Tuesday, December 23, 2008


You may wonder what the meaning of the title. Its simply "Merry Christmas" in African. You can find more languages here.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS to all my friends and those who browse my blog. May this Christmas be so special that you never ever feel lonely again and be surrounded by loved ones throughout! Love, Peace and Joy came down on earth on Christmas day to make you happy and cheerful. May Christmas spread cheer in your lives!

Here's a cute funny poem I found somewhere surfing around. I hope you'll like it too.
All I Want for Christmas

Every body stops
and stares at me
These two teeth are
gone as you can see
I don't know just who
to blame for this catastrophe!
But my one wish on Christmas Eve
is as plain as it can be!

All I want for Christmas
are my two front teeth
my two front teeth,
see my two front teeth!

If I could only
have my two front teeth,
then I could wish you
Merry Christmas
It seems so long since I could say,
'Sister Susie sitting on a thistle'
How happy I'd be,
If I could only whistle

All I want for Christmas
are my two front teeth
my two front teeth,
see my two front teeth.
So I could wish you
Merry Christmas!
See ya around. :-)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mizo's Funniest Videos

Here goes my list of funniest Mizo videos from youtube. You are most welcome to post any funny mizo video link in the comment. :D Click on the picture of each video and you'll be directed to Youtube website.

10. KOB - Ka chhai ngam lo che. - I think they are a group of guys from Kolasib. Watch the guitarist playing a 5 stringed and dont miss their bassist. Great metal rocker gonna be. The drummer slowly and steadily beating the cymbals and the sound goes hardcore... unbelievable. Watch it.

9. Johnny tawngtai lai - Here's our friend Johnny praying and while he prays, John is having fun. Just watch it.

8. Two Mizo Guys - These two guys from Israel (think so) are one of the most popular video played on youtube among the mizos. As from their comment their inspiration came from The AWESOME GUYS "Back dormitory boys. Watch them and be prepared.

7. Kan zotlang ram nuam - Some people say that this is just a fake video. The video is just dubbed to the song. But a guy says that this video is from North East Sports Festival held in Guwahati. She sings the songs from NE states in their languages....she's just fantastic. Notice the side dancers, i never knew a disco could go well with traditional songs like these.

6. Make a melody - I remember my days back in Mary Mount when we use to have a group called Cub Packs. Boys were called cub packs and girls called Bulbuls. Some songs we use to sing include make a melody etc, and one song I never forget is that "Akela, we do our best, we dip dip dip, we dop dop dop". OK, here is a group of Cub Master on their training at Sihphir Camp.

5. Mimawl 2 - You've seen these guys on number 8. Johnny and John. I thought this will be a great video and it will be hilarious and it was exactly as I thought. I find it hard to watch this video with a boo face.

4. Mizo kasauti - Funny translation of the heartrob tv show Kasauti in Mizo.

3. Mizo Rossi - Mizo Rossi, the name says it all. I think these guys are from Dinthar.

2. AIR Aizawl vs Mr. Philip - The hilarious conversation between a correspondent from AIR Aizawl and Mr. Philip, a seismologist from US. Mark the diffenrence in accent :-)

1. Save the best for the last. Watch it and never blame me for having continuous laughter after watching.


Friday, December 5, 2008

Santa, can you hear me??

There are three stages of man.

1. You believe in Santa Claus.
2. You don't believe in Santa Claus.
3. You are Santa Claus.

I can't recollect the book in which I've read the above life-cycle of man, but I think it's the universal truth. Santa isn't real, its just imagination. Maybe in the Imagination Land, he is real. Well, as a kid, we all believe in Santa Claus and our parents and relatives makes us to.

On Christmas eve, we use to pray to Santa to give us anything we wanted. But when we prayein such like that, sometimes our parents would come to us and say, "Dear, Santa cannot what you've just asked for. Instead, how about asking him another gift?" and giving us the list of option to choose. We never knew what strategy they're up to.

Then, comes dusk. All the excessive eagerness to see the gifts wake us up and I can still picture the rush we use to had to take them. All we wanted for christmas was Santa bringing us gifts, and the new clothes and blinking shoes. Thats how we celebrate it in the early days.

Many people think that Santa diminishes the memory of Jesus's birthday with his presents. And some, insistent that Christmas is a time for giving, and not merely remembering Jesus's birthday.

We should also remind our children that without Jesus, Santa wouldn't even exist. Its a time of love and we should co-operate with each other. Many people started to fight about what's more important, Jesus's birthday or the new clothes that we had, the presents that we gave to each other. Everyone knows, it's Jesus's birthday and what more can we expect if we are happy. If you go on worrying about people giving presents to each other, decorating the houses instead of knowing the true Christmas, going out with friends and sharing things, you are the one who isn't happy.

We shouldn't argue over it or start a fight from it, it's one time of the year that we should get along. No matter what we believe in, this is the season just to be good to each other. We should understand that Santa Claus is keeping the spirit of Jesus's birthday alive by bringing happiness and joy.

I still believe in Santa Claus, literally. And I wish Santa can hear me..

Santa, can you hear me ?
I have been so good this year
And all I want is one thing
Tell me my true love is here
She's all I want just for me
Underneath my Christmas tree
I’ll be waiting here
Santa that’s my only wish this year.

Friday, November 21, 2008

I’m going to be a father

(Happy birthday to a very special friend...enjoy. You'll know yourself :D All the story and names in the story are entirely fictional :D)

“And I'm gonna love you... like nobody loves you.... BEEP BEEP.....BEEP". Damn it, the battery just went out from a blue colored i-pod with white edges. All I could see is continuous blinking of a battery-like figure on the screen. There is no power since the last 5 hours, long enough for a sloth to cross the world. The night was dark and unruffled. No winds blowing from the west, no dogs barking, and deep stillness filled the 21st night of November.

I’ve been trying to sleep but even counting sheep would not help. Extreme repentance occupied my refractory mind. Tomorrow, just a few hours away, a new baby will be born to a grass-widow mother, whose husband is at far and away place. A husband who is a recreant and that is me. Every time I think back of the mistake I’ve done, I started my waterworks from my tear-duct, warming my cold pale cheeks. No one sees me but a solitary burning candle standing on the wooden table beside my bed.

It was on a cold night like this that I’ve made the biggest mistake in my life. A night I was blessed with all the beverages which makes my mind and thoughts run spree. I wasn’t aware of the consequences that could come, and I never knew it will.

Counting the months back, on a beautiful night in March, we were celebrating the birthday of a friend who just bid farewell to his teenage. It was a cold night as the winter is fading and summer is yet to come. Things were going so well, and I was one of the happiest guys that night being with my girl. Drinking, dancing were the only thing we could do.

After hours of consuming “liquid-snake”, and dancing with all moves, I exhausted and sleep. Sleeping like dead, can’t control myself to open my eyes just a bit more. I feel the world around me moving spiral, and my head is just a heavy lump on my jaded body.

After midnight, time ticks again from the least. I slightly opened my eyes as I was much sober than before, but dizzy as before. I saw her, sleeping next to me, folding her arms around me and her body pressed to mine. I was so tempted to do such evil things but keep controlling myself.

No man can hold long from the temptation and the well-off situation led the warm-blooded teenager who calls himself a ‘man’ into lechery and to coitus.

Hours turns into days, days turns into weeks. Not so long I got a call from her and she told me that she is gravid. I was shocked, and amazed. My heart pounded on my chest as if it wanted to come out. How can a baby be conceived with just one accident? What will I do? Wish I could hold longer from the temptation that I had some months ago.

The well-off situation that I had turns into a tragic situation. I cried and cried, not knowing what to do. Are we telling our parents first, or should we not tell them? If we tell them, we know they will be very gentle and good to us. But the hardest part is to tell them, which clearly proves we aren’t brave enough for what we’ve done.

Abortion? It needs a lot of money and I’m impecunious, and after all I don’t want her to have an abortion. She talks to me often, she couldn’t sleep at nights, and she doesn’t eat. I told her to eat healthy; I visit her regularly as she stays in a hostel far away from mine. I know it will be hard for her, and the same goes for me. If I marry her, I’m still a student and I’m not prepared. Why was I so insouciant?

We told our best friends about it. All they could imply is to tell it to our parents. I pray and pray begging for answers. Why am I so afraid? Am I a girl or something? Many people had faced the same situation like me before, some told their parents, some get married, some did abortions, and some hate each other so much that they don’t talk to each other ever again. But we aren’t like them; we like and love each other. The main reason is that we aren’t brave enough to admit what we did.

Living with all the fret and fuss makes us inhuman. We can’t get along with friends, we become short tempered. Late one night I think to myself and the best for us is to tell our parents what happened. So, I called my parents late in the night and told them about the situation. At first they were amazed and they can’t believe it happened to me.

But they are the only ones that could help us in our situation. They knew all I need is support and told me not to worry. I felt really relieved.

Things aren’t always going the way we wanted to be. Sangi’s (that’s her name if you’re wondering) parents want her to get an abortion since she was so young and no one will ever know and go on with her studies. But this wasn’t the way we wanted and my families are fully behind me. The fetus inside her wanted to be a baby. And the baby wanted to have a birthday.

So we need to part. From that day onward, I wasn’t allowed to talk to her anymore and her parent moved her into a far away place and they never told me where she is. Since then, I knew nothing about her and I am getting fully attached to my books until last night I got a mail from her.

She told me that things are going well. And that she’s going to have a baby girl and docs have told her that she’ll deliver it on 22nd November. She didn’t mention where she is and what she is doing, but she misses me. I am happy and sad the equal weight. Happy that she’s going to have her baby safe and sound. Sad that I will never be able to see her again and things cannot be turned back. I miss her so much; I’d give anything to see her once more.

Every mystery has a solution and one day I will find a way to meet her. One day I’ll be singing and dancing with her and my baby.

The ticking of the clock comes louder as I look into the wall where a gold rimed coffee colored clock is hanging. Its already 5 past 4. I could hear the birds chirping and singing happily in the morning as if they sing “Sleep tight Hminga, sleep tight…you are going to be a father”. And yes, I am going to be a father and I’m going to have a cute little baby daughter. And next year, on a night like this, you’ll be here with me with your mom, I promise.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Football - I don't play it

First of all, lets clear things up. I’m not talking about American football, the one where you throw a ball that’s not even shaped like a ball. I’m talking about real football, the one North American decided to call “soccer” for some odd reason. Probably not to mix it up with their American football (which, mind you, you don’t even kick that much, you mostly throw it around and run while holding it. Shouldn’t it be holdball or throwball or something? :P)

Football, this is how I understand. It starts with a ball which is round, and there are two teams, each trying to win. The objective is to kick the ball into the opposite team’s net, scoring a goal. At the end of 90 minutes, the team with the most goals wins.

I heard about some foul moves in this game. One is the 'hand', it when you touch the ball with your hand and you're not the goalkeeper. The other is 'offside'. I hear people shout out a lot 'offside..offside' but then I never knew exactly what that 'offside' means. Is it that when you kick a ball so hard to your opponent? Is it when you try to kick the ball and you missed it? Not at all. It goes something like- you can’t pass the ball the a member of your team if you’re past the halfway line and there’s no defender between the player you’re passing to and the goalkeeper. Frankly speaking, I knew this only when my younger brother told me when I was in XI standard! LOL

Out of bounds, corner kicks, you all know about it. I knew very well about this corner thing, and when we went to a far away village up North in Mizoram. All the football players, young and matured call this foul-move as "Gaw-nar". What is "gaw-nar" anyway? I asked one of them, and he told me. It was the same as "corner", just that we say it in different way.

Come into topic. Well, I use to play football as a kid. But not with a real football, but with some small balls or wraped up polythene bags with old cloths. And we have a rule, no out of bounds, no corners, no hand and we play it on motor roads. The biggest kid is always the captain and he make the rules, if he say a goal is not a goal, its not a goal. If the time is up and he say we still have 2 minutes, then we have 2 minutes more.

World Cup 1994 was the first time I ever watch football in my life. I am a Brazil fan since then. We have hand-made wrist bands with B.R.A.Z.I.L letters stitched on them. I was a football freak during that time. Time passes, friends use to go to playgrounds to practice football and I never went. The reason is that I don't want to play with big 'tlangvals' who'll shout at us for small mistakes. But still practices inside the house. I felt so sorry for all the things we've broke during the game then.

When we grew bigger, my younger brother play it much more than me and eventually dad bought him a football and a ball boot. I started to fly away from the game as Mortal Kombat was much much more interesting than football. Delta Force, I know all the codes for unlimited ammo, life and invisibility when I didn't know what a yellow card means. Being the only brother he had, my bro always push me to play with him. Sometimes, I play with him and sometimes I don't. If I don't, he'll play it near me by himself disturbing me from destroying Shinook all of the time.

At 7th standard, I was the House leader for St. Matthew at Mary Mount. Football was one of the biggest competition between the houses, and we were preparing hard for it. For the first time, bought myself a ball boot. :-) and I was the captain for our team. We tried hard to select good players from the house, some wanted themselves to play so much that they start saying bad skills about other players. Some even shouted at me on how I select the players that I don't know who play the game well. After much controversies, the big day came. We were all set to play at the great AR Ground (The biggest stadium we've ever had). I was the defender and next to me stand a nerd looking guy, wearing thick black framed glasses Fela. The game started and I was talking to Fela that it's been really great for us to play in such a game. Right after the start I hear the crowd shouting in joy. The other teams had already score a goal on our side.

I saw my teammates rushing towards me, shouting in anger. Why did you do that for? Why didn't you stop that guy? Why did you miss that? I was so shy that I move out of the field silently. That's the first and the last time I ever wear a ball boot. From that day, I stopped playing. I am so ashamed that I not only let my team down, but the whole house. And I am so sorry to hear that our team loses the match.

Come to think of it, I got more interested in playing computer games than any other during those days. You know, I use to play a lot badminton and we use to have small tourneys in our locality. I love the game very much until I broke my racquet! Basketball, we use to play a lot in the evenings but the most thing I hate is that it always bounce back right on my nose. So, all I got with me is MK4 again! Exchanging game cds were very easy and playing Hercules never break my nose.

I love to watch football. Football is a king! Lets look into Canada, Toronto, Ontario – with such a multicultural city… often you can find Football to be a more regarded sport than many others (Basketball, Baseball, or American Football for example). The Toronto FC stadium is always sold out during games while the Blue Jays are having a hard time selling tickets. This is not happening in India. :D

India, with such a great population, cannot produce even one team to enter the FIFA World Cup. I guess there are more guys like me. And much much more guys who do not know what is football and play little cricket game really well.

EPL, Champions League, La liga etc. I know they play it, but only watch it when my friends watch them. World Cup, never miss a game. Euro, ditto. Some people don't understand why a mizo boy isn't playing football. Aren't you a mizo? They often ask me. I love to watch, I respect the game, but I don't play it. It may seem odd that a boy like me never play football, but I know there are more guys like me, who'll always support the ones playing. :D As a matter of fact, other boys will think we are 'girls', never playing football. But, we're just above that. I love Vanneihtluanga's saying about this, let me write how he says in mizo "Football khelh hi ka sawisel lo, theihtawp chhuahin a thui thei ang ber thlen zel tum se ka ti. Tuai u awrh chauh ka nia, mi faten football an khelh laia wikipedia ka chhiar hian ram tan ka tangkai zawkin ka hria".

Don't ask me how to tackle your opponent. How to play a defensive game, who will be the best midfielder. Ask me whether your jerseys and shorts have the perfect contrast. Is your name printed on the jerseys are too fancy and I will tell you. :D

Here's a funny song by Belle and Sebastian (About American football) :

I don't want to play football

I don't understand the thrill of the game

I don't want to play football

I don't understand the thrill of the running, catching, throwing

Taking orders from a moron

Grabbing for the sweaty crotches

Getting hit by people I don't know

Sugar, I'd rather play a different sort of game

Sugar, the girls are just as good as boy at playing

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ka thianpa

A hmel en reng reng pawhin sik leh sa a tuar tlang ve nual tawh tih a hriat mai. Mi rawn kal pelh lai phei chuan zak kha rim bakah zozial rim a rawn nam huk. A piah deuh lawkah, vai ho au deuh nuaih nuaih ri ka hre zui a, ka va hawi phei nak chuan, nichina min rawn kal pel tupa khan vaipa pakhat thingpui inlai hi a lo khak buak sak a lo ni. Chu a thingpui tihbuak sak chu vai ah pawh inti engemaw chi kha a lo nia, a thingpui tihbuak sak man chu a lo thing a, ani lah chuan a ngaihna a hre lo khawp mai a. Rang zetin ka tlan phei a, saptawng inti thiam takin ka va hrilhfiah a, ngawi renga min en chungin pawisa a phawrh a, a pe ve mai bawk a.

A mi en dan run run kha ka mi nel loh chi tak anih avangin, biak chhunzawm pawh tum lem lovin kal sawn ka tum leh mai a. "Thianpa, khawi lai nge Mizoram House hi a awm le?" tiin mi rawn zawt ta thut mai a. Mizo ka ni tih engtin nge a hriat le? tia ka ngaihtuah reuh reuh lai chuan ka chapal bun chu khawchhak lam atanga rawn lut, Mizoram chiaha kan neih nia ka hriat gliders ka lo bun chu niin. Kei pawhin gliders bun ka hmuh chuan mizo an ni tih ka ring nghal thin a, chupa pawh chuan chutiang chuan min ring ve tawp anih ka ring ta a.

"I kal dawn ami? Kei pawh ka kal dawn tho alawm". "Aw, kal dawn e. Mizoram atang ka lo thleng chiah a, House ah ka thleng dawn a, Zo-a ka nia" tih pahin a kut hang ve tak mai chu min chibai tumin a rawn phar chhuak a. Chibai pah chuan, "Mawia" tih ringawtin ka chhang a, ka nui deuh suk a. A hming chu inhmeh ka ti hle mai.

Tichuan, rail station atang kan chhuak a, auto-rickshaw la in Mizoram House lam chu ka panpui a. Rail station a ka va kal chhan hi, mi hmuah tur ka nei a, ka mi hmuah tur chu ka hre lo a. Rail station a kan inhmuh loh chuan Mizoram House ah inhmu turin kan inchah a, rail station ah hmuh tur a awm mai tak loh ah chuan Mizoram House pan ka tum a ni.

Awle, khami ni kha Zo-a nena kan inhriat tanna ni a ni. Kalkawng tluan chuan kan inbe zel a, a tawng duh ve angreng phian mai a. Nakinah phei chuan ka mi hmuah tura chu amah ngei chu a ni tih te kan in hrechhuak a. Nuih a za duh hle. Inti vairam awm taka lo intih vei khum vel ka tum nasat tehreng nen. Amah alo zau hlauh a, min huat phah lem lo.

Zo-a hi zokhaw tlangval a ni. An khuaah chuan lehkha thiam thei ti a an sawi, pawl sarih a nih phei chuan an centre ah pakhatna a ni ve asin. Chuti khawpa lehkha thiam thei chu tiin khawpui lamah high sikul kal turin an tir a, Aizawl ah a nutei pasal nau te inah a awm. Chu a nutei pasal nau chu Pa Hmuaka a ni a, kan thenawm hlun an ni. Sa sat a ni a, Inrinni tuk phei chuan naupangte mah ni ila, sa lei turin min tir a, Pa Hmuaka hian a sa tuihnai hnai min lo hlehsak thin. High sikul kan kal dawn chuan vai ramah ka awm san ta daih a. An ina awm tlangval chu ka hre hmanlo chiah chiah a ni.

Zo-a hian a Ni te USA a awm a nei ve lo, a cousin te Bangalore a awm a nei hek lo. A pute-a Minister tih tur a nei chuang lo, an chhung zinga nihna chelh sang ve ber chu a patea, Rulchawm VCP a ni. Sorkar hnathawk chhungkua an ni lo a, hlo thlo a eizawng vek an ni. An tum a ruh a, an taima a, an kham khawp bak bak malsawmna an dawng thin. An hmarcha hralhna te chu Zo-a lehkha zirna atan an khawl zel thin.

Aizawla pawl 12 a pass hnu chuan phai lama zirna chhunzawm chu a chak ve em em mai a lo ni a. Ka chhungte lah chuan an lo sawi phur pui khawp mai a. I zu kal tawp anga, a lo hmuak che anga, a lo buaipui ang che an lo ti zel si a. A chhungte a dil a, zirna sang zawk belh tum na na na chu phal loh thu awm suh, a zirna atana chaw nghei pawh huam a chhungte chuan thu tha tinreng hrilh chungin an rawn thlah a ni. Chhungte leh thian dang nei hek lo, min rawn bel ta tawp mai a. Kei lah mahni chauh pawhin ka bo hlen lo chauh thin a ni si a, engtin tin emaw a college kalna tur te kan ti fel ve mai a. Hostel ah a awm a, kei ka awm bawk a, kan inhmu khat hle.

Mobile phone a nei si lo a, biak duh pawhin aman PCO atanga min rawn bia anih loh chuan a biak theih loh. Zo-a mobile phone leina i chhungte dil rawh ka ti thin a, ani chuan a dil hreh si a. A mamawh hle bawk si. A chhungten an biak duh pawhin a buaithlak a, inbiak mumal an neih pawh ka ring lo e. Chutia awm reng chu a chhungte chuan cheng sanghnih rawn thawnin mobile phone lei ve ngei turin an rawn chah a. Tichuan, mi faten mobile phone hmanga khawvel an fan chhuah laiin Zo-a chuan a vawikhatna atan mobile phone chu a nei ve ta a ni.

Kum te a lo liam a, Zo-a pawh a tlangnel ve tawh hle. A tlawmngai thei hle a, damlo thisen pek ngai awm se, a kal hmasa pawl a lo ni hman ziah a, mitthi lumen ngai awm se, a hmel hmuh tur a awm ngei ngei thin. Hetia tlawmngai viau te ti lo chuan thian a nei ngai lo tih theih a ni. Miin an kawm tha peih lo. Enge a chhan? A thing an ti, a zo treng treng e mai, tih a hlawh thin. A fiamthu thawh te chuan an nuih a ti za pha ngai lo.

Amah lah inthlahrung chi a ni bawk si, a mal tlat leh nge nge thin. Min hmuh erawh chuan mi zui char char zel a, nuam pawh a ti ve deuh thin chuan ka hria. Inkhawm te a taima em em a, usher ah te an lo ruat ve a, a hnu deuhah phei chuan naupang sunde sikul ah zirtirtu atan an ruat hial nghe nghe. Mahse mi chuan, saw pa saw inti pawimawh ve ngawt mai, a saptawng lam te hi a zo thei ropui sia tih bawkin a hnung lam atang an sawizui thin.

Lehkha a zir peih a, a taima bawk a. A pass chho ve zel a, harsatna em em tawk lo in a kal zel a, final year lai a ni tawh. Engtin nge i tih thin a, damlo kan ngai awm se i kal ve ziah a, engemaw thil tihkhawm awm se i lo tel ve hman ziah a? tia ka zawh fiam te hian, keini te chu kan thiam alawm. Lehkha zir bak chu tihtur awm hek lo, duh aia tam tam lehkha zirna hun ka nei a, chuvangin thil dangah pawh hun ka neih phah a ni, a ti thin.

A hostel ah te ka va kal ve zauh zauh thin a, ani pawh a rawn leng thin. Tlangval ni ve ta na na na chuan a mit la deuh te min lo hrilh a, ka hriatzawng an nih chuan ka va biak sak ve thin a. Mahse aw tih aiin zahzel eng eng emaw siamin min lo hnar thin a. Hrilh leh a huphurhawm thin ngei mai. A tlawmngai thei a, thiandun ni mah ila, nau en deuhin ka en a, ani pawhin min u en thin. Thil lei tur pawhin duh duhin ka tir thin, a hnial ngai lo.

A duhthusam te a sawi ve rauh thin a, a zirlai zir zawh chuan competitive exam lama kal a tum thu te a sawi ziah a, IAS ka nih hunah chuan ka tir kal zet zet mai ang che a ti thin a. Chutia patling duhthusam sawi neuh neuh chu ka ngaithla liam vel mai mai zel. Mahse ka rilru te te in, i tum a ruh a, i la ni thei ang ka ti thin. Lehkha pawh a zir nasa reng a, a chhiar tam bawk.

Zan khat chu min rawn phone ve hlauh ve mai a, engemawni chu le tia ka lak chuan. Tawng ban deuh chap hian, lo a an fehnaah a pa chu a inhliam thu leh tunah Aizawl damdawi in lam panpui a nih mek tur a rawn sawi a. Awmdan tur a hriat loh avang chuan a mangang ve hle a. Lungngai lo tura ka chah hnu chuan an hostel lam panin ka kal a, thian dangte pawh ka hrilh nual a. Ka thlen hnu deuhah midang pawh an rawn thleng ve zung zung a.

Aizawl lampang kan han be reng a, a ngaihtuahawm loh tih thu te an rawn sawi zel a. A nu a khawngaih em avangin han haw mai te kha a rawt thin a, mahse han haw dawn pawh nise pawisa a nei si lo a. Puk tur a zawn a ngai dawn si a. A tha zel e, tih thu chu kan thudawn thar zel a nih avangin, hostel te anih bawk avangin kan tin san hlawm a. A tuk zingah chuan ka va kal leh nghal a, a zanah khan a pa chu an zai char char a, an zai hlawhtling thei. Mahse, a ke an tan sak ani tih thu te ka hre zel a, ka khawngaih reuh khawp mai a. A lo vah naah thing tlu in a ke a vuak chhiat sak a lo ni a.

Kan titi kan titi hnu chuan haw mai a rel thlu ta a, lo vah hunlai te a ni bawk si, tha duham lai tak a ni si a, a naute an la te si a, an rin ber a pa lah hnathawk thei lovin a awm bawk si. Tianga an awm reng chuan eitur an neilo mai dawn a, chubakah amah Zo-a lehkhazir lehzel na tur pawisa thawn tur pawh an neilo mai dawn a ni.

Zo-a, lungngai suh. Tih dan dan a awm ang, kan pawisa i puk anga, nakinah kan in rul mai dawn alawm. I zirlai hi chu zir zo hram hram rawh ka tih ve ngial pawhin, hnathawk tu tur tumah an awm loh avang chuan a haw ngei chu a ngai bawk si a. Engtiang pawhin chelh tum mah ila, a theih ngang si lo. A tawpah ka pawisa chu ka puk tir a, rel ticket chu kan va cut ve ta nge nge a, kar khat hnuah chuan min hawsan dawn ta a. Amah pawh a lungngai ve hle a, an college an lecturer te lah chuan an ui em em mai a. Mahse tih ngaihna a awm ngang lo a ni e.

A haw dawn ni chuan ka va thlah a, a tira kan in hmuh hmasakna ber rail station ah ngei chuan kan va inthlah leh a. Tawng harsa kan ti dun hle mai. Engpawhnise, pachang leh tuarchhel takin i awm zel dawn nia tih pahin ka hawsan ta a. A chanchin ka hre zui ta lo. A hnuah ka hriat leh danin, tunah chuan Hruaikawn ah nupui fanau te nei ve tawhin, hlo thlo bawkin ei a zawng a ni tih te ka hre leh zel a. Hmana a tum dan leh tuna a awm dan chu inthlau ka tih hle mai, a rilru pawh a nat ve vawng vawng thin chu ka ring.

Hlo thlo a eizawng reng chhungkua nih a han tumloh vei nen, a tum angin a awm thei ta lo a ni. Tun kum krismas chu dam te a awm chuan Hruaikawn ah chuan han zin ngei ka tum a. Ka thianpa chu han tlawhchhuah ngei ka tum bawk a ni.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hla nalh ve tak mai

Hmanni lawk khan af.com lamah hla common lo deuh lampang topic kha Angaiha'n a lo siam a. Hla a rawn post chhunzawm nghal chat a, chuta track01 chu ka ngaihthlak atan a rawn ti a. Ka ngaithla ve ta ngei a, he hla hi a lo ni. Ka rinloh lam daih ani lehnghal a, a nalh ka ti hle mai.

A satu leh a hla hming pawh kan hre chuang lo. Tunge hria in awm mial lo maw? A video hi chu ka rawn siam chawp mai mai ani e. Lo ngaithla ve ngei ang che u.

Update tur a va vang ve

Tunlai chu ka blog lampang a reh khawp mai. Update tur ka hre mai lo a ni e. Nizanah ka mu meng kur a, thil ka ngaihtuah kual ka ngaihtuah kual a, ka blog ka update khat zia te ka ngaihtuah chhuak a. Ka rawn lut leh ta a ni.

Zan mutthilh theihloh hian ngatinge thil kan ngaihtuah vak vak le? te ka ti ta mai mai a. Nge ni a, thil kan ngaihtuah vak vak hian kan muhil theilo zawk? Nge mutchhuak lo ve hrim hrim? Thil kan han ngaihtuah hian, kum te la tam lo mahse, hun kal tawh te ngaihtuah nan hian kan rilru hi kan seng hnem berin a rinawm.

Class 2/3 vel kan nih laia class room chhunga TV en ka chak thin zia te ka ngaihtuah chhuak a. Free period a lo nih a, sana han en hian cartoon network channel a chhuak tur kha kan hre chat chat zel a. Ka pencil box chhunga leng lek TV hi awm sela, en mai mai ila ka tih thin rauh rauh lai te ka ngaihtuah chhuak a, tunah chuan pencil box a leng chauh mai pawh nilo, hum bo vek thamin mobile phone te kan nei ve ta a. TV te chi chu a ni ringawt alawm mawle.

Thil eng engemaw 'calculate' kan uar tak tak lai te ka ngaihtuah chhuak leh a. Mi kekawrte rawng leh a man zat nen lama chhut chhuah dan te kha, kan ti leh dawn a. A formula ka lo theihnghilh hulhual tawh mai a lo nia. Engpawh ni rawh sek sek, thil ka hriat loh chuan ka google thuai zel a. Kekawrte rawng chhut chhuah dan pawh chu a lo awm mial takin ka tia, kan google leh hram a. Ka hmu leh nulh pek! Hei in duh ve chuan :-

Kekawrte chauh lo pawh eng eng emaw kha chu kan chhut nasa thin anih kha mawle. Tin, magic kan tui tak tak lai te ka ngaihtuah chhuak zel a. Magic trick chi hrang hrang kha kan zir nasa thin a, thianpa OPa nen. Kan class ah hmeichhe ho bulah kan show thin, free period ah. Mipa ho bulah chuan tihchi vak lo, mipa leh mipa chu kan in man thuai a. Bakah, hmeichhia hian thil mak hi an lawm deuh bik niin a lang. :-)

Vaiho khan an lawm lehzual a. Kan vaitawng thiam chhun, "dekho.. dekho" ti chung khan kan show khum thin a. An nui vur vur a, lu an hiat mual mual zel. Min ngaisang em em tawh mai thin a ni.

Awle, blog update chungchang bawkah lut leh ila. Update chu ka tum zing lutuk, mahse ka rilru ah engmah a kal thei lo. Eng lampang nge ka ziah ang tih ringawtah ka rilru a buai thin. Thil pakhat ka ziak a, ka ziah laklawh laiin a dang a lo lang a, ka ziak leh a, a dang a lo lang leh a, ka ziak leh a, a pathumna kan ziah meuh chuan ka lo ning thuai a, a eng ber mah ti puitling lo in ka delete leh ta mai thin.

A hrim hrimin, blog ah hian thil thui tak tak kher post kher ka tum emaw ni le aw? te ka ti mai mai a. Mi pawhin an blog ah te chuan thil tawi te te, milem mai mai te emaw, video mai mai te emaw pawh an ziak tho alawm mawle te ka tia, mahse kei chu thil ziah vel hi nuam ka ti ve sia, tawi te te ka ziah chuan ho ka ti deuh tlat thin a. :D

Blog hi miin an lo chhiar lo emaw kan tih lai hian mi hian an lo chhiar thin a lo nia. I blog pawh kha i mi rinloh deuh deuhin an lo chhiar ziah maithei ania. Hman deuha ka pa chungchang ka ziah phei kha chu phone call mai bakah a mimala thu min hrilh tu an thahnem ania. Ka rinloh deuh deuh hlir an ni, chuvangin thuziah hi fimkhur ve deuh te a ngaiin ka hria a.

Kan thianpa pakhatin hmanni ah min rawn bia a, hmun dang daiha awm a nia. Kan khuaah mi an rawn zin a, an hre lutuk che a, i blog an chhiar ziah thu an sawi a. I hria em? min rawn tia, ka hre bawk si lo, ka blog hi ka hmelhriat te chauh hian an chhiar thin emaw ka tih laiin a lo ni lo tawp ani tih te ka hrechhuak zel a.

Hmanni lawk khan Modernism in Mizo society tih emaw ni ta kha le, seminar buatsaih a ni a. A ziakthlatu tur atan min rawn ti ve ringawt a, "Thil i ziak thin an tia, rawn ti hram teh" an rawn ti tlat a, enge an tih thin pawh hre lo chuan ka kal ve mai a. Eng eng emaw chu ka ziak thla nual a, saptawng te a ni lehnghal bawk si, an sawi rang bawk si. Eng eng nge ka ziah thlak pawh ka hre leh tawh lo e. Tih vak tawh loh ka tum, khatiang chi kha chu.

Skit i ziak thin em? I ziah thin chuan Mizo Kut lawmna a Skit competition ami tur rawn ziak teh a? tih zawhna ka dawng leh nawlh bawk. Nizan hmasa lawkah, chu erawh ka tih ngai loh tak anih avangin ka hnial nghal. Nih leh, a sawi lam chi ah rawn tel la, extempore speech tih velah, an rawn ti leh a, a sawia sawi chi phei chu ka ti ngai lo re re ka ti leh a, an nui ta ringawt.

Vawikhat bial inkhawmnaah sharing programme ah ka chetchhiat velna ka sawi chiam avangin thusawi thiam turah min lo ngai ringawt a. A lehpekah thusawi turin min lo ruat nulh, ka huphurh vang nge ka hrelo, a hma ni chiah atang ka khua a sik tlat pek a, ka tih hlawhtlin sak ta lo. A sawia sawi chi ka ni lo a, a ziaha ziah hian ka ziak duh zawk. Tawng chuan ka dang a awk thei lutuk. :D

Mahni chanchin ka han sawi leh ta chiam a, engpawhnise, blog update loha awm reng ai chuan tlem update pawh a tha e tiin ka rawn ziak leh thut thut mai a ni e. Hei a lo thui leh hman tawh fu lehnghal a. Nih leh phawts

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thil ho ve mai mai

Luliana style in thil ho mai mai tun tum chu ti ve leh tawp te'ng. Chutianga chetchhiatna em em pawh rawn ziah ve vak tur ka hre lo a, mahse 'chat' hrat ve tak tak lai (hahaha) a inbiakna thenkhat ka la dahthat te hi kan tarlang ve mai mai ange. A then chu a thui tawk tawka mi ka bawlna te, a nuihzatthlak duh angreng tun hnua en leh hian. :D A tlangpuiin thianpa Maia (ghostly sphinx) nena kan inbiakna kha a ni deuh ber a, 2004 kum vel kha ni tain ka hria. Kan inbe bon thin ania aw, a tam zawk hi chu tarlan chi loh hlir a ni.

Thianpa Maia hi Mary Mount kan kal lai atanga inkawm tawh kan ni a, tunah hian hei kum engzah nge a liam tawh. Hemi ka ziah lai paw
h hian ka bul chiahah a computer a khawih mual mual mai. Kan inkawm nasa ve bawk a, nuihna tur lah a tam, thin rim chang lah a tam! Hetiang lam chu sawi vak hrih lo ang, hmana kan chat dun thinna tlem azawng kan dah ange.

mike_krayzie: inkhel en i tum m
xoxef: www.alexxfender.com -ah i password siamtir roh
xoxef: a nghak che, admin in
mike_krayzie: ka siam toh
mike_krayzie: an tlem thei em mai
xoxef: a diklo ni lom ni
xoxef: 3 kan awm
mike_krayzie: i lo hmu elo
xoxef: hmu e
mike_krayzie: alexx ah ron lut ve teh
mike_krayzie: kan tlem lutk
mike_krayzie: admin hi m or f
xoxef: m
xoxef: alexxfender-a a nih kha
mike_krayzie: admi hi tunge
xoxef: alexxfender-a
xoxef: a nickname anih hi
xoxef: a hming tak chu Zothansanga
mike_krayzie: a siamtupa ami
mike_krayzie: amah chauh pohin a chat peih anih hi
mike_krayzie: ti raw
xoxef: he he he

xoxef: michael m sailo website a nih hi
mike_krayzie: enteh goggle ah khan na a awmlo
mike_krayzie: goggle sipel eng nge
xoxef: google
mike_krayzie: anih chu
mike_krayzie: mangtha 

mike_krayzie: ngoraoh lawk
mike_krayzie: kan disconnect lok
xoxef: why?
mike_krayzie: thupuan ah msg ka thon lok don
xoxef: he he he
mike_krayzie: ka thon khat toh lutuk a
xoxef: keipaw'n ka lo thawn ang, what subject
mike_krayzie: ruihlo
xoxef: he he he
Lal Maikal: zu chu pawilo
Lal Maikal: tih tur
Lal Maikal: drugs chu pawi
Lal Maikal: zu chu pawilo
xoxef: OK


mike_krayzie: www.hot16.com
xoxef: ho e
xoxef: mai
mike_krayzie: i hria em
mike_krayzie: sharapova lem sexy tok a om
mike_krayzie: pic chu i hmu toh em
xoxef: wait lawks


xoxef: voin-ah kan computer ka check a
xoxef: modem a lo awm reng alom mawle
xoxef: a la thra vek
xoxef: ka sawr mai don emaw ni ka ti deuh
xoxef: a hlui tawh lutuk
xoxef: a speed pawh 26K vel chauh mawle
xoxef: Lalbiakzuala hian a lei duh ka ring
mike_krayzie: nia


mike_krayzie: engtin nge e mail ah khan pic i thon theih a?
mike_krayzie: min lo hrilh ve pls in
xoxef: attach files tih kha i hmu m?
xoxef: message box chung chiahah khan
xoxef: khatah khan ni mai
mike_krayzie: aw


xoxef: het
xoxef: va reh rei ve
mike_krayzie: i zawl ah aw
xoxef: yes
mike_krayzie: trek vanga k chan tur hi idawn lo em ni
xoxef: dawn e
xoxef: trek vangin engmah i chan lovang, chung lama Mi khi ring ta che
mike_krayzie: tunah poh ala phe zur2 mai
xoxef: vak vak ache
mike_krayzie: hlau chung2in k ron ti anih hi


xoxef: i sign in lo ami?
xoxef: Mawh?
mike_krayzie: sign e
mike_krayzie: hello a ron ti thei lo
xoxef: hello tih ngai lo
xoxef: hi, mikey
xoxef: tih a awm ang
xoxef: Login form tih hnuaiah khan, right side ah
mike_krayzie: shout it tih ah hian ami
xoxef: ni e mawle
xoxef: i hmu em ka thil ziah kha
mike_krayzie: aw 


mike_krayzie: sex toys ho hi k awt ngei mai
mike_krayzie: mizoramah hian om angem leeeeeee
xoxef: awm ang
xoxef: lo ang
mike_krayzie: computer chan poh k huam
xoxef: Oh I see


xoxef: mangtha phots
mike_krayzie: aw manchhia
xoxef: naktuk zanah same time OK
mike_krayzie: ramhuai hmu teuh roh
xoxef: Mate, tha deuh khan awm la
xoxef: kei chu thlahrang hi ka hlau tehmai ania
xoxef: The Ring vel kha, i la hrechhuak em
xoxef: Exorcist vel kha
mike_krayzie: k close daih don
xoxef: naupang hmeichhia luak hring vel vak vak
xoxef: hlauhawm lutuks
xoxef: mu ve daih rawh


mike_krayzie: eglo goggle apic searh dan
mike_krayzie: virus scan na chauh a om
xoxef: ka hrethiam neih nuaih love
xoxef: ka hmang vak ngai lo a

Awle, duhtawk phawt mai ang, thiante kan in puan nasa lutuk dawn. Heng lo pawh hi tarchhuah chi loh thahnem tawk tak a la awm. Khing ho khi chu la zia tak a ni, ka chhiar a, ka nui tlek tlek mai. Ani pui hi a dangdai ve a, kan pahnih hian kan han inti puithu dun thin khawp a, eng eng 'situation' ah hian. Teacher te bulah thil sawi tur han awm se, kan tawng hnem dun thei si. Engemaw discussion awm re re se, a hnialtu pawl emaw ah kan tang ve deuh ziah lehnghal a. LPS kaveizawng leh CCB vela thil thawn kan uar lai tak tak te khan aw, kan in tan thei sia, nuihzatthlak duh tak a ni. 

Vawikhat Skylinks ah phone a hla thlan theih kha a ni a. Maia hian ka tan Bethsy hla 'Lalpa i hmaah' tih kha min lo thlansak a. Kei khan ka lo han thlang ve a, Maia tan hian he hla bawk hi ka thlang a, a lo chhangtunu khatihlaia Skylinks VJ kan ti dawn nge Remkimi khan, "Nang hi, nichinah he hla hi i rawn thlang tawh tiraw?" a tia, "Ka ni lo, ka rawn phone tlang ve chauh" ka tia. A tuk zanah emawni kan lo chang ru ve char char a, min rawn tihchhuah sak chuang ta lem lo a.  A hnuah kan inhrilh leh chuan, keimahni kha pakhat emaw min lo ti anga, kan uang emaw tiin an lo tichhuak duhlo ni ta berin kan ring a.

Mi ina kan len a, naupang viau a min ngaih dawn chuan kan han insawi upa a. A hmaa inhrilhlawk awm chuang lem hlei lovin, uluk takin kan 'dawt' sawi hi a in man chho thin. A chang leh MA zir zo tawh, office kal lai kan ni thul. A chang leh musician, studio kan enkawl  leh thul. 

Delhi a rawn chhuk hma hian kei ka lo chhuk hmasa a, a lo chhuk zan hian airport ah thian dangte (Rsa leh Chda) nen kan lo hmuak a. Ani a rawn bo thla nasa si, thianten lo hmuak ang chu tiin thlamuang ve deuhin a rawn chhuak a. Keini'n kan bihruk san, lukawlh deuha a hawi vual vual laia insum thei mang silova, kan nuih char char lai te kha. Kan bihruksan na lamah kan bo leh vel thul. Chumi zan chuan, tluang taka a rawn thlen avangin tawngtaina hun kan hmang ange, a tia. Kei, RSa leh Chda kan thu a, Bible a chhiar atang kan khur char char tawh a. A tawp a tawpah.. "aaa.. ka tawngtai tawh lo mai ang, ei mai ang u" a tih lai te kha. 

Airport a mi hmuah sawi chuan, kan thianpa pakhat kan hmuak a. Kei, Maia leh Rsa hian poster kan siam a. Kan thianpa hming kha lianpui hian kan ziak a, 'Supermodel' tih kha kan telh ngei bawk a. A hmasa berah kan lo ding ve a, mi khan an enduh thei khawp mai a. A tawpa kan thianpa rawn thleng chu, a rawn hawi vual vual a, poster chu a rawn hmu. Tum hmuk chungin lehlamah a kal daih, a nui lo chiang kher asin aw!

Maia bawk hi alawm sual thiam thin chu. Vawikhat nula kan rim (nula??? hahaha) a, kei chu ka vawikhat kalna ania. Ani kha a hmain an lo inhmu an lo inhmu tawh a, phone ah te an lo inbe thin a, Joseph-a ka nia, a lo inti ziah a ni awm e. Kan len zan chuan, hming ka han insawi a, Joseph-a ka nia, ka tia. Kan lenna nu khan a awih ta tlat lo mai a, dawt sawi suh min ti tlat mai a. A ngaihna hriat a har thin ngei mai. A tawpah chuan Eric-a te ka inti ta velin ka hria. 

Thianpa Rsa pawh hi hmeichhia a biak apiang hian, a phone number an dil hian ka phone number hi a lo pe ve ziah lehnghal a. A zialo thin khawp mai. 

Hetiang lampang sawina tur liau liau hian nakinah post siam leh tur a ni! Ka hriatrengna a that chuan, kan la ti leh dawn nia. :D

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sava thlawk thiam lo, a thlawk bo

Kan thenawm velah hian parva an tam khawp mai a, tam han tih ah, tam lutuk chu an ni lo a, an nghal em avang hian an lang tam a ni ber. Kan room chhung hi an arena ve deuh emaw ni tih tur ania, an lo in fight nasa thin khawp mai. Muttui laia an rawn in fight phei chuan ninawm ve duh tak a ni, dawhkana thil dah zawng zawng hi an ti thla rum rum a. "sssshhhhhh" kan tia, an thlawk sawn ve mai a. Rei erawh a daih ngai lem lo.

Zanah tukverh bul lawk lawkah an riak a, an han hram kan ti dawn nge, an ngur chhur chhur zel mai a, hmeichhe tan phei chuan hlauhawm tham a ni ngei ang! Mahni a riah zan phei chuan an hram ri hi ngaihthlak a nuam lutuk ngai lo (Dawih hmel khawp mai a.. :D). Zankhat, tukverh karah pakhat a lo tang kher phei kha chu, a na tuar thawm nen, zing dar 2 velah thianpa in a va siam rem sak a, a va han hram rapthlak tehreng em! :D

Thawmhnaw zarah an lo e reng bawk a, muttui laiin an rawn thlawk lutchhuak zawr zawr reng bawk a. Roomate te hian an ning thin a, tukkhat phei chu zing dar 5 velah thianpa Maia hian a exercise lakna dumbbell rod in vuak a tum a, a rod kan thlawn theihloh avangin a vaw leh ta lo. A nu pakhat phei chuan verandah a CPU bawm ruak kan dahah bu a lo chhep a, (kan almirah chunga bu an chhep kha chu sawi tel lo mai ang, kan tihchhiat sak daih sia) tui pahnih a nei a.

A tui chu nitin ka va en sak ziah a, a lo awp run zel. Mi hi a lo chuk ang hlawih hlawih lehnghal a, zuk khawih tum ila. Rei ve deuh hnuah chuan a tui pakhat zawk chu a lo keu ve ta a, parva note ka hmu ngai lo a, ka hmuh vawikhatna a ni nghe nghe.

A tui pakhat zawk erawh keu tih reng a nei thei lo. A pui hian a awp reng a, chaw te a pe thin. Ruah hi a rawn sur zeuh zeuh a, a rawn sur chhun hian an bu hi a rawn ti huh vek zel a, a khawngaihthlak thin khawp mai. Inchhunga han dah luh ngawt lah a ni chiah bawk si lo. Verandah a tui tling kan ti fai vat vat zel zawk mai a ni.

Tichuan, chu sava note chu a lo thang lian chho zel a. A pa ni awm tak hi a lo awm ve ziah bawk a. An rawn thlawk ri phur phur zel a. Va chhuah hi chuan, a pa hi a thlawk sawn vat a, hla lo te atang min lo en khiau a. A nu hian a bu ah chuk inring ranin min lo melh a. Thlawhsawn pawh a tum ngai chuang lem lo. A fate chu a veng uluk ve hle mai.

Chutia duat taka an enkawl ta chu a lian chak angreng khawp mai a. A tira eng vek kha a hmul te a lo dum tan a, a tei kual ve thei tep tep tawh a. A unaupa/nu tur erawh chu 'artui' a la ni reng a, a bulah a awm ve reng tho.

An bu ah hian pawnchhia remchang chang kan thehlut ve thin a, a lum theih nan. Anni pawhin an hmang tangkai thiam khawpin ka hria. :D

Ka ngaihtuah mai mai a, ran note te, sava note te hi an thang chak bik hle mai. Tiang hian mihring hi thang chak ve ta ila te ka tia, a awhawm angreng viau. Mahse anni erawh an dam hun chhung a rei lo a, mihring te erawh a rei thung.

Ni hnih khat chhung lekin an lo thang duak duak mai thin. Chutia an than chak em avang chuan, an nu te enkawl pawh ngai lem lovin an mahni in an in enkawl thei thuai thuai thin. Kan sava note pawh chu a lo lian chak hle mai, a pui nen an intiat thuak tawh a ni. A pui nen an lo awmdun chang phei chuan a khawi zawk nge a note tih pawh en thuak chuan a hriat theih tawh lo. Mahse han en chian tak tak chuan a pui zawk nge nge chu a rawn thlawk chhuak phurh zel.

Ni e, thil an inzirtir thin ani, nungchate hian. He sava note pawh hi thlawh an inzirtir loh chuan a thlawk thiamlo mai ang. A hnuaia thlalak ah hi chuan a la te deuh a, hei aia a len hnu pawh hian a thlawk thiamlo. Inzirtir turin a puiin a note hi lakchhuah ngaihna a hrelo anih ka ring. An awmna hi a bang a sang em a, thlawk thiam sa lo tan chuan thlawh chhuah theihna mai a ni lo. A note pawh chu va kal hnaih deuh hian a hlau thei ltk a, thlawh chhuah tum niawm tak hian a awm ve thin a, a thlawk thei lem hlei lo a.

Chu sava thlawk thiamlo chu, kan nuih a tiza ta em em mai a. Vawikhat chu kan inchhungah kan lalut chhin a, a thlawk thiam nge thiamlo en nan. A thlawk thiamlo chiang mai, a thla chu a zap vei phar phar mahse, khum hnuaiah a tlan lut rang ltk. Kan man leh a, a bawmah bawk chuan kan khung leh ta a.

Mahse a Siamtu siam dan a ni tlat lo a. Thlawk thiamlo reng tur pawh a ni hek lo. Tichuan, vawiin lamah te ka va en leh chuan a lo awm ta reng reng lo mai, hmun hla takah a thlawk chhuak ta anih ka ring!! A aiah tui thar a lo awm leh. :D

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

September 3, 2002

September 3, 2002 a ni a, hemi tuk hian ka tho hma hle mai a. Ka nu te thawh rualin zing dar 4 velah ka tho a, thil engvak mah tihtur a awm chuang lem hlei lo. Lehkha zir dawnin, a vawt ve angreng si, ka zir peih lo a. Chanchinbu sem an lo kal a, Venghlui-ah misualin mi a thah thu an rawn sawi a. Kan lo zawt chiang a, rawlthar pakhat anih bak sawi thui tur an hre vak lo a ni.

Hetihlai hian St. Paul's ah Class VIII kan zir ve tawh a, chumi ni pawh chuan ni dang ang bawkin sikul kal tuk a ni a, sikul kal turin dar 7 ah chuan ka insiam ta a. Mahse mi titi a tam em avangin misualin a thah tlangval chu kan sikula mi a ni tih engtin tin emaw kan hre chho ta a, thiante kan rawn kual a, lehkhabu pawh keng lovin puan dum nen sikul chu kan pan ta hnak hnak a.

Sikul kan thlen pawhin titi dang a awm thei lo, misual hmai tuamin Class XII ami Vass-a a thah thu chu a ri deuh reng a. Chanchin engmah hre chiang lo mah ila, kan thin chu a rim ve hlur bawk a. Auditorium lamah sikul naupang zawng zawng kan inhmu khawm a, chutah chuan chanchin duhawmlo tak mai chu chutih laia kan principal Bro. PK James a chuan a puang ta a, a mak kan ti hlawm hle.

A thian kawm thinte'n amah thlah nana "See you in Heaven" an han sa te kha aw, lung a ti chhe ngawih ngawih. A vuinaa tel turin sikul atangin kan kal ta a. Venghlui kan thlen chuan mi an tam tawh khawp mai. Kawngpuiah te chuan an khat thla hmur mai a, keini sikul naupang te chu a ruang min en tir a. A pa in tap chungin min lo chibai, en a har ngei mai.

A vuina hun te in lama an hman zawh hnuin, thlanmual lamah an rawn zawn thla a. Keini ho chu thlanmual thlengin puandum sinin kan intlar thla bawk a, khami ni kha a lungchhiatthlak tak zet zet a ni.

Ngaihtuahna a kal thui duh a, naupangte mah ni ila, rilru ah a awm reng a. Mumangah kan lo hmu thul, ka mumangah te khan hmaituama nen khan kan in fight nasa thin asin! Khati laia Aizawl zan lam ralmuan loh zia te, mi thenkhat phei chu thin thiin an mu ngam meuh lo anih kha. Engtin tin nge hei a reh chho ta chu a ni mai ta mai si a. Engkim hi a tha turah ngai phawt mai ang.

Vass-a documentary film an siam kha, en lo chuan en ve ngei turin ka duhsak che u. A hmuhnawmna piah lamah a lungchhiatthlak hle mai, keini pawh mittui a tla thei mai zel alawm le.

Nizan chu St. Pauls Golden Jubilee Souvenir (2004) ka phawrhchhuak a, ka en leh a, a hnuaia article ka rawn dah hi Vass-a nau ziah a ni a, a ngai ngaiin ka rawn dah chhuak e.


Ka nunkawng leh St. Paul's Higher Secondary School
- C. Lallianpuii, IX E

Mihringte hian kan nunah hian thil chi hrang hrang kan tawng thin a, a then chu hlimawm leh lawmawm tak takte an nih laiin, thenkhat erawh chu lungngaihna leh vanduaina, kan nun leh kan hun la hman zel tur tidanglam khawp thei thil te an ni ve thin. Kei pawh hi tleirawlte ni mah ila, ka nunah hian hun mak tak takte pawh ka lo tawng ve tawh a.

Chung ka hun tawn zingah chuan ka nun zawng zawng min lehlinsak vektu leh ka ngaihtuahna luah hnem bertu chu kan chhungkuain vanduaina kan tawh kha a ni. Nikum hmasa, 3rd September, 2002-a Venghluia
'Misual Hmaituam'-in a vihhlum tak C. Vanlalhruaia (Vass-a) kha ka u a ni a, khatih lai khan St. Paul's Higher Secondary School-ah hian Class XII a zir mek lai a ni.

Khang hunlai kha chuan kei chu Class VII chauh ka la ni a, Holy Heart School-a ka luh lai a ni.
Hunte a kal zel a, MESLC Board Exam chu Pathian zarah ka pass ve a. Chumi hnuah vanneihthlak takin St. Paul's Higher Secondary School-ah hian entrance test-ah ka tling ve hlauh mai a, kum hnih dawn lai chu tluang takin ka lo lut ve ta a ni.

Tichuan St. Paul's School-a ka luh hnu hian mi chi hrang tam tak leh hmelhriat ngai lohte ka han hmelhriat ve a, keimah min ngaihsaktu leh ka tana tangkai leh ka mize milpuite ka tawng ve zel a. Heng ka thiante nen hian kan innel em em a, kan hlimin awmkhawmte hi a nuam kan ti em em thin a ni.
Ka thiante leh midangte rilru chhungril tak tak chu ka hre ve lo va, mahse kei erawh chu hetianga kan nuih bawk bawk laite pawh hian, ka rilru chhungril rawn luah thuttu leh ka thinlung rawn verh zak thilte hi a rawn thleng leh thut thut thin a.

Chutiang huna ka awmdan chu a nihna ang chiahin ka sawifiah thiam lo va, amaherawhchu a nuam emaw, a hlimawm lam zawng chu a ni lo.
Hetiang hun a lo thlen hian eng anga ri bengchheng karah pawh rilru hi a ngawiin a reh vang vang mai a ni. A tlangpui thuin, ka u thiante emaw, a awmna thin leh a lenna thin han hmuh te, a hla ngaihthlak thin han ngaihthlak te hian hetiang hriatthiam loh leh sawifiah thiam loh ang hian ka awm thin a ni. Hetiang hun a lo thlen hian awm dan tur hriat a harin, ka tawngte hi a bahlah rem rum thin.

Han ngaihtuah let hian Class VII ka nih lai ai kha chuan tun hnuah hian hetiang hun hi ka tawng hnem zawk a, mahse hun a lo rei a, min tipuitlingtu leh tumruhna min petu a lo ni zawk a. A bulte atanga chhut phei chuan vanduaina kha malsawmnaah a lo chang ti tein ka ngaihtuah ve fo thin. Han ngaihtuah zel chuan hetiang hun ka tawh chang hian keimah chauh a paltlang hi harsa ka ti em em thin a, amaherawhchu min lainattu leh thurawn a hun taka min petu tur hi Pathian hian a rawn ruat ve zel thin a.

A hmasa berah chuan ka nu leh pa te an ni lo thei lova; anmahni atang hian thil tam tak ka zir a, an tawngkam khat mai pawh hian min hnem em em thin a ni. Keini aia thil hre hnem zawk leh kawng engkima experience lo ngah tawh zawk an nih avang hian a ni deuh ber ang chu. Midang pawh min hnemtu an tam em em a, ka sawi vek seng lo va, vannei ka intiin ka lawm hle a ni.

A tawp berah chuan ka sawi duh chu St. Paul's School a ka lut thei hi ka vanneihna ber niin ka hria a, ka chhuang bawk a ni. A chhan chu ka u duhtak leh ka ngaih em em, ka tana a nun hial pawh hlan ngam khawpa min hmangaihtu C. Vanlalhruaia (Vass-a) lo luhna thin anih vang leh a hun hnuhnung ber a hmanna hmun a nih vang a ni.


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kawng bo

Ka haihawt ve angreng hle a. :D hehe. Kawng hi ka hre thei miah lo a, ka kal than deuhna, nitina ka kalna thin bak hi hriat chhunzawm ka nei ngai meuh lo tih tluk a ni. Ka kal thanna deuh pawh hi a let zawngin kal ila, 'he lai hi khawi lai nge?' ka ti leh hu zel.

Hmanah thianpa Maia te hi Durtlang an awm tirhin vawi khat sikul atangin min hruai a, kan pahnihin kan han kal a. Ka chhinchhiah ve hle ania, a chhakah Biak In a awm tih te pawh ka chhinchhiah ve thlap a, kal leh dawnah pawh buai loh nan. Tin, Mel-5 veng ani tih te pawh min hrilh ve tak e.

Vawikhat chu kan thianpa RSa hi a computer a chhia a, Chanmari Sunflower ah khan kan siamtir a, Opa nen kei nen kan kal ho a. Nghah a ngai si, tlai dar 4 velah lam leh tur an ti a. Chumi inkar chu tihtur kan hriat loh em avangin Maia te inah han chho ang u, kan tia. An la hmu ve lo bawk a, tiin inti hre tak chuan ka hruai ta a.

Inring lo taka kal kan ni bawk a, khua a vawt deuh hlek nge, kawrlum te kan ha in ka hria. Bawngkawn atang ke in kal chho ve re re ang u kan tia, kan pathum chuan kan kal ta a. A rei duh angreng khawp mai, in fiam chho pahin kan kal a. Leitan kan thlen chhoh meuh chuan a lum tha tawh hle. Tichuan, kal ngil char char tur tiin kan han kal leh tak tak mai a.

Chhun pachang a ni bawk a, a chauhthlak bawk si. Kan kal zel, ka thiana te pahnih khan thui hi an ti tawh lutuk a, kei lah khan chhukna lai kha en reng pahin ka hruai zel a. Ka ngaih a tha tawh chiah bik lo a, Selesih thleng dawn tawh takngial hian kan inhria a. Tichuan, chhukna awm ang tak chu ka hmu ta a, tah chuan chhuk tur ka tia, kan chhuk ta a.

Mahse, ka bo leh zo vek. A hmaa ka kalna kha a ni ta si lo, let leh deuh a ngai tih ka hria a, kan let leh ta a. A ni thei mai si lo, kan let leh char char a. Kan kal thui ta lutuk hi kan chau tawh si, a rei tawh angreng bawk si. Dawr pakhat hi a lo awm hlauh a, chutah chuan kan zawt ta a. "Ka pi, hetilaiah hian rawn awm thar an awm em?" kan tia, "Tute? Eng mi nge an nih?" a tia, kan sawi zel a. A hre thei si lo, a hnuah chu nu chuan, "Khawi venga awm nge an nih?" a ti a, chuveleh kei chuan "Mel 5" ka lo ti a. Chu pitar chuan, "E, mel 5 chu sawtah sawn, helai chu Leitan alawm" a ti ta chheu mai.

Kan thleng tep tawh tihin kan lo peng a, leitan lamah kan lo let leh char char chu niin. Nuih a za duhlo kher mai.

Nikum khan vawikhat chu Maia thil tur hi a chhungten an rawn thawn a, kan va lam dawn a. Chumi veng chu Munirka a ni, kei nen, Rsa leh Chda nen kan pali-in kan kal a. June thla a nia, Delhi khaw lum lai a ni bawk a. Sai Baba mandir bul atang lo lut ula, first right in rawn la anga, chuan first left a ni mai, kha an ti mai a. Awlsam viau turin kan ngai a, Mandir bul chu kan thleng a, kan lut phei ta a. An sawi ang chuan kan kal zel a, an tih ang thlap chuan kan kal zel. Kan thleng thei tawh si lo, an house number te min rawn hrilh a. Chutia han zawn theih mai lah a ni si lo.

Kan kal kan kal a, kawmkar khawi khawi emaw, mi in kar chep tak takah te kan inhnawh zel a. Keimahni pawh chu kan bo a ni ber tawh a, a lum nasa mai si, ni a sa vawr vawr a. Kan in phone zel a, lo kal rawh u an tih na lai pawh kan hmu thei tawh lo. Khawi laiah nge in awm an tih lahin sawi ngaihna kan hre tawh bawk si lo. Kal leh phawt ang u kan tia, kan kal leh a. Darkar khat tehmeuh chu kan kal kual tawh. A tawp a tawpah chuan kawngpui hi kan pawhchhuak hlawl a, kan bo nasa tawh bawk si.

Kan thil lamna tur te chu Sai baba Mandir bulah min lo chang turin an lo kal tawp a. Tichuan, keini chu Mandir kal leh tur chuan auto kan la a, Rs. 30 lai kan chawi phei leh nghe nghe. Kan lo kal thui hman viau ni tur a ni. Kan va hmuh meuh chuan an first right tih kha chu kan la ngei a, first left kha kan lo hmuh hmaih chu niin, mihring leng lek tak tak hian kawng hi a lo peng a, chu chu kan lo kal pel a, kan bo vak phah ta a lo nia. Chauhthlak duh ngei mai, in kan thlen chuan tumah che chang peih kan awm lo.

Krismas dawn kha a ni a, Maia nen bawk kan bo leh a. Kal lam chuan kan kal dik thlap, Maia bike kawl lai a nia, bike in kan leng a. Chumi zan chuan Advance Christmas programme a awm dawn a, kal pawh kan tum ve ngei. Kan thiante inah chuan kan va leng a, an gift exchange tur hi min thawn a, gift 6 vel hi ka ak a, thleng hmasa tur deuha min dah avangin aniang. Kan pahnih chuan kan va haw ta a. Haw lam chuan kan bo ta alawm le.

Kan haw hma ang reng, dar 6 ah inkhawm tan tur a nia. Chumi nang hman tur chuan kan haw kha a ni a, haw a, insiam a, kal leh nghal tum kha kan ni. Mahse kan bo ta tlat mai. A hma pawhin kan kal dik thin sia, tun tum ber kher chu kan bo ta tlat mai. Hmanhmawh nen chuan in tu lo tak a ni. Hmun reh tawkah te kan tlan a, vai ho kan zawt thin. Vaiho lah hi hrelo nih duhlo, an duhna lam lam hi an kawk ve leh tawp zel a. Kan tlan zel a, kan bo tulh tulh mai chu a ni si.

Kan thiante lahin min rawn phone sek tawh, inkhawm an tan tawh si, keini kan la bo. Hmanhmawh mah nak alaiin Traffic police in min la tiding zui. Min check ta a, hmanhmawh nen, ninawm duh viau a ni. Minute 15 vel kan din hnuah kan kal leh a, engtin tin emaw chuan kan thleng phei ve ta a. Hmanhmawh tawkin kan insiam a, inkhawmna hmun chu kan pan a, kan thlen meuh chuan dar 8 a lo pel tawh. Gift exchange programme pawh kan nang hman hram! Kan thiante an lo mangang hman hlawm hle.

Bus stand hai vangin stand 2 inkar tehmeuh a tlanin kan tlan chhuak tawh bawk. Hemi tum hian ruah a sur nasa lutuk a, Rsa khan a ni tawh a tih avangin kan chhuk a. A lo ni awzawng lo mai, Chda khan a bag-ah hard disk leh eng ilo, a huh pawi thei chi a ak a, a bag lah kha tui a lut tlang thei bawk si. Kan han tlan ta tak tak mai a, Chauhthlak duh kher mai. Verandah velah te lo ding hul ta hle hle ila, a zia deuh ni tur, ngaihtuahna hi a kim lo deuh thin chu a ni.

Kan thianpa zin tur kan thlah hian kan haw lamah auto kan la a. Rs. 70 a ti a, kan kal ve mai a. Kan tlan tan dawn tih velah hian traffic police in a lo phar a, a ding duh lo a, mahse traffic police pa chu a rawn zuang lut a. A din tir ta tho tho a, a hau ta hrep a. Chutah kei chu polite deuhin mi rawn bia a, meter in in kal em? a tia, kal lo ka tia, engzat nge a charge che u, a ti leh a. Rs. 70 ka tia. Lehkha ah ka hming te min sign tir hnu chuan auto dang min phar sak a, Sir, hetah hian kal ru, a tam berah Rs. 50 bak a ni lo ang a tia. Tichuan kan kal leh mai a.

Mahse kan bo ta tak tak mai, kan chuanna auto khalhtu khan kan kalna tur kha a lo hre lo niin, kan tlan thui tawh khawp mai a. Meter box ah lah chuan Rs. 70 a chuang tawh bawk si, road sign velah chuan Agra tihte a inziah nuaih tawh avangin kan hla hle tawh tih kan hria a. Kan chhuk tawp a, pawisa pawh chu kan pe a. Auto dang kan la leh a, kan veng kal tur chuan. Kan bo avangin Rs. 120 velin kan in kan thleng thei hram. Zingkar a ni bawk si, ninawm duh tak a ni.

Heng bakah hian sawi dawna sawi tham tak tak ni si lo hian, ka bo ve deuh reng bawk. Average a lak chuan ni hnih danah vawi khat bo ang vel ka niang :-) Khawi lai mah hi ka chhuak ngai si lo a, ka chhuah chhun chuan bo bak chu hmabak ka nei vak ngai lo. Bo chu hriatna alawm an tia, ka hre thei chuang lo.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kan project tih thin dan

Awle, tun tum chu post tur ka hre lo e mai, thlalak hlui ka lo post ange. Mi chuan an project work te kha khek lovin muang changin an ti chho bek bek thin a, skul kal lai khan. Keini thianzaho ve kha chu, kan nui uar uar a, a tawpah kan ti leh tawk zel. Vawi 2 emaw chu kan ti thut tawh. Kan tih hmasak zawk chuan zing lam dar 2 velah kan zo thei hram a, kan tih hnuhnun zawk erawh chuan kan tlaivar. Kan indaihzai thin khawp mai, kan project ti te hi. Tun tumah hian Class 12 kan exam dawn tawha kan project submit tur 'final' kan khelh zan ami ka rawn tarlang ange. A tuk dar 8:30 ah submit leh nghal tur a nia, a zan a zanin kan han ti ta anih kha. January thla ania, a vawt hle tih kha lo hre ve mai mai bawk ila.

A tirah hi chuan kan pangngai ve thei viau, uluk takin kan han inchhawp ve thin a. Ziah ngai ang ang te chu uluk takin kan ziak tan ve a..

Chda (Pampam Hauzel) leh a hote chuan internet lamah zawn ngai ang ang te an lo zawng kual zung zung bawk a, hna pawh kan insem kual nasa thin angreng hle.

RS-a chuan uluk takin ka ta tur min ziah sak a. (Ani hi phai lamah a awm hnu ania, chawlh hmanga a rawn haw chu kan lo chhawr tangkai ta a, ka project bu kha ama handwriting vekin a khat ta a... :D) Chutih laiin Maia (Flip-Over) te hovin TV ah uluk takin inkhel an lo en mek bawk a...

Zan a rei tial tial a, rilru a phawklek tan a. Concentrate taka thil tih pawh a har tan ta a... a khat tawkin thiante sawisak nan thla la tur chuan an in pose reng a...

Dar 12 a pelh meuh chuan, intih sek a lang tan ta tlat mai a.... A vawt bawk si. Intihlum nan tiin intihsek chu an rawt thlu ta a....

Dar 1 velah pawh duh aiin ka la sek lo, la tha leh teh... la ti deuh sek a...

Chutih lai chuan internet lampang group pawhin uluk takin an la zawng mek zel a, uluk takin an zawng emaw tia. A khat tawkin an nui leh hak zel a, va en chian chuan an lo chat leh nger nger mai thin anih kha... "Mi kan bawl a..." an la ti duh lek chauh...

Tichuan, zing dar 3 vel a lo rik meuh chuan.... mut te pawh a chhuak ta hle mai a, mahni awmna hmun hmunah mu leh ta vek hlawm mai a..

A muthlu hmasa deuh kha chu, a la muhil ve lo thian dangten, duh tawkin an lo sawisa hman thin a...

A sual fal an lo awm thin a, muhil ve duh thak lo. Mi muhil lai an kaiharh thut a, thla an lak sak thut thin a.... heta kan thianpa thlalak hi hemi zana kan nuihpui nasat ber. Pum na veka kan nuihpui a ni a, (amah hian a hre em lo ang chu...)

N-series kan ngai chuang lo, stapler te, torchlight te pawh hian duhtawkin kan ck thei tho...

Muhil ho harh leh hnu chuan, a phak a phakin computer chu kan han bawr leh nghal huk a. Print chiah hmabak tawh anih avangin, kan ta tur chu kan han print ta chur chur mai a, a phelh pheng phung zel. Print zawh lah chu a har em em a, a tam ropui si a...

Thlalak pawh chu nuam an ti khawp maia..... advertisement a ni ringawt alawm le. Tichuan, zing dar 5 a rik meuh chuan kan haw darh ta hlawm a, dar 8:30 a skul a inhmu tur chuan kan inthlah liam ta hlawm a, a va han vawt kher em ve le aw... khami tuk kha. In ka thleng a, project la print zawh loh, ka print char char a... ka mu ta miah lo a. Skul chu kan thleng tawk leh chiah tho... Skul ah hmel a nuihzatthlak duh hle.

A hunlai chuan a hahthlak thei mep mep e. Rilru a hah duh si, zawh ngei ngei a ngai si. Hetiang hun tawtah chuan a chang leh tihsual kha awm lo thei lo. A bul atanga tih te a lo ngai leh a, duh angin kan thil tur te kan hmuh that theihloh phei chuan ninawm tak a ni. A chang leh zirtirtu te a zan a zanin "aw ti thum" chawpin kan han fone a, midang daih ang ten kan fone a. A va han hahthlak thin tak!

Thingpui kan in nasa thei hle a, tianga project tih dawn chuan Chda te dawr hi kan thlang nalh zel. A free deuh nge pawh ka hre lo, thingpui engtik lai pawha in tur a awm kha thiante khan an thlahlel ber zelin ka hria, khami vang kha niang. A khat tawkin an va hmet haw leh ter ter zel mai a. A lo ngaihawm thei hle mai, la reilo hle mahse.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Meet me at Ruby Tuesday

The night was dark, all I seem to see is people passing by and by. It's Friday night and my usual practise is to go to Ruby Tuesday and had my fill. After finishing all my work at office, i smoked my rusted old motorcycle and head for RT. I couldn't ride fast as wind blows hard, it was cold. Ruby Tuesday is about 1 hr drive for a normal vehicle, but for me I could make it barely in one and half hours.

I was much happier than other fridays because tonight is the night I'll meet the girl I love. You may not know why, but here's a story I would like to share with you first.

On a blistering cold night somewhere in December, as all people were busy preparing for the Christmas, I was on my way to Ruby Tuesday restaurant. I sat at the dark corner and enjoy my food. I stared at the road behind the fibre glass, all the glittering lights, christmas trees, children shopping with their parents. Everyone was happy and to that I gave a wide smile. All the people I could see from the place I sit were gay and glad, and I could here a choir singing "Away in a manger...." far away.

I pay my bills and went outside. Mount on my good old stallion and was putting on my helmet, I saw a girl. A girl sitting on the pavement, folding her arms, shivers in cold. She looked at the people going here and there and her eyes move left and right. I couldn't see a girl like that and went straight to her. She had a quizzical look on her face as I handed my coat to her. She didn't say a word and I left.

Couldn't take my mind off her, the look of her face kept rewinding like a film. How will she spend her Christmas? Where does she live? Many questions kept coming... pop pop pop.

Hours turns into days, days turns into weeks. And finally, it was Friday. Guess what I saw this time. The girl stand in front of Ruby Tuesday, smiling at me. I was shocked that my heart skip a beat. This time, I talk to her.

"Hi....Im Joe"
"Hi...nice to meet you and thanks for the coat" (she smiled)

I was so hungry and ask her to join me. She refused. She handed me a rose and just walk away.

The night after, questions came rushing! "Why didn't I ask her name?" or any contact number or her address anyway?? I blame myself for being such an idiot. I imagined her face smiling at me as i look at the rose. I like her, no doubt. From that day onwards, I wish everyday was Friday.

We use to see each other on every Fridays, but she won't talk about herself. I wish I could talk to her over the phone on other days, but she won't give me her number. All my curiousity to know her better were in vain. But at least, I could see her every friday. I gave her my number and ask her to call me whenever she needs me.

Time keeps passing and thing can't go on the way it was. The girl stop coming on fridays. I was so alone, i use to wait for her till the shop closed. Looking every corner of the street in search for her. She was nowhere to be seen. What had happened to her? She didn't call me even once, what is this suppose to mean?

Sometimes I see her smiling at me near Ruby Tuesday, but it was all my imagination. Life was quite complicated without her and I really feel somethings missing at RT.

Ok, there goes my story. So, tonight is Friday, but I'm happy. Because of the message that I got. I receive a message from an anonymous number. I pump the accelerator as fast as I could to reach to the restaurant faster. Where do all these traffic come from? I murmured as I slide step by step caught in the traffic jam.

After a long drive I finally reach the place. You may not believe what I saw with my eyes. There, stand the same girl who I talk about. She smiled and me. I rush to her and held her tight in my arms. Tears came falling. After a warm long hug, she says,

"Its been nice knowing you Joe, but I have to go. I'm moving over to somewhere and I'm going to miss you..."
"What?? What do you mean?"
"I... I need to go somewhere else"

"But, I didn't even know your name? And why do you have to leave??"
"Well... I was born like that..."

She gave me a kiss and her tears flows like a river. She walk and went inside the cab which was parked nearby. In a minute, they were gone. I look at the cab till it vanishes in the cold dark night. All my dreams were gone... I went inside the restaurant slowly. Sat by the dark corner and take out my phone. I scrolled down to my message inbox and read the message again.. "Meet me at Ruby Tuesday".

I couldn't help myself crying as I listen the jukebox crooning...

She would never say where she came from
Yesterday don't matter if it's gone

While the sun is bright

Or in the darkest night

No one knows
She comes and goes

Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday
Who could hang a name on you?

When you change with every new day

Still I'm gonna miss you...