Friday, January 15, 2010

Moments - 2009 (in pictures)

A brief round up of unforgettable moments of 2009 in pictures.

1. A one day Malana Medical Camp - Read more about it here

2. Mizo Kut 2009 - The Facebook master there.. hehehe

3. Raise His Anthem concert and I was there too... look at the second pic.

4. Seeing our performance at RHA - my friend Ann told me about Artistes Unlimited and they're organising a three day musical extravaganza that will take you on a journey through music over the years. And I went there... Most surprising of all, i went to the third night i.e MJ tribute nite.. heheh

5. Day out at Adventure Island.

6. We hit the dance floor at DMZP Freshers Social - Theme : Grease . Watch the video here -

7. The Gothic Party.. mwahahahha

8. The "Christmas Joy" programme shooting at DDK.

Yes, we were on TV.

The choir.

First time at the studio recording songs..

9. DMI Retreat 2009 - I was there too..... a musician

10. And I've got random hairstyles throughout the year.. lol