. Kan thiannu pakhat chuan, “Hawh u, lo chhiar char char ang u, chhiar char char hian a reilo duh,” a rawn ti ve leh a, kan nui leh vur vur.

A zo ta, a in chhuah ve ta hram e. “Fullscreen Fullscreen” tiin ka rilru in ka au tiah tiah a, a hmaa advertisement an play laia fullscreen thiamlo khan a control tlat alawm! A han minimize leh te te a, “Huizzz” ka lo ti hman. Pakhat a rawn kal, a rawn fullscreen ta hlauh. Lungmuangin kan en thei ta.

En lai boruak

Chda’n, “Vai ho bula en kan ang hle mai a,” a rawn ti a. Ni e, hall chu kut beng thawm leh kutchang ham rik ri in a ri deuh dur dur reng mai a. Scene fuh zual thenkhat kha chu a hriatthiam theih mai a, a nazawng a tih chhen kha chu a ninawm lu hrat. Zurui pahnih khat an awm tih a hriat hle bawk!

Duty te ho in mit an tikham lek lek. Torchlight in min rawn chhun leh vuh vuh zel a, inrinloh lai phei chuan! Entui em em lai attention min lak sak chhen a ni ber mai.

Zun a chhuah luat tawh avang leh kawng a kham avangin thut dan posi kan siksawi kual reng a, intermission a thleng dawn trep tawh ang a, kan tih laiin announcement an rawn siam, “Entu mipui te hriat tur, kan chhuah tlang law law mai ang,” tih chu. Zun a chhuah tawh tehreng nen, en loh a uihawm si. Ip tang tang chungin kan en chhuak ta hram a nih kha.

Movie Review  (ve khanglang chuan)

Mithiam leh thil hria pawh ka ni lo a, hmuh thiam ve dan phak tawka ngaihmawh thenkhat lo tarlang ve ila.  Heng aia ropui leh zirtham chu midangin rawn ziak zawk teh se.

  1. SOUND: A chhuah tirh phat atang audio leh background sound effects hian ngaimawh a hlawh hle, a ri hnem mah mah a, beng a khawngaihthlak lu hrat. A ninawm lamah a kal. Mizo kutchhuak ah chuan inbiakna tawngkam (conversation) fiah fel taka en theih awmchhun a la ni.  

Silai in an han inkap a, a ri a ngai put mai a (Hei hi chu trailer an rawn tihchhuah pawh khan ka lo ngaimawh nghal tawh a). Khawi atanga kah nge, hmun hla nge a hnai ami an kah tih te, vei lam nge ding lamah an kah tih kha a ri atang khan thliar hran theih sela a va hmuhnawm lehzual dawn em. An thaw ri a ring mah mah tih tur a awm leh nulh thin.

Khawnglung run” hla instrumental/tune hmanga an tih rik reng mawlh kha, a va han ri zing tak em. A nalh na leh a ninawmna a inchen.

  1. CAMERA: An thiam bon top! An thiam an show deuh mah mah em tih turin plot in a mamawh bakin an ti kual nasa deuh tih tur a ni. Hmanrua in a phak lo nge ka hre lo a, zan lam scene hmuh harsa a awm nual. Directing ah chuan experience nei lo an ni ngawt lo tih chu a hriat.

  1. EDITING: A fuh. A fuh zan lohna lai thenkhat, fimkhur loh vang nge scene pakhatah phei chuan camera lens tui in a rawn per a, a lang chiang hle, second 4 emaw ni lai a lang lehnghal. A colour hi khawih danglam a ni nasa a, amaherawh chu a movie tluan in maintain a hlawh lo hle, a tawp lamah an kut an thlah zal deuh nge an vun rawng a mumal tawh lo hle bawk.

Chapchar Kut an lawm laia an chheih lam slow motion a tih lan reng ringawt leh “Thanglunghnemi Zai” an lo sa bawk si kha chu hmehbel a rem chiah lo deuh.

  1. ACTION: Action chu bon lo tak a ni. Zak pawh kau lova silai hmanga an han in chhu hlum det det te kha! Fight scene thenkhat ah a speed tih ran chawp a langsar mah mah thin, an tang lo mah mah, an taksa ah an tang tih a lang lo.

Apocalypto i en tawh, Troy i en tawh, 300 i en tawh, Warriors of the rainbow i en tawh, screenplay thenkhat ah heng movie hi i hrechhuak zawk zawk thin ang.

Tui vela an inkap thla kha chu, (trailer ah in hmu tawh tho) a bon ka ti ve thlawt.

  1. VISUAL EFFECTS: Mizo kutchhuakah atan chuan a tha e. An thisen pawh a chhuak chiang thin teh e. An silai pawh a puak chiang thin khawp mai. Effects lan tir tum lutuk avanga in kah thelh deuh reng mai te kha chu, a zialo deuh.

  1. SCREENPLAY: A tlangpui thu in a tha!

  1. PLOT: A fuh ka tih rualin, story inzawm lo thut thut, ngaihruatna nena en chawp ngai a awm nual.

A hmuhnawm thlawt a, hun leh tha leh zung an seng nasa tih pawh a hriat. Sum leh pai phei chu an seng nasa tih a hriat reng mai.

A buaipuitute thawhrimna a fakawm a, sawiselna tam tak a awm laiin a fuhna lai hi a let fe a awm ve bawk tih kan hre theuh dawn nia.

Engpawhnise, mizo film history a rahbi thar min chuankai tirtu a nihna hrim hrim hi a fakawm a. En ve ngei i tum dawn nia.

PS: Trailer an tihchhuah hi an sawi dan takin duh aiin a "spoiler" mah mah.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Zei rapthlak dan - III

Kan va zei tlang har leh ta ve tiraw u? Part I leh Part II chhiar tawh chuan zei zir vak in ngaih tawh ka ring chiah lo a, amaherawhchu, lo la hmang tangkai thei thlawt lo tan tactic hrang hrang i han khawnkhawm leh dawn ang hmiang. Zeilo lehzual tan aw…

I hmanraw hman ngai : ZAH-LOH-THEIH-NA

Star i nei em? : Star i neih pawh i hre lo maw? “Kei chu star pawh ka nei ve ngai lo,” i ti ve rilru ve ziah, mahse ngaihtuah chiang teh - khawlaiah i hmelhriat ngai miah loh emaw i hmelhriat pawh tu pawh i hmu a, i mur deuh chuaih. Hmuh nawn leh i chak a, i enzui leh hram. I va hmu leh chiah, i thin pawh a phu dut dut. I star! I hmuh veleh khan i kawchhungah electric current in a siam ang maiin a lo ‘spark’ ta chhaks mai a, i rilru in “A chhelo hle mai,” a ti zui a, i thinphu lah in mu leh mal a nei lo. Kha kha anih kha star chu. I star hian i chhas tihna a ni lo. Hrethiam tawh em?

I chhas ni turin engtia hmalak tur nge? : Star nazawng hi chhas atan midang pawhin an duh vek kher lo tih kha lo hre phawt teh. I star apiang te chhas ni nghal zel tura i ngaihna thinlung rethei kha i paihbo a ngai tihna a nih chu. Chhas tur atana duh tak tak hi chu nangmaha nangmah ngei ah khan natural power in a rawn hmuh tir ang che. Chumi ah chuan i thinglung ‘spark’ pawh a trek chhuai chhuai ang a, chumi chu i bawhzui ang. Chhas ni tura bawhzui dan hi a pawimawh ber lai, a chhungmu chu a ni. Engtin?

i)                    Cobra eyes – Kan detective chet ruih tur a ni. Khawlaiah i hmu ta ngei a, “A va chhelo mai mai eee….hit hle mai a,” ti a en liam puat kha i tih tur a ni lo, i rilru ti harhfim vat la, i ‘cobra eyes’ hmangin heng te hi hmuh tum nghal ta che. Form a ha em? Hak chuan college t-shirt nge, company lampang nge, nurse nge (TIP: nurse ho hian an damdawiin thawhna azirin form hrang hrang an nei ve thin tih hriat a tha), lab technician zirlai nge, traffic police nge, eng form nge a hak tih i chhinchhiah tur a ni. Chhuichhuah a awlsam nan.

Form a hak loh pawhin lungngaih tur a awm lo. Next step hi chhiar rawh.

ii)                  *Click* *Click* - Tunlaiah chuan technology hi a tangkai thei ang bera hman tur a ni tih hi chu kan hre theuh awm e. Form a hak loh chuan chhuichhuah a har deuh mai thei, chuvangin a thla laksak i tum dawn nia. Phone camera awm i neih chuan duhthusam, i neih loh chuan i thiante talin an nei ang, hawh sak lawk la. A thla i lak ruk sak ang. Tin, hetia thla vawikhat i laksak avang hian ‘stalker’ i la ni miah lo ania, mahse fimkhur erawh a tha.

Tichuan internet i khawih veleh Facebook ah i lut nghal anga, “Mizo hmeichhia chhelo post na” ah chu thlalak chu i post nghal tur a ni. A caption ah “He nu hi van chhelo tak, ka ex anih hi, a phalna ka dil lo” tiin i post anga, an rawn comment luih luih anga. A comment tu zingah AMAH hretu pakhat tal an lo awm ngei ang, kha pa kha i va inbox keuh anga, i va zawtchhuak keuh mai dawn a ni. Awlsam tiraw?

iii)                Hetiang chiah hian uniform ha-i pawh kha i chhuichhuah duh chuan a thla i laksak ve ang. Mahse, thlalak han post sak te hi a nawmloh bakah midangin an lo star ve te a hlauhawm a, chuvangin nangmah ngeiin chhuichhuah tum la, a harsa lo ang. Mizo chu kan tlem em hi. Tin, form ha lo zawk-i kha chu amah i chhuichhuah veleh a thlalak i post kha i delete leh keuh dawn nia.

Bawhzui ang aw: I chhuichhuak ta rup mai le! Mission 1 accomplished! Tunah chuan nang chuan a class/office/dawr kalna i hre khiau tawh, ani erawh chuan he khawvelah hian i piang ve tih pawh a la hre kher lo ang. I hriat tir dawn a ni. Engtin?

i)                    Notification: Facebook i luh a thil thar lo awm, a hma a i la hmuh ngai loh leh hriat ngai loh hriattir tur che in notification a lo awm thin ang chiah khan, kan bawhzui tum-i chu he khawvelah hian i awm ve ngei (exist) a ni tih i notify tur a ni. Chumi atana pawimawh em em chu, a class/office/dawrnghah kalkawngah a hmuh tur ngeiin kawng sir velah emaw i lo ding thin tur a ni.

I lo ding tur a ni tih hian ding satliah a ni tur a ni lo. Pa deuh teh tawh takin, ka’n thianpa sawi dan takah, ‘neih-len-hmel-deuhin’ i lo ding tur a ni. Alo kal veleh i lo melh zeuh anga, ani pawhin a lo melh ve zeuh ang che. Melh reng erawh a chi loh, a rawn melh veleh che i mit i la sawn ang. A chhan chu, a rilru te te in, “A va inno hmel em em, star keuh teh ang” a ti thei a ni. Bakah i melh reng chuan, hur hmel a ti ang che.

Hmanhmawh loh a tha a, tichuan nitin in i lo ding ziah ang. I lo melh ziah anga, ani pawhin a rawn hmu (notice) ziah ang che. Tichuan, in hmel chu in lo in hretawn ta em em mai dawn a ni. A hnu deuh ah chuan tlemin i lo tlangnel deuh tawh anga, i melh pahin i nuih suk ang. Ani pawh lai deuhin a lo nui ve seih mai ang. Nuam chem chem tan!

Kan hmanhmawh lutuk hi kan chesual fo tih hi hriat a tha a, tin, i tih phawr phawr chuan a ten mai ang che.

Tichuan, ni 5 vel lai chu in haw lo takin in in nuih seih seih tawh a. Thil thar i apply leh ang, zak suh, mipa zawk i nih kha.

ii)                  Conversation start ang aw: Saw a lo kal leh ta hnap hnap mai, lo inring teh. A lo thlen veleh i nuih deuh suk pah chuan, “Kal dawn chiah elaw?” emaw “I va hma ve vawiin chu,” han ti thawr mai teh. Ani pawh mi pangngai tak a ni a, “Aw kal dawn chiah,” emaw, “Nia vawiin chu hma ve deuh,” emaw, “Chutia mi? Nang pawh?” nui chungin a rawn ti let ve var var mai ang. A sap ho style takin – ‘Just your ‘hello’ can change our attitude for the whole day’ an tih kha maw. Chumi ni na na na chu in hlim dun ve ve khawp ang. Nuam leh chem chem.

iii)                Khaw dur ni pawhin: Zing lam chauh ni lo, tlai lam a lo haw leh lam thlengin i lo in hmuh tir ngam tawh ang. Tlai lamah chuan, “Va tlai ve,” “Va haw hma ve,” emaw pawh i lo ti ngam tawh ang. Khua a tha reng ngai lem lo a, khawchhiat ni te chuan, “Lo chawl daih la, a sur banah i kal leh dawn alawm,” emaw, “Ruah a sur nasa sia, a vawt sia, thingpui te in ila,” tiin i lo sawm thin dawn a ni. A tir lamah chuan a hnial char char ang che. A duh loh chuan i ti lui tur a ni lo. ‘Just a li’l patience’ kha i mamawh ve a ni, nghak hram hram la, ruah a sur apianga i tih ziah chuan duh hun a nei ang. Chutah chuan in in hre chho tan dawn a ni.

In awmdun ta a: A hmeichhia zawk na na na chu a kimki deuh chuih chuih anga, nangin tlangnel takin i siamthiam tur a ni. I besawm bawrh bawrh anga, mahse a tawk chiah hriat a tha. Ama mimal private chanchin zawh vak vak loh tur, an koh dan leh an veng te chu i zawt thei ang. A bak kal thui vak lo la, chu ai chuan, tunlai khaw chhiat ngun zia, tunlai khaw uap zia, tih vel te i sawipui dawn nia. Mahni chanchin sawi vak vak hi hmelhriat ngai loh bula thil sawi nuam ber a ni ngai lo.

            Tichuan ruah sur ni chauh lo pawhin thingpui in puiah i sawm zeuh zeuh thin dawn nia. A chang chuan ruah a sur rei deuh chang a awm anga, chumi hunah chuan “Ka va thlah ang che,” i ti anga, “A ngai lo,” a ti chung pawhin, “A tlai tawh em hi, kalkawngah mi in an lo tibuai palh ang che, i hneh awm si lo,” i ti anga, fiamthu ti tak deuhin. A rilru chuan a ngai ‘protective’ viau tawh ang che. I pa rem rem.

Gentleman takin aw: An in thleng i va thlah ta a, hetiang ang tlai tawh ah hi chuan hmeichhia hi an chhungten an ngaihtuah viau thin tih hi hriat a tha a. A chhungte hmuh ngei turin an in chhung thlengin i thlah thlap tur a ni. Tin, amah pawh chuan, “Thingpui te rawn in ve leh phawt rawh,” a ti ang, tunlaiah mi an polite tawh tih hriat a tha. A chhungten, “Mami, tunge i thianpa hi?A van fel em em” an tih loh pawhin, “I van fel em em, i rawn thlah thlap a, thingpui te in phawt rawh aw,” an ti anga, “Ka lawm e, ka in lo zawk mai ang e,gentleman takin ti mawihnai ve tur a ni. Mahse an in tir tho tho ang che.

            Mami pawh chu a inthlak vel anga, thingpui a lum pah bawk anga, a inthlak chhungin i phone chu an cushion inkar velah a rem laiah i zep ru dawn nia. I phone chu i theihnghilh dawn a ni. Tichuan, amah chuan thingpui in tur chu a rawn chawi phei anga, in in dun pahin in titi ang.

Think like a hunter: In titi pah chuan a weakness i zawng char char tur a ni. Sapel tu in a sa kah tur chu a awm duhna hmun, a ei duhzawng awmna ah chat a chang fuh thin. Chutiang chiah chuan a weakpoint chu enge tih hriat i tum char char ang. Thil ei duh tak a ni em? Fiamthu duh tak a ni em? Ngawichawi tak a ni em? Sap ngaisang chi a ni em? Mi senti deuh a ni em? Chung zawng zawng chu i chik ru kar tur a ni.

            Thingpui in zawh chuan, sana i en anga, “A tlai tawh e mai, chaw ei a hun tawh tlat, ka va haw ange,” i ti anga. Ani chuan, “A la hma alawm, ruah sur pawh a la ban loh hi, chaw ei ve nghal law law la,” a ti anga, “Nidangah ni mai rawh se, chaw ka heh lutuk,” i tih pahin kal i tum hnai ang. I ding uaih an hmuh chuan a chhungte pawhin, “Haw i tum elaw? Chaw te ei ve nghal law law la,” an lo ti leh anga, “Ei ve mai dawn emaw ni le? Tak taka, nidangah ni rawh se, ka va phei phawt ange,” i ti anga. I haw nghal nal nal tur a ni.

A zana len leh nghal dan chu: I haw nal nal chu i thiante tu ber emaw i hmu nghal vat dawn nia. I thianpa hnenah chuan i tactic chu i hrilh anga, chuan i thianpa chuan i phone chu a call nghal dawn a ni. Mami te chu an chaw ei reh lai tak a ni anga, phone ri pawh chu chiang takin an lo hre thei ang. Tu phone nge mawni le? an tih chhungin vawikhat chu a ring kuit hman ang.

            Chu chu in hre lawk vek anga, i thianpa pawh chuan a dial nawn leh ngat anga. A ri leh anga, Mami te chhungkua ami tu emaw ber chuan a lo zawng mek anga, a va hmuh chuan, “Mami, hei nichina i thianpa khan a phone a theihnghilh anih hi,” tih pahin Mami chu a pe anga, a lo pick up ang. “Eh! Khawnge Cfa?” “Hei Cfa hian kan in ah a phone a theihnghilh a, tunah khan kan hre chiah,” “A ni maw? Khawiah?” “Vawiina a lo len naah khan,” “Anih chu, ka lo hrilh nghal vat ange,” tiin i thianpa chuan a titawp ang.
            Mami chuan engtikah nge phone i lam hun tur a hriat lawk loh avangin lengchhuak ngam lovin inah a lo awm reng ang. Fuh viau lo maw?

Officially-a len vawikhatna: Len vawikhatna ah pawh chet hit hle tur. A weakness i zirchian sa tawh kha, fiamthu a duh chuan comedian search a tel tur ang pain i in prepare tha tur a ni. Chutiang bawkin a thil ei duh mi a nih chuan hmawmsawm chi hrang hrang keng la, nihawichi hi a tha deuh ber, a daih rei.

Sap ngaisang chi a nih chuan, Facebook ah leh twitter ah sap ho i friend an nih hnemzia leh i follow hnem zia, an lifestyle thlengin a duh tawkin i sawipui thei tawh tur a ni a. Ram hrang hrangah zin ve fe tawh ziazangin an ram hrang hrang chanchin pawh i hre kur ve ngei nguai dawn nia.

Tichuan, i luh veleh i phone theihnghilh chhuanlamin, “Ka haihawt hi ka lo theihnghilh thin a,” i ti vel anga, zak zum der deuh zak miah si lovin. Tichuan, Mami pawh chuan, “Kan lo hralh hman tep a ni,” tiin nui ver ver chungin a rawn pe ang che nga. Message vel engmah dawng lo mah la, i check der vel nuap nuap dawn nia. Chuan, “Luck loh theih ngei mai, engmah pawh ka lo dawng lo anih hi,” i ti zui dawn nia.

Awihawm loh lutuk, lo thu mai mai rawh,” tiin Mami pawh chuan a lo hrilh nghal ang che. I phone chu i chhuanlamah a tang laklawh tawh a, chuvangin i phone a thil nuihzatthlak hrang hrang emaw tih vel kha i entir dawn nia. Chutah chuan a nuihzatthlak loh pawhin a nui der vel ang.

“Ti daih ila, vawiin khan ka phone kha ka tibo emaw ka ti hman a, ka mangang hman lutuk a, in ka thlen khan ka hrechhuak chiah a. In inah ka theihnghilh takin rawn kal ka tum deuh a, ka thianpa khan min rawn hrilh hlauh a, ka ngaih a tha huai alawm le. Hrim hrimah ka haihawt ropui sia, ka theihnghilh leh palh takin engtin nge ka rawn zawh ang che?” i ti anga, “Nia, i haihawt ve ropui sia, kha ka phone number hi la rawh, mahse call tlang hi har thei lutuk a, signal tha lo thei tawp a,” a ti ang.

Chuan contact picture a mi tur ka duh tih pahin a thla laksak i tum anga, “Ngailo, ka hmelchhe e mai,” a ti anga, “Ho lutuk,” tih pahin hmet lui anga. A thla pawh chu a phe ruai anga, a phe chung chung chu hman i tum anga, “Van sual tak, khawi la tha law law rawh,” a ti anga. Nalh takin i la tawh mai dawn a ni.

Len rei lutuk loh tur kan tih thin kha maw. Thingpui a lum a, in in zawh ah, reilote thu khawmuang la, haw lam i hnaih daih dawn nia.

A phone no. i nei tawh a, an in i hre tawh bawk a, a bak chu i hriat tawh kha.

I la hrelo maw? Part I & II chhiar ve leh ngei ang che. Good Luck.

Enge an sawi?

"Siamtu remhriat em em na chu... 'Pangpar mawi tak te hi voiin ah chuai mahse, naktuk ah chuan pangpar chidang mawi tak tho a par tir leh zel mai thin hi' "  - Sangtea

"Chhas bem dan - Thlem ti tih, vau ti tih, dil ti tih, hnek ti tih, hau ti tih, ngen ti tih, tap ti tih, nui ti tih a bem chuan an tlu hrim hrim... an tia lawm!" – Rsa

"A ruka i star em em, i tih lan ngam si loh nen kalkawngah in intawh hlauh chuan, in inpelh fel veleh hawi let chhin teh. A lo hawi let ve chuan a star ve deuh che a ni maithei a, a lo hawi let loh chuan ngai i awh tihna ni mai." – Chama

"Zeiness tips for doubles: A thiante leh unaute kha han kawmngeih em em phawt mai la.... inhauh nikhuaah ani'n hautu a ngah... nangin trantu leh thlemtu!!" – Zuali

"Zeiness Tips: A bulah chuan thil ropui tak hi tihtum emaw, soi tum loh tur, thil ho lutuk i tih thin kha a mitthla a chamreng tr leh..memories... tur a ni zok..." – Thartea

"Zeiness tips for guys:- Nula ho hian rin aiin pangpar hi kan lawm teh mai ania, i star or sas lakah mark score i duh chuan special dates or spl occasion ah han leisak chhin teh,,...a bikin "red rose"..." – Kimi

"Kan nuna kan inchhirna tam tak hi chu. 'Ka lo ti ve chhin lova aw,' tih hi a ni chawk ania. Chuvang chuan.. i hmel duh deuh kha chu.. bem thruai rawh." – Dara

"Zei - is the way you 'wear' yourself..." – Kuki

"Hmangaihna in lo sawi fo hi engmah a lo ni hlei nem.. tahna thlentu mai a nih hi.." - C. Thuamluaia

ZAWHNA - Thiante hi engchen in nge sas career ah hian an poimohna ni ang le..??? - Sangtea

CHANNA TE : 1. keichu k thiam ve hlol loh avangin mi tihpui lamah hi chuan k kut k sil e.....mahni tan k tha zok in k sia hehehe – Maria

2. "nih" tir kan tum a,sawirem pui kan tum te hi an mizia a inmil em,an 'click" ang em tih hi match makers ho tan hriat a pawimawh..tawngpawng in force or in blackmail chi a ni miahlo..pawimawh ber chu,miin pui tura min sawm,ngen anih loh chuan lo inrawlh thawt thawt hi a tha ber lo ang...ka ngaih ve dan mai mai a ni e :-) – Apuii

3. Keichu thiante tihpui chu keima tan chuan ka duh lem lo... mahni lu leng pawh hai theih loh chu zei loh thlak emmei... lolzzz!! Mi pahnih an inngaizawng anih chuan dai theu tur chuan anmahni bawk an thra ber..... ti ila.... zeina kawng te hi in ang lova... – Zuali

4. A tha ve ve!! a tawpah chuan inthrenna khawvel ni vek tho.. :P – Cyef

A tawp berah chuan –

"With great power comes great responsibilities" - Spiderman

Monday, August 20, 2012

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Things to do in Mizoram before you die!

Bitch Please!

  1.  Take a perfectly timed picture of you jumping at Hmuifang Hill.
  2. Spend an evening at World Bank Road.
  3. Smuggle in two bottles of Whisky through Vairengte Excise Check-post successfully.
  4. Create and become an administrator in one of the most official and most hardcore mizo sentimental group in Facebook with 202 members.
  5. Like” and make pervertic/vulgar comments in at least three photos of “Mizo Hmeichhe Chhelo Post Na” group.
  6. Carry one big-shot DSLR camera and click a picture of you with it in front of the mirror and use it as your profile picture in Facebook.
  7. Own a dog. Yeah, a dog.
  8. Have at least two drinking spots on the outskirt of Aizawl City.
  9. Figure out what is “Last House”.
  10. Publish a magazine and become the greatest sex and love expert.
  11. Become a celebrity!
  12. Have a text mate you found from Lelte Pals.
  13. Start an Association and ask for donations.
  14. Hunt for Gutkha products while you’re chewing tobacco.
  15. Buy something online and brag about it everyday for one year.
  16. Save 2/3 contacts of liquor secret agents and become resourceful.
  17. Eat out at every new restaurant, snap pictures and be the first to upload pictures online. Later, comment on any friend’s upload on your news feed - “been there” “been there”.
  18. Be a badass. Buy coffee at some small local variety store at 9:30 pm.
  19. Count how many advertisements Vanglaini publishes in a day.
  20. Go to Anthurium Festival at Reiek and play “spot-a-chick”.
  21. Become a photographer and post your photos in “My Shots” album on Facebook. How professional!
  22. Form a club and make a t-shirt.
  23. Go to BSNL Office at around 9 pm and see how busy the street is.
  24. Update some Bible verses as your Facebook status on Sunday.
  25. Ride a Royal Enfield (Bullet) motorcycle and wear aviator shades no matter the weather.
  26. Go to Church, sleep through the whole service and be holier than those who stayed at home.
  27. Be the first to make a sex video clip in HD with your 8MP mobile phone camera.
  28. Hire a Taxi that will cost you 80 bucks for a kilometer.
  29. Watch Korean Serial and learn Mizo in 15 episodes.
  30. Go to any picnic spots at Sihhmui, they have swimming pools. Yay!
 Care to add some more?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Of scams and frauds

Since Adam and Eve, man had been fooled till today but with different strategies. Hoax theories, prank calls, email scams, fraud SMS ads, forge notes, etc. (etc is an excuse of telling people you know more than that, but you actually don’t. See, I’m fooling you there. :D) are the words you came to know along the revolution of “technology”. Technology is nothing but the main culprit behind these evil deeds. Think about it.

Lately, one friend told me a joke about two li’l chaps – ‘a gun smuggler and his pal’. The latter is to buy a handgun from the former. They were signing a deal to where and when they should carry out the business – done. And they were to meet on the edge of a pond at the outskirt of the village under twilight.

Later that evening, the dealer thought, “Since we are going to do it at night, I should replace my gun with a fake pistol, he won’t notice.” So he went. His pal, not to be outsmarted (as if he knew) thought, “I should hand him my forge notes, he won’t be aware of it.” So he went too. And the deal was done, without any trouble. Buying fake pistols with forge notes and selling fake pistol for forge notes. I don't want to hear them seeing each other again. :D

Needless to mention, all of us at least once, had a deal with one of those Nigerian scammers. We hate them and seriously those spam emails telling us how we could enlarge our - you know what; we never open your mails. *fingers-crossed*

Today I received an SMS from someone stating that I won a lottery and my jaws dropped. “CONGRATULATIONS! Your mobile number has won 500000000 rupees in the ongoing NOKIA IN MOBILE PROMO for claims call [Removed] E-mail [Removed].”

While I was thinking how I will spend the money, you know like driving around in a Camaro and dating a supermodel, watching the sunset with a bottle of champagne and BEEP - another SMS! Quickly I opened and it reads – “Double your investment in no time! Buy a land in Mukund Nagar,Shri Ahireshwar Wadi Pune – 411037 Waghmare Phone: [Removed] email [Removed].”

Now, I’m starting to think how I can get this two people meet and let the first party buy the land from the second party for me. :P

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Haw a hun ta viau a ni

- Zing chanchinbu sem in chanchinbu a rawn dah rik khauh tawh chuan.

- "Tikhan lo meng mai r'u, ka mu dawn," ti a in len na berin a tih chuan.

- Chhungkaw nu ber zingkar jog turin "In la leng a ni maw?" a tih chuan.

- An thenawmpa in TV a on a, "Chibai Mizoram" a en tawh chuan.

- Chhungte SMS "Mama, khawnge i riah a?" tih i dawn chuan.

- Pawn boruak daia intiharh tura i chhuah laia 'zing tlan tur' emaw an lo tih che chuan.

- Hming lem atana "Zan ngam ho" tia a phuah sak che u chuan.

- Vairam lama thiante ho pawh online a biak tur an awm tawh loh chuan.

- In lenna te thuthleng sei pakhat theuha in thianho a in lo mutthilh vek chuan.

- In pum a rik rawk rawk a, thingpui emaw eitur emaw engmah a siam peih tawh loh chuan.

- Thla eng emaw ti a tukverh a dah chhuah i tum a, leilung a lo lang tawh tih i hriatchhuah chuan.

- Hmai mawm pawh in hruk peih tawh loh chuan.

- Ar khuang chu sawi loh, motor a tlan rik zut zut tawh chuan.

- Supply office a Gas dil tur an kalchhuah sup sup tawh chuan.

- Chhungkaw pa ber in aw a then khurh khurh hnu a, room kawngkhar na deuh hleka a rawn khar chawrh chuan.

- "In mu ve ngai em?" tia in lenna berin a zawh che u chuan.

- Cfa meuh pawh a mut dawn tawh chuan.

Haw nghal vang vang tur! :-)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

DP "Jolene"

It's been a while since I get my hands on digital painting. Well I'm not that 'talented' kinda artist at all, but I used to be very 'interested' in the art. "I should brush myself up since I might get a chance to paint one French girl," I thought to myself. Amidst the dream, I was jumping from one video to another video on YouTube until I get to "The Little Willies - Jolene" to which I stopped before watching and download it. I know this is gonna worth listening since Norah Jones is on vocals in the band.

"Jolene" isn't a new song but this version really melted me. Norah's soft and not-so-powerful voice with just the right amount of music to back her up, I could feel her.

"Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene
Please don't take him just because you can
Your beauty is beyond compare
With flaming locks of auburn hair
With ivory skin and eyes of emerald green
Your smile is like a breath of spring
Your voice is soft like summer rain
And I cannot compete with you, Jolene"

And I could not imagine how beautiful Jolene would be. She's just indisputable. *wished I could see her*

I thought I was struck by a lightning when the idea hit me, I shiver! Yes, I should try painting Jolene.

I should've taken every screenshot from scratch, but here's all the screenshot that I took. I was stuck at several steps but as a lazy person would always do, I find some easy way of doing it, like, for the eye - Shades. :-)

Nose and Lips  takes most of the time since they're the organ that will define the beauty in Jolene.

You might notice the frequent dodges which makes her hair look sooo damaged.

Yes, the boobs :-) I spent awhile there. Her necklace with my siggy on it, coat with texture and background. For the background, "Colder Weather" lyrics by Zac Brown Band is pasted.

Now for some photo filters. 

This, I think is the nearest I could get to painting Jolene. I'm not proud of it, but for the sake of an update! :-)