Saturday, December 26, 2009

Random thoughts

Honky Tonk

If you’ve taken a day out in any metro cities, you’ll be surprised and feel ‘insulted’ from ∞ motor vehicles that runs here and there to get ‘somewhere-there’ first and fast. And needless to mention, everyday in India is “All-India International Honking Festival” with imaginary banners and posters around. You can’t even speak a single sentence without a horn beeping somewhere. Here you go.. Beepp beeeeppp.. there you go….. beepp beeeppp…..

Are you tired and sick of all the calm and peace conversations that you had being interrupted by massive horning? Do you ever wish there exist a silent horn? Think again…. that won’t happen.

You know, in every culture, society, family; the younger members of the society are guided by the elders. And they follow every steps and turns of the elders. Take a family for example, a father guides his son. Tell him what to do and the nots. Moms guide their daughters; tell them exactly the Do’s and Don’ts. In this way, they build a happy and integrated family.

Now back to the engines. The same formulas and solutions are applied for a happy traffic - “The big one guide the small one”. Take a look at these pictures:

On the back of every bigger vehicle, you’ll see that sign, that tempting and inspiring sign that reads – “Horn Please” or “Blow Horn” or whatever. We know, a son will say “Yayyy” if his dad told him to. Likewise, if a bigger vehicle tells the smaller one or whoever is following it to blow some horn, they will do it, following their ‘elders’ commands.

You know now who exactly is behind this ‘honky-tonking’ festival! Don’t blame the small and cute nano that runs passes you blowing horn all the way. Don’t blame the 1954 rusted Bajaj chetak scooter that gets it horn stuck. It’s the heavy motor vehicles that are to blame. Erase them all ‘horn please’ and ‘blow horn’ sign off them, and you’ll be in peace.

Or is it that we Indians are just horny? :-)


P’s and V’s (Not vulgarity, but thoughts running spree. And the names used in the articles, even based on real people are entirely fictional. Permissions are not obtained.)

A friend told me lately that we, our generation is going to meet a crisis one day – Identity Crisis. Yes, one day a man that you used to know will be a woman. Your ex-girlfriend will stand just next to you in a Men’s washroom and you’ll never know.

Advancements in technologies and surgical equipments led to the transformation of genders. Women who are trapped inside a man’s body. Men who feel like a woman. Their day of ‘live-reincarnation’ is coming. Transgender – and sadly that is happening!

Transgenders mostly have genital surgeries. But still they cannot be fully transformed. A man will always have his wee wee and a woman her cha cha.

Transsexuals have also existed since the beginning of time. Transgender and transsexual – there’s a difference. (Read it somewhere else) You’ll be really confused to call a transsexual person a brother or a sister.

There will be a time when you or your children get really confused in front of the toilet, as to which door exactly should you/they open. Look at a typical toilet door sign –

We see two figures there. In ancient times, men wear pants, women wear skirts. That’s how they define men and women. So, one figure (with the skirt) stands for women and the other for men. Today, men wear short skirts and bras. Women wear pants and boxer shorts. Cross-dressing, as we call it. That door-sign will be out of date soon starting now.

For eg. Your name is Sandman Kima and you are a man. In your train ticket your name, age and sex will be entered as :

1. Sandman Kima 37 M

Where 37 stands for your age and M for Male. And if Sandman Kima is a transsexual, he feels like a woman trapped inside a man’s body but doesn’t have a sex change. He’ll be entered as a Male passenger, which he will not like and be very angry. He’ll sit on a rainbow and write a poem about how he was ‘insulted and molested’ in the train and post it on his blog.

To solve all these troubles and problems. There’s one solution. To identity us human beings as just “Penises” and “Vaginas”. Simple!!

A man-woman transgender still has his penis, a woman-man transgender still has her vagina. It’s their assigned sex and biologically programmed genitals. They cannot be changed until 2012.

From now on, Male will be Penis, and Female will be Vagina. And you or your children will not be confused if the toilet door-sign is updated to something like this –

And Sandman Kima and all others will be very happy if they are entered in the train tickets as :

1. Sandman Kima 37 Penis

2. Andy 25 Penis

3. Mimi Hrahsel 16 Vagina

4. Amos 38 Penis

5. Jerusha 13 Vagina

Take a look at these sentences. The P’s and V’s are really perfect.

“Now, let us call upon our Chief Guest Penis Lalengzuala to deliver a short speech.”

“The Youth Group of SRRC donated 50 units of blood today at Civil Hospital, Aizawl. The donors were 35 Penises and 15 Vaginas.”

“Vagina India is crowned Vagina of the Universe 2009”

Hahahaha…. See you around next year.

That’s all folks, Happy New Year.

With much love and blessings for 2010,

Joseph, Penis.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dairial chang lo se….

(Update tur vang e mai, DMZP Golden Jubilee Souvenir a article ka thawh ve hi kan dah mai ange. Pawi em lovang chu :) )

Kan ti nek nek a, thing delh loh lung delh loh na na na chu ti hian kan lo thanglian chho ve a. Sikul uniform hak hun lai kan han kal pelh meuh chuan engtin tin emaw Delhi tlang chu kan chuang chhuak ve ta reng mai. Delhi tlang hi kan ti ve tehchhen a, tlang pakhatmah kan la hmu lo reng reng, speed breaker te hi ka tlang hmuh san pawl te chu an ni mai a. A lo lum nasa mai a, haw leh mai teh pawh a chakawm thin rum rum mai. Sum leh pai neih zawng zawngin hmasawn tuma rawn chhuk ve kha kan ni miau a, han haw leh rik-ngawt lah chu a 'man' lo ang reng bawk si. Kan 'Switzerland of the East' ah khi chuan awm ta ila, thianpa Maia te pawh Durtlang bawngek rap pherh ve mai mai tur kha an ni a, hma chu kan sawn ta phawt. Durtlang bawngek ai chuan Delhi bawngek chu a ch.k deuh alawm le!!

Delhi a lehkha zir tura chhuk thar emaw, eng eng emaw ti tura awm thar hrim hrim chu heta awm sa ten duat tak maiin a saptawng takin 'fresher' tiin min han vuah sak a. Keini ang mi mawl leh krismas la hmang tlem tan chuan 'fresher' hming han put ringawt pawh kha Aizawl lama thiante intihtheih khumna atana tha fahran mai a lo ni. A then chu nu leh pa ten an rawn kal pui a, a then chu an u te, an cousin te leh thiante etc, a then chu mahni in kan rawn chhuk tawl a, heti lama thian tha te engkima kan pur thin te kha an va lo fel thin tak em!

Mi tihloh dan pawh a ni lo tiin in chu kan han luah ve rawih a. Vai tawng thiam bawk si lo, sap tawng lah rem khawm chawp tak meuh meuha phuh chhuak thin tan chuan beidawn rum rum chang a tam duh khawp mai. Zikpuii pa 'CC Coy. No. 27' thawnthu a Ralkapzauva dinhmun nena in tehkhin chuan keini chu nep te hi a lo ni thin. Zirlai tan chuan engkim hi thil thar vek a ni a, lehkha zir mai bakah sawi tham si loh thil zir tur hi a lo tam khawp mai. In-a han awm chuan, class kal bak tih tur dang vak awm hek lo, a lum thin bawk si. Han leng chhuak dawn ila, pawisa a lo ngai zel bawk si. Mi tih dan ang bawkin, zan te chu kan han meng rei ve vak a, zing lamah hma taka thawh a, insawizawi aiin, tlai tawkah, zawi sa in kan han tho chhap chhap a. Ei rawng te pawh phuai deuh neih nuaih chuan kan han bawl ve bawk a. A ei lam erawh kan ei hnem thei narawh e.

Eirawng bawl bawl kha a ninawm thin a, zanah a tuka eitur nen kan han chhum teuh zel mai a. Bawnghnute te kha kan dah khal mai a, chhuang lum tawh lem chuang lo in, a keih in kan keih thin. Khawlai chaw han ei mai thin lah hian pum lamin a lo mil vak thin si lo a, bathroom hi room zawng zawnga room pawimawh ber a lo ni tih kan pawm thlap.

Lunglen mawlh mai hi. In lung a leng ve theuh thin awm e, mahse Aizawl lam aiin helamah hi chuan lung len a har zawkin ka hria!! Khaw lum hian lunglen te hi a hnawt tiau vek a, bakah, 'man' leh 'man' in melh sen rum reng hi chuan lunglen te pawh hi a lo har thin a ni. Verandah ah han thu chhuak ila, Reiek tlang thlir tur awm lo, vai hlir vai hlir kan hmu a, thli fim te chu khawi lam, khawi khawi lai atangin thli uih a rawn thaw leh huk thin.

Khawvela vai tamna ber ram, kawtthler pakhat vai lo awm zawng zawng hian kan hmingin min lo ko zel sela, kan eih hlum thak thei ang tih tur khawpa tamna ah chuan a khat tawkin, kan hmel an pui deuh kan han hmu leh nulh zel a, thla te pawh a muang ve sawt zel. Khami kha mizo a ni emaw ni lo emaw, kan hmel anpui a nihna hrim hrim kha a thlamuan thlak ve a.

Maipawl tlak hmeha dul ti kiar ve mai mai tur khan car nalh tak tak leh bike nalh tak tak kan han hmuh meuh chuan, miin min ngaisang lo mahse, kan in dah sang vah tawh. Kan veng lamah kan haw leh mah ila, 'phaia awm' kha kan ni miau tawh a, induh vah tawh tur. A hrim hrimin, roti han ei te pawh a changkang deuh alawm le, thil changkang ngaina tih takah. Maipawl han tih ngawt ai chuan Roti han ti puam talh talh pawh, kan tribal hmui hian a phun rem thiam ve nuap nuap khawp mai.

Thil engkim, kan vawikhat tihna zel a nih avangin chet chhiat chang lah a tam. Vawikhat chu kan vaitawng bungraw neih zawng zawng ‘bari bara vai mawng khak’ leh kut zaizir tlem nen kan han bazaar ve tehreng a. Hmarcha lei kan duh ve si, kan duh zat leh kan duh chi kan sawi thiam ta si lo. Vai ram awm tirh nen kan dawih dui mai bawk si a, duhlo chung chungin hmarcha ro te chu polythene lianpui khat tlat in kan lei ta a. Kum khat hnuah pawh a chanve pawh a la zawh loh avangin paih an ni ta.

Heti zat hi mizo an lo awm ang tih kan rin loh tawh hnuah, inkhawmna te pawh bial te te in an lo inthen ve leh zel a. Tumkhat chu kan bial inkhawmnaah kan inkhawm ve hmasak ber tum hian kan va kal ve a, bo hrep hnuah kan thleng ve hram. Kan va thleng chu kan tlai tawh tih hriat takin thutna a lo khat deuh thap tawh a, midang lah khan mikhual kan nih vang nge, min lo chhawn lo angreng bawk si. A thutna awl ber lam chu kan pan phei ve ta thuai a.

Chutia thutna awl bera nuam ti taka kan thut lai chuan kan ngaih a tha ta tlat lo mai a, midang zawng chu kan hma zawnah leh kan sir lehlam lehlamah an thu kual thap mai a, mi thar nih bawk nen, thianpa Maia’n “Sef, kan thutdan chu van nice lo ve, face to face a thut reng te chu a..” tiin min rawn hrilh ru a. Kei chuan chutia a rawn sawi veleh chuan ka hrechhuak thut a, ka phone ah chuan call dawng ang takin ka hmet nuap nuap a, ka chhuahsan daih a. A hnu lawkah ani pawh a rawn chhuak ve leh mai bawk a. Kan thutna kha tu dang thutna tur ni lo in, inkhawm kaihruaitu leh tantu tur thutna a nih vang zawk a ni.

Future tih bright mai pawh tum lo a, a tlet a tlet tir vet vet tum nen chuan thil chu a in mil chho thei ta lo viau mai. Tunah chuan kan thiante nena engmah ngaihtuah lem lo a ‘mihur’ tuihleuh zir mai mai te kha a ngaihawm zia kan hrechhuak rum rum mai a ni. Vairam chu fimkhur a ngai a, thil ruk hrat leh misual chi hrang hrang an tam lutuk ti a, a hre zawk ten min hrilh min hrilh thin kha kan han vawng thin mai mai khawp a. Verandah a dahchhuah lek te pawh kha min rawn hau palh ang a, min rawn tibuai thut palh ang a, ti chung reng khan hun kan hmang a. Zan mut dawnah nise a kalh theih zawng zawng kha chu kan han kalh vek zel mai a. Him chu a lo him nge nge e!

Kawng hriat nan ti a, bus a han chuan te lah hian mi haihawt tan chuan tih chi a ni lem chuang lo. Kal lam kawng hi chu han hre ve viau tawh mah ila, haw lam an nih leh chiah a let zawnga kan han tlan chiah hi kan bo chu a ni zui leh mai a. Hmun a inang hlawm si, chhukna tur diktak aia stand hnih vela hmaa han chhuk zauh zauh chang lah a tam. Ke bawkin kal leh a ngai thin.

Chaw ei a in sawm te hi tih mai mai a lo ni lo zel a. Veng hla deuha chaw ei dawn phei hi chuan hma lama haw theih ngei hi a lo tha ber. Chuti lo zawng kawng sira mut zai kan rel thlu tak tak mai ang tih te pawh a hlauhawm e. Delhi Mizo Inkhawm-a kan inkhawm ve hmasak ber tuma a hmasa bera kan thut te kha kan tan chuan inzirna tha tak a ni, a hnu inkhawmah khawiah pawh thu ila a harsa ber kan ti hmasa ber tawh tho a, a zahthlak loh vek. Thil chi hrang hrang kan tawn leh kan hriat te hi sawi vek dawn chuan ho tak tak te a tam dawn si a, sawi vek sen pawh a ni lo e.

Engpawhnise, middle school vela kan SS bu-a kan hmuh thin milem ropui leh maksak deuh deuh te awmna hmuna han awm meuh chuan hma chu sawn turah in ngai ila. Taj Mahal te pawh kan ngaih ang em em chuan a lo lian lo tih te leh pheikhawk uih rim a nasat zia te, Rajasthan chu thlaler vaivut vek a ni bik lo tih te hi a hun laiah let leh thei ila thian te han hrilh ka chak ngawt mai.

Hun te a lo kal ve zel a, tunah chuan a hmaa kan buai ang thin em em chuan kan buai tawh lem lo e. Hun hlimawm tak tak kan tawng zel a, engkim hi zirlai a ni tih hi sawi nawn leh teh ang. Hun harsa leh khirh tak tak kan tawh chang pawhin hlim taka nuih chhuah leh theih hi a lo va hlu thin tak em! Heng hun kal tawh zawng zawng leh kan tawn hriat te hi dairial chang lul suh se…

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Hmanni deuh khan ka thianpa pakhatin "Hringnun" lehkhabu ka chhiar tawh leh tawh loh thu min rawn zawt a. Kei chuan ka la chhiar loh thu in ka lo chhang a, ani chuan ka chhiar ve atan a it em avangin min rawn thawn vang vang a. Ka lawm kher mai.

"Hringnun - I" tih lehkhabu hi Vanneihtluanga ziah a ni a, chutah chuan Hringnun hi zir reng ngai, zir zawh awm thei si lo leh a zir thiam apiang te hmasawnna a nih thu te kan hmu a. Tin, a bu chhungah hringnun kalkawng chi hrang hrang a kan zir theih tur te a rawn tarlang bawk a ni.

Tichuan, hmanni lawk khan Beihrual thupui ah "Ringtu Nun - Zirna kawngah" tih zirhona neih ni in ka inkhawm ve leh hlauh a, a hlawk thlak ka ti hle mai. Thupui ziaktu chuan zirna ah hian lehkha zir chungchang a rawn sawi ber a, a chhan pawh Mizoram pawn lama kan chhuah hi chuan hnathawk kan nih loh vek chuan lehkha zir kan ni ber a, hei vang hian a rawn thlur bing deuh a ni.

Kan lehkhabu a kan zirlai avanga kan rinna a tihdal theih dan leh chumi lak atanga inven dan te sawi a ni a. Tin, heng kan zirlai hian min ti buai thei dawna kan hriat chuan zir loh ngam mai te pawh a pawi loh thu sawi a ni bawk. Zir loh tur tihna ni lovin, mahni leh mahni kan in thunun theih dawn phawt chuan zir vek tur chu a ni tho e.

Ni e, hringnun hi zirlai a ni. Hetia lehkhazir tura hmun danga kan awm tantirh dawna A Pu Chhuana thu min chah kha ka hrechhuak zawk thin. "Mizoram pel in Vai ramah lehkhazir turin in kal dawn a ni a, in zuk thleng thla anga, in tui in a hal ngei ang. Tuisik mai pawh a 'taste' a lo danglam a ni tih in hriat atangin in zirlai a in tan ang".

"Lehkha chauh emaw kan zir kan tih lai hian thil tamtak kan zir a, nakin zelah pawh mi bula awm dan chenin in vai ram awm hian a lo zirtir che u a ni tih in hrechhuak zel ang". Ni e, tui sik kan han in atang chiah khan kan zirlai chu a lo intan chiah a lo ni.

Artui kan bak thiam ngai lo khan, bai siam te chenin kan lo thiam chhunzawm ta zel a. Kan zirtirtu pakhat chuan heti hian min hrilh a, "Mi in thil an hmuh a, an en liam puat ang hian thil in hmuh reng reng hi en liam ve puat zel mai suh ang che u. Mi hmuh bak hmuh tumin in en thin tur a ni."

Hetianga thil kan thlir thin hi chuan kan thiltih reng reng hi a 'interesting' em em a, a ti nuam a, thil te ber ber te pawh chhuichian tham fe te an lo awm thin a ni tih te kan hriat phah thin. Hetia kan lehkhazir ngawt ngawt ngaihtuah chuan a 'boring' zia chu tuman kan hai lo. Khaw lum leh chhuah apianga "Enga?" tih pui tur awm mang loh naah hian rilru nghet takin kan awm phah thei zawk dawn a ni. Lunglen avanga zirlai zir zo lo a mahni veng lam pan pawh chhiar tham fe kan nih tawh hi.

Krismas kan lo hmang tam chho ve zel a, thil chi hrang hrang kan tawng chho ve zel a. Blog te kan siam a, site te, tin thu te kan ziak bawk thin. Kan thuziak leh chhuah te atanga thil chi hrang hrang kan tawn te hi zan mut theihloh phahna tham zet zet te a ni thin. FIR thehluh mai theih a vau chang te kan han tawk a, a thenin "Ka that dawn che" ti tawk an lo awm bawk a. A chang leh chanchinbu lamah te kan fiamthu an lo la kawi chho kual vel thin a, thutaka lak chi leh ngaihtuah zui lem loh chi te thliar hran thiam a pawimawh thin khawp mai.

Hmana kan thusawi mai mai thin te sawi chi a lo ni tawh lo a. Kan tawngkam ho te te te pawhin mi huat thu an lo sawi palh thin. 'Tiang reng a nih dawn chuan ration card a kan hming a chung bera a awm hun a chakawm loh ngei mai. :-)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ziah zawh peih loh ho

Thil hi ziah kan tum ve uk uk thin a, ka peih leh thin lo a. A chang chuan pakhat ziah ka tum reng laiin pakhat dang a rawn lut leh thut thin a. Chung ka ziah zawh peih loh ho chu update tur ka hriat loh em avangin rawn dahchhuak mai mai ila. Dangdai ve hrim hrim, ziah zawh loh articles ho pawh hi. :-) Min lo hrethiam mai ru.


Saruak Philosophy

"Saruakin ka lo piang,
Saruak vekin ka kir leh dawn"

Mihring tungchho-a kal te hi a tir atanga saruaka piang tih takah saruak hi kan lawm hlawm em em mai mai a. Ni e,

A tirah chuan

Mizo te zingah hian saruak thlalak hi tunhnaia lar ta thut a ni chuang lem lo a, tun hma pawhin a lo awm zauh zauh tawh thin. Doctor lema changin hmeichhe thla a lo la ru thin tih angreng te kha kan chanchinthar hriat kha a ni deuh nawk thin. Tin, mi thenkhat te kha chuan nula ruak thlalak mi hmuh tur kha an kawl ve nual thin bawk.

Tunhma te kha chuan mobile/digicam etc vel hi a la chhuah loh avangin saruak thlalak darh te pawh kha mi zawng zawngin an nei lem lo. A film atanga develop kha a ni a, print hnuah a darh pawhin mi 2/3 bak a thleng ngai meuh lo. Tin, a tam lo bawk.



Zan a rei a, mutthilh theih si loh chuan thil ziah mai loh chu tihtur a awm thin lo. Lehkha han zir dawnin rilru ah a lut tak tak thei tawh bawk si lo, mut luih tum lahin ngaihtuahna lawilo pui pui neih a awl si. Thil ngaihtuah vak tum loh veleh lah hian ngaihtuah tur hi a rawn kal zut zut thin lehnghal a. Naupanlai te a hmingin kan han ngaihtuah let ve khanglang a, lung chu a leng duh thin ngei mai.

Zanin erawh chuan thil pakhat ngaihtuah ka nei a, he ka thil ngaihtuah hi ngaihtuahna luhlul, theihnghilh ka tum apianga rawn langsar tial tial thin a ni. Ka lung a ti leng a, ka lung a ti chhia a, ka mutthilh theihloh phah fo thin.

Awle, high skul kan kal lai khan hmangaih ka nei a, ani pawhin min hmangaih tih ka hria. Mahse eng eng emaw vangin inhmuh ni a awm thei ta lo, he kan thawnthu hi ka hrilh dawn che u a ni.

Middle skul kan kal zawh chuan kan khuaa high skul tha ber pawl an tihah chuan ka lut ve a. Chutia skul tha a ka lut thei chu ka intithei ve in, nuam pawh ka ti ve hle.



1. Why do babies cry when they born? Why don't they laugh or do something else? The moment they born, the first thing they learn is how to cry.

- A frozen chicken being stuffed through a letter box would cry if it could.

2. What is the meaning of "Use Dipper at Night" often seen on the back of a truck?

- Isn’t that high beam setting for really dark and empty roads? Why use it on a fully lit, crowded road? Damn Idiots. So here’s fifty paise to all those frigging people who drive on high beam. Get your dipper switch repaired.

3. Most people say that excessively or extremely practicing or doing anything is not good. But


Welcome to Mizoram

Mizoram is also known as “The Switzerland of the East” which share land borders with Tripura, Assam, Manipur etc. A land with mild climate where average rainfall is 254 cm per annum and is rich in flora and fauna and many kinds of tropical trees and plants thrive. The population stands at 888,573 as of 2001 census, quite old record.


The origin of the Mizos, like those of many other tribes in the North Eastern India is shrouded in mystery. It is believed that during the days when The Great Wall of China was constructed, a lazy peasant was also there… working. This lazy bastard was so unwilling to use his energy any longer, so he planned to run away. One fine morning, he managed to sneak from the guards and move all the way down. On the way he got married and later moved to India to their present habitat and came to be known as the first Mizo.


The Chief Minister is the head of all-in-all.




Mizoram can be called “The Land of Associations” where you will find all types of organizations, from political to non-government and even the All Mizoram Graduate Unemployed Association.



Summer...yet again!

You may have read my post on "Summer sucks" last year. I felt really bad to come up with the same topic, but the bowl on the shelf cried out how much summer had broken its heart. I felt so sorry…

The ceiling fan is just doing a wobbly hula dance overhead for the sake of being turned on. So I thought I would go outside and see what summer had done to people and things around me. I lift my sweaty thighs sticking to the white plastic chair where I was sitting.

The stray dogs on the road waved at me and says "Hey mister, please take a snap for us and post them in your blog. It’s just the thing we could do during summer, posing for photographs”. I said “Why not? Smile….1, 2, 3….click”


Ka lung a leng loving

Lunglen.....tuarin.....tlaini eng ka thlir....valmawi... nang ngai hian... tiin a lo zai riai riai a, tu zai nge mawle ti a ka han bihchian chuan, Mimi-i lek a lo nia. A lung te a leng vel a ni maw tiin ka ngaihtuah mai mai a, chutichuan, mak tak maiin chu hla chu ka ngaihthlak chhunzawm zel a. Mipa in han sak ve dawn chuan... valmawi han tih rut rut chu a ni chiah bawk si lo, chuvangin thianho a han sak ve chang pawhin valmawi tih aiah lungrun kan ti ta keuh zel mai a, a hlimawm duh phian a. Lunglen lam chu a kawk lo khawp mai.

Khami zan, mutthilh theih loh zan mawlh mai te kha! Ka lunglen vang pawh ni miah lovin kan naupan laia (ti ve zel teh ang) engmah ngaihtuah nei lova kan tlan kual zek zek thin lai te kha ka ngaihtuah chhuak mai mai a. Kawnghren a, samurai lem pai kha chuan pa ta viaua in ngaih lai, thal leh a ngul pai phei chuan rambo kha kan ni ringawt zel a. A thenin bearing kan han khalh thin a, ka bearing mawlh mai te kha, ka uluk bawk a, oil ka pe thlap thlap zel a, kan intlansiak pawha a hnuhnung lamah ka tlan loh phah. Ka bearing kha, high sikul ka kal hnu thlengin ka kawl a, mahse engtin nge a bo tak daih ka hre ta lo reng reng.

Pi Momo-i a rawn kal a, cheng khat kan neih chuan chuhhelh fahranin lei hmasa inchuhin kan innek luai luai a. Momo pakhat kan han lei a, kan han pai tha leh thlap a. A nei rei thei thei tan a hnuhnungah thiante awhfik nan hman a nuam thin. Mahni nu ten artui min han chhum sak te kha chuan, chak ta lua ah khan kan inngai a, ei zawh meuh chuan thiante kha inbuan puiah kan cho kan cho mai thin kha a nia.

Vawi engzat nge cycle a ka accident pawh kha ka hre tawh lo. Mi sual tak mai ka nia, mi bazar haw em phurh ah te hian lung tum hi ka lo dah sak teuh zel a, mi rangva inchung vawm ka hrat lai te kha. A ri ring duh sia, bomb kan vawm leh lawk tih pahin, kan vawm ri dup dup zel a, a neitute min hauh lah engahmah kan ngai ngai lo. Mi ventilation atanga rawra kan chhun luh hnuk tum te kha, kan va lo sual thin tak em. Mi compund chhunga halpuah kan paih luh puah pup pup thin te kha, min hauh pah khan kan tlanchhe char char zel.

E ka sawi zawm peih tawh hrih lo, ka ning leh hluai zel. Khang te kha ka lungleng vanga ngaihtuah chhuak pawh ka ni lo a, ngaihtuah tur dang a awm miau loh avanga ka ngaihtuah mai mai an ni. Lunglen hi kan ti thla zen a. Englai taka kan awm hian nge kan lung a len? A khawi lai tak hi nge lunglen chu ni ta ang??

Ka lung a leng, ka nu te ka ngai. Hei hi chu mi tam tak dawt sawi fo thin a ni. An sas te ngaih vangin nu leh pa ka ngai an han tia, nu leh pa lam chu khawi lam hi a ni ringawt. "Balance ka nei lo" tih an sawi zin ang bawkin, "Ka lung a leng" tih hi chu an sawi zing. Ngaih bik pawh hriat loh a lunglen te a awm an tia. A va ho thin tak e aw.

Ngawi teh, ka rilru ah a lut lo e mai, ka ziak zawm peih tawh lo. Kei chu ka lung a leng lovang....

Monday, August 24, 2009

Social Networking : Enge kan ngaihtuah tur?

Khawvel a changkang tial tial a, pawn kan chhuak tam lo tial tial a. Awmhmun atang mouse click hnih khat velah khawvel kan fangchhuak zung zung tawh mai a nih hi. Social Media Revolution video te hi in lo en ve tawh emaw, hma a sawn chakzia leh kan hman nasat zia kan hmu a, a tel lo chuan kan awm thei tawh lo ti ila a dik ber ang chu.

Social Media han tih hi chuan a huam zau deuh a, tuna kan hmang tlanglawn leh kan in awmtleina ber pakhat Social Networking site lam te hi fimkhurna tarmit vuahin han thlir kual ila.

Mizote zingah chuan kan social networking site hriat lar hmasa pawl nia ka'n lo rin ve mai mai chu hi5 hi ni ta in ka hria. Account kan han siam sup sup a, hi5 friends neih tam te kha thian thenkhat te phei chuan intihtheih nan tak an hmang emaw tih mai tur kha a ni. Chumi rual deuh thaw chuan MySpace te pawh kan hre leh a, hi5 kan hman nasat ang tluk chuan kan hmang lem lo.

Heng zawng zawng rawn luahlan turin orkut a rawn lar chho leh a, hetah zet hi chuan mi zawng zawngin profile kan nei ta vek mai tih theih tur a ni a. Internet hmang ve dek dek thei tawh phawt chuan, "Orkut ah min lo add mai rawh" tih hi inbiakna tawngkam kan hman zin ber pawl a ni thin. Kan thian pakhat phei chu SMS thawn ai chuan orkut ah scrap ila, a hmu hmasa zawk thin.

Orkut lam kan hne ta deuh nge, Facebook lampang kan uar hlawm leh ta viau. Facebook phei chu mi scrap mai bakah hun khawh ralna application hrang hrang a tam khawp mai. Orkut ah friend kan han add a, facebook lamah a ngai leh ngai bawk kan in add leh a. Tu emaw sawi dan takah, "Internet hmang thang ho phei hi chu, kan kal kual kan kal kual a, a tawpah chuan kan inhmukhawm leh ruih thin".

Tunah phei chuan computer khawih peih vak lo leh net han access mai tur awm hnai lo te tan, mobile phone a hman chi Frenzo te a lar em em a. Heng zawng zawng hi hmasawnna a ni a, inhmelhriat tawnna leh inthianthatna kawnga peng pawimawh tak a niin a hriat. Awle, kan thupui lamah lut chho tawh teh ang.

Fimkhur rawh

Thenkhat chuan in lamah te emaw internet connection kan neih loh avangin public cyber cafe ah te emaw kan han thu lut a. Kan password te kan lo 'remember' tir thul, a thenin kan lo logout theihnghilh.

Kan thiannu pakhat pawh a logout hma in cafe ah khan power supply a rawn tawp thut a, a awm leh mai bawk si lo a, a chhuahsan ta nghe nghe a. A hnu lawkah a orkut profile album ah chuan zahmawh ngialngan tak tak mai hi a rawn upload ta tiah tiah mai a. Amah kan va hrilh phei chuan a ngaihna a hre lo hle. A password an lo thlaksak lo hlauh a, a vannei kan ti mai ang chu.

A thenkhat te phei chuan scrap lamah mawihnai lo tak takin an rawn tawng tir thul. Chuvangin khawi atang pawhin online ila, logout hi theihnghilh chi a ni lo. I logout theihnghilh a nih pawhin hrechhuak leh ang che.

Tute nge i thiante?

Tum khat chu ka connection a that loh avangin cafe lamah ka lut ve a. Ka hma chiah chuan vaipa tereuhte hi a thu ve a, a screen kha ka hmu thei vek a. Orkut ah chuan a lut ve ngei a, a username leh password pawh chhu lut thei tawng tawng a ni. Chutia a han sign in zo chiah chu, a profile chu sap profile emaw ka ti.

A display image ah chuan 'emo' tawk tak mai kha a hmang ngei a, chutiangin a album ah te pawh. Tunlai tleirawl duhzawng tak tur hi a ni a, friend request pawh a hmu nual nghe nghe. A tih tur ang te a tih zawh chuan, a chhuak ta mai a. A hmel ka lo en a, hetilai kawngsira 'samosa' leh 'bread pakoda' siam hnehsawh zet ngei mai kha a lo ni.

Hemi ka rawn sawi chhan chu kan friendlist a kan thian thenkhat te hi kan rin loh ang deuh deuh an ni thei tih hi a ni. Heng ho hian friend request hi hmeichhia tawh phawt chu an thawn nasa em em a, hmeichhe ho chuan in hriat ka ring. A tam tak phei hi chuan kan accept nghal pawp pawp mai a. An tum ber chu i thlalak en a ni a, hmuhnawm thlir mai piah lamin an thlir thin tih hriat a tha.
Eng atan nge i hman ve?

Kan thianpa pakhat ram danga awm chuan a thlalak hi a rawn upload hnem thin khawp mai a. Tunah hian thlalak 900 chuang a rawn upload tawh a, a la upload belh zel reng bawk. Heti em em chu tiin engatinge i thlalak i dah vak vak? I thiltih zawng zawng hi tarlan kher i tum em ni? ka va ti a, ani chuan a profile kha thil dang atan a lo hmang daih chu niin.

Ka thlalak te dahthat nan ka hmang thin a, khawi hmunah pawh awm ila, hmehchhuah zung zung a awl bakah, a bo ve mai mai lo a, tiin min chhang daih. A hmanna chu a lo dang ve khawp mai.

Social networking site a nih ang ngeiin thian siam nan leh thian te nena in kawm khawm nan kan hmang nasa teh meuh mai. Tlangval thenkhat tan nula hmeltha zawnna a lo ni a, nula thenkhat tan star deuh te phone a biak ngam loh pawh 'scrap' ngamna a lo ni lehzel a. A thenin hmelhriat sa chauh add nan kan hmang a, a thenin mizo tawh phawt add nan te kan hmang zel bawk a. A mihring a zirin kan hman dan a inanglo hlawm thei khawp ang.

I thlalak hi

vela i thlalak dah ho hi miin an lo copy in, an lo save thei a ni tih hriat a tha. Eng ang pawhin han protect vel mahse, i keyboard a Print Scrn button kha an rawn disable te a nih ngawt loh chuan thlalak na na na hi chu copy dan a awm zel.

Hemi ka rawn sawi chhan chu, kan thlalak mi computer a awm lo se kan tih ang chi hi chu upload lo ila. Orkut ah te phei chuan kan friend list ami ah pawh en tura kan duh zual chauh te en theih tur te in a set theih a, tin album a lock theih bawk. Friendlist a awm lo tan phei chuan en ngaihna a awm lo.

Facebook ah pawh hian direct chuan en theih loh a ni tlangpui a, mahse i thiante an lo 'tag' emaw a nih chuan, highlights ah a rawn lang a. A album pumin i en leh thei vek tho. Orkut ah chuan chu chu a theihloh ve thung.

I thlalak i upload vak vak a, i zak leh deuh a, i paih leh a. Mahse, i lo upload zuai a kha tu tu emaw computer a 'chhas' folder luahlum tute zingah a awm ve khiau maithei a nia. An in semdarh anga, nakinah i thianten chutah khatah chuan ka leng a, i thlalak an lo kawl teuh a, an rawn tih ve hunah chuan, mak i ti ve ngei ang.

Hetianga victim hi chu hmeichhia an ni tlangpui thin. Mipa hi chu kan vannei viau, kan thlalak te tumahin an save peih ve lem lo.

Fake profile

I friend list kha uluk lehzualin han en teh, fake profile a awm ve mial lo maw? I hre kher lo mai thei, mahse mi tam tak hian fake profile an nei tih hriat tur. A hmaa kan sawi tawh, samosa siamtupa emo profile ang deuh kha a ni mai, thian add teuh teuh nan fake profile an siam a. Mi hip thei tak turin emaw thlalak nalh tak tak te an han dah a, kan lo accept ve hmiah hmiah mai zel anih hi.

Request a tam thei ang ber an thawn chhuak a, mi thlalak en kual vel nan an hmang a ni ber thin. Fake profile ni a rin tam tak a awm a, a tam zawk chu a lo dik nge nge bawk zel.

Engtin nge kan hriat theih ang?

1. An thlalak dah tam tak hi celeb thlalak te an dah mai mai a, anih loh pawhin anime cartoon lem te. Anmahni thlalak tak tak hmuh tur a awm lo a, tin, a awm ang ve thei deuh tur an dah pawhin an hmel a langchiang ngai lo. (Hetah hian mi tam tak thlalak dah duh lo an awm nual tho a, fake profile an ni vek kher chuang lo).

2. A then chu anmahni thlalak ni awm tak, vawi tam tak an google hnu a an dah te pawh a awm a. An thlalak quality a tha thei mah mah.

3. A friendlist ami te kha han zawt chiang teh. Mutual Friends chu in nei nual ang, tumahin "Ka hria alawm" ti an awm ka ring lo. "Ka hre bik lo, min lo add ve ringawt a?" an lo ti thin ang. Tin, amah pawh chu i biakin, a chanchin kimchang zawh i tum chuan a ne ne kual zel ang. A school kalna thin te, a batchmate te han zawt kual zel teh. A sawi tha duh lo ang. Tin, mit tih fin a tha a, hriat hran ve theih lutuk a ni.

Heng zawng zawng bakah hian...

I orkut scrap a, "Click here to get something something.. blah blah blah" rawn kal tam tak hi chu lo delete nghal pawp pawp mai rawh. Click loh a him ber ang. Facebook lamah erawh a awm ve lem lo.

Kan thian thenkhat te chu orkut/facebook account pahnih nei an awm nual. Orkut ah bik chuan, pakhat hi hmelhriat leh thian tha sa zual chauh add na, pakhat chu a duh duh add na. Facebook ah pawh chutiang zelin, pakhat thiante nena inbiak na, pakhat games khelhna tur bik. Hetianga tih te pawh hi a thatna lai tam tak a awm ve tho ania.

Kan hman dan inanglo hlawm tak takah hian a ti fuh deuh te phei chuan chhas te pawh an chhar phah nawlh nawlh zel hi. Tin, thian thar chhelo deuh deuh zawn nana hmang ve deuh reuh si, ti fuh leh ta vak lo pawh ka hre nual a nia.

Engpawhnise, engkimah hian 'fimkhur tluk a awm lo' tih bawk kha a ni kan hriat leh thin tur chu.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My days in MM... flashback

MM doesn't always stand for Music Monday. Lol. A thupui saptawnga ziah a, a tak mizo tawnga ziah te pawh hi a dangdai ve duh a, hman ve zeuh zeuh hi a tha. Hman zan ka exam laiin zan khat chu ka lehkhazir peihlo kha a niang chu, ka ngaihtuahna a kal kual a kal kual a, Mary Mount School kan kal lai ka ngaihtuah chhuak tlat a, ka lung a ti leng vei reuh phian.

Afoni Ajais

He tawngkam hi tun thlengin a awmzia ka la hre thei lo. KG II kan nih lai khan tlar leh tlar hi sikul ban veleh insual tur a ni thin a, tlai khat chu kan tlar leh kan tlar hma chiah te insual hun hi a ni a. Mafelkima te khan, Joseph-a hi chu tuman shock loh tur kha a ti a. An yes thap thap hlawm a. Ka ngaihtuah let leh a, khang hunlai khan keimah kha chu shock loh tur kha ka ni tawp zel, ka hrethiam ta lo chu pawh chu.

Tichuan, ban bell chu a rawn ri a, kan insiam sap sap a. Kan chhuak ta a, school step chhuka ka kal hnak hnak lai chuan kan tlar hmaa thu ve tho David-a chu chak mang khengin a rawn tlan a, mi rawn ko tiah tiah a. Ka lo ding a, ka lo en reng a, ka bul hnai a rawn thlen chuan, chil per deuh chhaps hian, "Afoni Ajaiss" a rawn ti a, a tawng chu ka hrethiam lo nangin, "Khawnge kan shock tur te kha?" a rawn tihna ni ah ka ngai a, hmalam chu kan kawk ve ringawt a.

Zun in hnai

Tuna an auditorium khi kan classroom thin kha a ni a. Bang kha plywood in an dang kual vel mai mai a, class kan la thin kha a nia. Function awm dawn chuan plywood kha an hung sawn mai zel. Stage bul chiah kha kan class anih avangin section dang te aiin zun in kan nei hnai zawk.

Stage dawhsanna bang kha tereuhte hian a pawp a, naupang harh hlawm ta ngang chu kan kheuh kan kheuh a, ni reilote hnuah chuan kan luh theihna tawk vel chuan a kaw ta huau mai a. Short break ah te lunch break ah te, stage hnuaiah chuan kan lut dam dam zel. A hing thei phian lehnghal.

(Tun hnuah hian an siam tha te a nih loh chuan, stage pawp an bel kha hmuh tur a la awm 2000 vel kha chuan. :D )

Kekawr mawng pawp

Vawikhat chu class 1 kan nih laiin short break zawh hian, class lut hmasa nih hi kan inchuh thin a. Inti thei deuhin ka tlan lut hmasa ber a, ka thutna ka va thlen chuan ka kekawr mawng chu ka thianpa bag zipper ah a in bat tang ta tlat mai a. Kan pawt thla thei lo, midang an rawn lut zel, min rawn pawh pui luai luai... tuman an phelh thei si lo, zirtirtu lo kal tawh dawn bawk si, Christopher-an, a rem lai laiah ka kekawr chu an zai thler ta a nih kha. Ka mawng zawn chu a kaw ta huau mai, kutphah tiat velin lian tawkin. Kekawrte la ha bawk si lo, zak ve deuh si, nilengin ka thram khawm tluan zak, kut chu kham duh tak a ni.


Tiffin pai kha chawhmeh nei tui deuh kha chu lunch break ah an luck thei lutuk. Robert-a chawhmeh tui leh tlem bawk thin kha. A chaw zawng zawng sir kilah inthlahrung deuhin a lo in zep ve tat zel a, a tui thei em em mai lehnghal.

Vawikhat HC-a'n tiffin a uchang rep a rawn pai chiah kha chu, a pa hi ka la ti reng. A chaw chungah uchang pathum kha an mu tlar thap mai mawle. HC-a kha chu a bon thei reng reng, Melissa-i tiffin a, a pheikhawk hnuai tla a lo dah sak te kha. Class zawng zawng an fanchhuahpui a, ka ti tawh lo ang, an tih tir a, a kar lakah a lo nuih tu te kuttum a la hmuh zak zak. :-)

MM ka theihnghilh theih lohna tur te

* School ka kal reina ber leh ka luh hmasakna ber a ni.

* Tun thlenga titi naa, hlauhawm sawia, rilru a "Sister hmai plain" etc etc a rawn lan ziahna chhan hi.

* Tumtelel ka siam thiamna, min zirtirtu pawh Malsawma.

* "Nimin" tih tawngkam pawh ka hriat tanna. Nimin tih aiah "Hmanah" ka ti deuh duai duai zel, a hma chuan.

* "Leader" an tih ang chi a ka awm vawikhatna leh a awmchhun a la ni bawk, Blue House leader ka ni thin.

* Leh thil dang zawng zawng ka zirna ti mai ang.

Dairial chang lo se...

* Amanda leh Alison te unau sleeping period a an lo muthlu nasa bik thin lutuk te, kaihthawh an ngaih nasat thin zia te kha aw.

* Lallawmkima'n dawhkan hnuaia sazu a lo khawi thin te.

* Faka nena ink pen tui leh eraser nawi leh eng eng ilo chan sawm vela experiment chi hrang hrang kan tih dun thin te.

* Sir Ajit-a vuak hlau hlawm lutuk, a period chu 'beating period' a kan vuah thin. Hmeichhe thenkhat phei chu a vuak hma hma in an lo tap nasa hman thin (an hming chu puangzar lo mai ang. hehe)

* Miss Ancy min duhsak thin zia leh beng a sih nat theih zia te

* Miss Geeta khan nursery rhymes min zirtir thiam thin... ka mitthlaah a la lang thei. Stomach paining...stomach paining tih vel kan sak laia, a face expression te kha.

* Lalthangmawia leh digene leh ha nawhna.

* Sir Dara leh a "famous quotes" te.

* Ar ke kan lak thin te.

* School lamkhuang kan eiruk tum te kha, a hnai kan hmui vela kai kan tifai leh tha thei si lo. Hmuihmul nei nuauva class a kan va luh leh te.

* Clement a tawng fiahlo rei lutuk, a tawng fiahlo lawma an zai tir ziah te kha.

* Christina kha Mary Mount ah hian sound track nena zai hmasa ber a nih loh pawhin a hmasa pawl a ni awm mange, a mah chiah sound track hmanga zai ka hria. "Elshadai" a sa ngei.

* Andrew-a ten "Words" an sak ve tuma, a chang ngai leh ngai an sak nawn tlut tlut te.

* Engkima ten live music (keyboard pakhat leh guitar effect awmlo pakhat) nen "Wind of change" an sak te.

* Cub pack ah kan tel thin a, a hnuah Boy Scout kan zawm chho leh. Study period aiah class kan nei thin a, nuam thei thin tak a ni ringawt.

* Aklesh-a leh Krishna ten Miss sweet tur an lo eiruk avanga school kan ban tlai em em tum te kha.

* A khat mawi tawkah ek cheh awm leh zauh thin te.

* Class 2 kan nih laiin hmeichhe pakhat lian deuh J-in min chhan thin. A tuition la tur pawh chemte a pai tel ziah, pa tak a ni ringawt. Tunah chuan rawng bawlin missionary ah a tang ta nghe nghe.

* Sawhthing leh chi kha tinreng damdawi a ni tawp thin. Pum nat apiangin kan dil a, lu nat pawhin chuti tho.

* Tiffin ah sa pai phal loh a nia, tui ah erawh acid tui kan pai nasa thei hle.

* Headmistress thar apiang an sual telh telh zel. :-)

* Kan handwriting teacher Sister (a hming ka hre ta lo), ka handwriting en chunga, "Ohh my God... seee .... seee... seee" tih paha, hawi thle lawp lawpa ka biang an piai mai thin kha chu aw. Tun thlengin ka kutziak phei chu a chhe ta reng a.

* Class room tala kan tlawh chhiat tuma, Lalhmingliana leh Lallawmkima an vuak nasat zia te kha aw. A tlawh chhe tu tak kha chu keimah ka ni sia, mahse a hma zawng zawnga lo tlawh tu kha anmahni an nia. Min vaw tel lo hlauh.

* Raj-a love letter tur mizo tawnga kan ziah sak thin te.

* Class 6 kan nih tawhah royal rumble kan ti thin a, tum loh deuhin Malsawmkima kekawr ka pawhthlak sak a, kekawrte a lo ha si lo. Ngaihdam ka dil leh hnu hnu te kha..

* Class 7 kan pass chhuaha Farewell naa Sister in Bible min pek theuh a, a chhungah thu inziak te hi ka lung a ti leng tlat thin.


Joseph L

In remembrance of your days in Mary Mount.


Sr. Amrith

* Hmeichhe inkara kan thu thin a, kan han lai nasa thei khawp a. Nilengin kan nui tut tut zel. Ka bula thu thinte Belinda leh Zorini an fel thei tawp, test naah an tangkai thei lutuk.

Sawi tur la awm zul mahse duhtawk rih ila, a thui dawn lutuk tlat. Khang hun laia naupang tahbelh leh pawr fip fep thin te, tarmit lawk pui pui vuah thin te, hnap tawlh per pur thin te ho te tunah chuan an chhelo tawhin an khal tawh hlawm tawp a ni mai. Theih se chuan "Then and Now" thlalak dah sak vek ka chak. Thil mak tling a ni. hahaha

Heng hun hlimlai zawng zawng leh kan tawn ang tawng ve te, kan chhehvela awm ve reng thin, min boralsan ta te Lalhmingliana (Died. 2002) leh Lalhriatpuia (Died. 2005), hriatchhuah loh theih an ni thin lo.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

An ode to my love

Since time immemorial, lyric poem has fascinates man. And in this very 21st century, a young sailor makes his attempt at scribbling down lines of love. Sailing across the various aspects of life and experiences, he thinks he should, and must.

Think about the billions of poems written by millions of people, only one had been contributed by this young man, the one that’s an ode to oranges. See it here.

Knowing his limited contribution in the field, he tries his best to come up with something, something that is passionate, loving, sentimental – to put in one word – romantic.

Armed himself with a portrait of Shakespeare on the table, a notebook and a pen with strawberry flavored ink – (Ohh that smells so good). Starts playing Keith Urban’s ‘Making memories of us’ softly and enqueuing “Tonight I wanna cry” on the next.

The fine-drawn weather and the gentle breeze are all on for it. So he sits down on the red chair with the black edges and makes his first attempt.

#First attempt

I miss you
Like a child misses her blanket
I need you
Like a flower needs sunshine
I love you
Like you love me

Too short, can’t make it longer. Besides, the lines are pretty bit childish. Lemme try again, putting more effort in coming up with some poetic words and metaphors. Here goes…

#Second attempt

Your voice
Like delicate music of an angelic choir
Your eyes
Like liquid moon
Your hands
Like lotus blossoms
You hairs
Like golden threads of royal robe
Your smile
Like the morning dew
You’re everything
To me my love

No rhymes? Hmm.. I’ve heard that most of the famous poems are coming with rhymes and flows. Here’s the attempt in rhyming words.

#Third attempt

My love,

You’re a shooting star
Only that you’re not far
I wish I could
Only that you would
Let me fly with you
And start our life anew

Together we’ll fly so high
Bid all our friends goodbye
Striking across all universe
Counting every star we parse
Oh! How I wish to fly
With you in my arms

Still, I failed in rhyming the last two lines. They’re like a ‘party-pooper’, stubborn and don’t walk in the line of their friends. Will it be better if it goes like this?

Oh! How I wish to fly with you
In my arms holding you

I don’t know either. Writing a lyric poem isn’t that easy and I don’t think I can do it. At least they say, try try again… Now, let’s make a final attempt in the composition of ‘an ode to my love’.

#Final attempt

For each moment of tears, I think of you,
The moments we had, the love we share;
Never had I been so inquisitive that you are the one,
Crimson regret here I cry, it never left me.

I am flying, the day I met you,
I was in heaven, down on earth;
Your heart skips a beat when we hug,
Mine skip too, that you didn’t know.

You’re my continuing source of inspiration,
My sail in this life’s ocean;
You’re my strong tower,
My shelter in thunder and storm;


Brat!! I failed, totally. I don’t know any lines to go more… It’s not my mug of beer. :-)

Well, at least, I tried.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

18 hrs at Malana

Nipui vanglai a ni a, Dilli tlang lamah chuan khaw lum avangin kan chiau kan chiau a. July ni 1 a lo her chuan Delhi Mizo Thalai Inkhawm ten an buatsaih Malana a Medical Camp nei turin kan inbuatsaih ta a.

July ni 1 tlai dar 6 ah Bus nghahna hmunah thlen kim nise tiin kan rel a, keini pawh chumi nang hman tur ngei chuan kan chhuak a. Kan va thlen chuan dar 6 chu a lo la ri lo deuh a, kan thlen hnuah pawh midang an rawn thleng nak nak a. Bus nghahna atanga chhuak nghal mai tura kan inrin laiin, bus chuanna tak tak tur chu hmun dang deuhah a ni a. Heng motor hian min thiar leh te te a, minute 10 vel tlan a ni.

Kan thlen kim hnu reilote ah bus pawh chu a rawn thleng ve nghal a, Delhi kan chhuahsan meuh chuan dar 8 a lo ri dawn hnai reng tawh a, chawl khawmuang lovin kan chhuak nghal a ni.

Kalkawngah hian zunram thiarin vawi hnih khat bak kan ding lo a, kalkawng thui viau mahse khawlum nin leh kan thlenna tur ram hmuh chakna a khat kan nih avangin kan hlim tlang hle. Zan dar 10 velah kalkawngah dinner eiin kan tlan lehnghal map map mai a ni.

Zing khua a lo var meuh chuan a vawt var tawh mai a, tukverh darthlalang pawh pawh thlak chi a ni tawh lo, kan inchhem khawng thei mai tawh dawn te in a hriat. Chung zing boruak thianghlim vawt var mai te chuan Zoram lam min ngaihtir hle mai. Khua a thiangin, thlasik boruak a pawl lek lek a, thingpui sa ver vawr han dawm te hlei hlei chu a hahdamthlak hle mai.

Zing thingpui in zawhah chawl khawmuang lovin kan tlan leh char char a, chawhma dar 11 velah Manali kan thleng chho a. Hetah hian Manali a fahrah enkawlna neitunu Pi Mawitei'n an sikul bus in min rawn lam tir a, tichuan an hmunpui lam panin an bus te chuan minute 15 vel kan tlan leh a. Hetah hian chhun chaw eina leh intihfaina hun te kan neih bakah, orientation hun te pawh kan hmang bawk a ni.

Chawhnu a rawn her chuan kan tum ram Malana lam pan turin Sumo 5 an lo ding thap tawh a. Dar 2:30 velah Malana lam panin sumo chuan kan inzui chho dam dam a, group 5 ah inthenin group tin te hi a huho zelin kan kal a ni.

Darkar 4 vel tehmeuh mai sumo chuan kan chuang leh a, kalkawng a chhe hle a. Motor chuan a chang leh min thlei a, a chang leh min thap hi a ni deuh ber mai. Tlang panga kan tlan te chuan a khu nasa mai si a, kalkawng a te bawk si a, tlak palh hlau a lo tawngtai ta mawlh mawlh te pawh kan awm nawk mai.

Motor in a kal theih chin bakah chuan darkar 1 leh a chanve vel tlang lawn tur a awm leh a, hei hi kan rin aiin a lo thui tawh lo a. A hmaa kal te chuan darkar 3 vel lai hun an hmang thin a, tun tumah erawh motor kawng a lo kal thui tawh avangin chutiang em em chu a ni lo. Mahse hahthlak tak a ni.

Kalkawngah kan chawl chho deuh reng a, thim thet thet dar 7 pelh hretah Malana khua chu kan lut ta a ni. Malana khaw chanchin hi sawi ve dawn ila, sawi tur ka hre hauh lo. Mahse, he khua hi serh leh sang an ngah em em a, anmahni hrim hrim hi sik emaw deh hlek pawh thiang lo an ni a, tin, thlalak phalloh leh hnim chi hrang hrang te khawih thian loh an ngah hle a. Khawih chuan pawisa chawi theihna vek an ni.

A hmun a sang bawk a, a vawt var mai. Kan hriatthiam theih dan tur chuan Mizorama kan tlang neih san ber Phawngpui aiin Km 1 velin helai hmun hi a sang a ni. Kan awmna tlangah tak chuan vur a tla lo a, kan piah tlang te erawh vur in a khuh mawi hle.

Kan thlen hian hotuten riahna tur tent leh eitur thlengin an lo buatsaih a. Kan inrem fel hnu chuan inkhawmna hun tawi te hmangin dar 9:30 velah dinner kan ei a. Ei kham hnuah mei te chhemin inkawmhona leh zaihona hun te hman a ni a. Dar 1 vel thleng zai ho a ni a, a tuk maia Medical Camp nei tur kan nih avangin mut zai kan rel ta a. Khua a vawt bawk a, mut tui a awl kher mai.

A tuk zing dar 7 ah kan tho leh var a, devotion hun te hmangin breakfast te kan ei a. Dar 9:30 ah Medical Camp chu kan tan ta a ni. Heta kal zawng zawng hi mi 40 kan ni a, doctor 4 leh nurse ten min tawiawm a, damlo inentir an thahnem hle a, an vaiin mi 180 vel an ni.

Doctor te leh nurse te pui turin kan kal ve a ni ber, a thenin hming an lo ziah sak a, a thenin doctor te chawh sa damdawi an lo pe a, kan buai nuai nuai a ni ber e. A then tihtur nei lo hovin tawngtaina hun an lo hmang bawk.

Damlo te en zawh chuan chawhnu dar 1 a pel tawh a, kan inremfel leh sawk sawk a, dar 2 velah lunch kan ei leh a, lawmthu sawina hun te hmangin dar 3 ah he hmun hi kan chhuahsan leh ta a ni.

Malana khua a mipui te hi an dangdai hle a, an hmel ah chuan middle east lampang ni awm tak tak ni in ka hmu a. An ngo a, an sen deuh suah hlawm mai. He khua hi Ganja hmunpui a ni a, an sum lakluhna hnar ber pawh a ni a, khawvelah an ganja hi a tha ber pawl a ni. Kawngsir leh khawi hmunah pawh hmuh tur a tam hle.

An hmeichhia ten hna an thawk nasa a, a tlang kan lawn chhoh lai pawhin an hmeichhia te thing phur kan tawk hnem khawp mai. A khawchhungah lah hmeichhia pitar te te te pawhin char char aia lian mah mah thing te an phur nawk nawk mai. An thlalak a rem loh avangin ka la ta lo.

An mipa te erawh biak tlak hmel pu an awm lo, ganja kha an meizial zuk hmiah hmiah a, an meng sen ram hlawm mai. Khawi khawi emaw ah an lo thukhawm leh laih zel. An khua hi a tawp angreng a, hei vang hian an hrisel loh phah hle bawk.

Pic - An Assembly House kan ti ve dawn nge, an rorelna In anih hi.

He khua ah hian missionary te pawh kum 10 chuang an lo awm tawh a, mahse christian pakhat pawh an la awm lo! An sakhaw biak hi Hindu niin sawi a ni a, mahse a inang lo deuh ten ka hmu ve mai mai. Anmahniin engkim an nei hrang a, tawng chenin, mahse hindi chu an hrethiam ve tlangpui.

Pic - An lung tam tak hi hetiang hian a tle vek mai.

Khawih thianglo pawh medical camp neih meuh chuan kan khawih ta nawk nawk hlawm mai a. Anmahni hlei hleiin min bawr nasa. Naupang te pawh sikul an kal ve a, sikul form te pawh an nei ve thlap a ni.

An In sak dan te hi a mak khawp mai, thli a na ngai lo ni tur a ni. A ban te hi lung ah an nghat tawp a, a bang te chu char tin an kham phei a, a chungah lung chhawng hnih vel an rem leh a, chumi chungah char tin an dah leh a, chutiang chuan an sa tlangpui.

Kan haw thla leh lampang chu kal lam ai chuan kan chhangchhe tawh lo deuhin ka hria. Kal dan kan thiam tawh hlawm emaw ni. Kal chhung pawh a reilo deuh. Tichuan, sumo bawkin kan let leh a, Manali ah kal tawh lovin bus in min lo nghak a, kan tlang lehnghal a. A tuk chawhma dar 10 vel ah kan thleng a, boruak a inang lo bawk a, a chauh thlak kher mai.

I chau em? tiin kan inzawt nak nak a, tumahin chau e ti duh bik hek suh. Mahse, zep theih a ni lo, hmel ah kan chau a ni tih a lang chiang hlawm hle. In lam pan nghalin ka mu nghal char char a, ka thawh leh meuh chuan a lo tlai tawh hle a, computer te on in he i thu chhiar lai hi ka ziak ta a.

Thlalak dang HETAH hian a awm nual bawk.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ka thianpa nen kan insual a

Thangkhat lian zet chu a ni ve ta. Chhanglaikua pakhat hlawha nilenga thirchhia zawng peih, nu leh pate thu aia boss te thu awih hunlai a ni a. Kawngah savun kawnghren a samurai lem mau a siam leh hmanrua chi hrang hrang kan pai tawh chuan hlauh kan nei tawh lo a ni tih kan hmelah a lan chian em em hunlai kha a ni.

He ka thianpa hi kan tetlai atanga in kawm tawh kan ni a, kal pawh la kal theih hma atanga papawr inchuha nu leh pa ten min invah chak siak tir thin. Kan inrual bawk si a, kan inkawm nasa bawk a, mi te pawhin unau emaw min ti chawk. Insual buai ta ngai miah lo bawk chu, mi sual rawn leh tihbuai ah erawh kan in tawiawm tha thei hle.

Inrinni vawikhat chu kan thiante ho nena kawtzawla kan infiam laih laih laiin kan u te ho an rawn kal a. "Insual rawh u, in in tiat ropui sia, a chak zawk zawk chu ka kid number one a ni ang" tiin kan boss chuan a rawn sawi a. Kid number one nih kha chu nuam thei tehmai ania, kei kha ka ni deuh char char a. Kid dangte aiin engkimah kan lal zawk a, tawlailir khalh tur awm se, midangin minute 5 an khalh theih laiin kei chuan minute 10 ka khalh thei thin.

Chutia kid number one tur zawk insual a thlan an tum lai chuan keini pahnih chu chirhdiak ah milem siama kan thut mai mai lai a ni a. Kan mak ti leh, insual ngai lo bawk nen, kan inmelh ringawt a, kan lai dun hle. "In insual ngam nange? In va dawih ve" tih ringawt chu a rawn ri a, a chang leh "In insual loh chuan kan pawl atangin in bang ang" tih vel te chu a ri nawk bawk a. Ni e, kan pawl leh pawl lehlam kha kan awm a, kan indo nitin ziah reng bawk a. Pawl lehlam mi leh sa kan hmuh chuan han 'shock' deuh zauh loh chuan kan inchhuah ngai bawk hek lo.

Chutia pawl atanga ban meuh an sawi rik takah chuan kan ding dun ta a. In khawih hmasa zawk nih kan hreh ve ve hle a, kan inmelh reng ringawt. Kan indinchilh rei ta a ni ang, midang pawh chuan min en thap mai a. Kan u te ho zinga pakhat chu a rawn kal a, ka kut rawn la in, ka thianpa chu a han deh tir zauh a. Kan tan chu a ni ta der mai. Ani chuan a kut in na lo te in mi rawn dek ve leh zauh a, tichuan kei pawh chuan a aia na leh hretin ka han dek leh zauh a. A na chho tial tial.

A tawp a tawpah chuan kan inkuah ta. Kan insual chu a ni ta der mai a, thiandun inhaw chuang si lo a, insual chu a lo ho ngei mai. In hnek nat kan hlau ve ve a, na vak si lo in, kan in bawhbet let kual ta vel mai mai a. Insual e tilo chuan kan in nuih leh sak sak thin a, mahse a bet zawk nih chu kan duhlo ve ve. "A hnarah khan thingpui sen luanchhuah tir ta che", "A biangah khan 'lawk' rawh", "A ban kha khirh bet tlat rawh" ti te chuan min lo fuihpawrh nasa ngang mai.

Kan han ti tak na thin a, inhnehtawk phian bawk si a, a tu amah mah chu che tha zawk kan awm thei lo. Chutia, engvakmah ti si lo a, insual ta reng chu en pawh min en tha peih ta lo a. Min kalbo san ta hlawm a. Keini lah chu ti ve tawh laklawh si a, chawlh mai lah chu kan duh tawh bik lo. Kan inkuah reng a, kan inbawhpelh leh phat phat thin.

Nakin deuhah chuan chhun thingpui in hun a rawn ni a. Chhungten min rawn au ta vak vak a, chutia min rawn auh chuan. "Hawh, thingpui in chawl phawt ila, kan insual tha leh dawn nia" tiin ka han hrilh a. Ani chuan engtin mah chhang chuang lem lo in mi rawn kuah beh na chu a phelh ve mai bawk a. Kan bal dun hle. Thingpui in tura kan haw chu chhungten min lo hau nasa kher mai, "In van tal bal em em ve, thingpui in zawh veleh ka bual ang che" tih thu chuan min deng zui nghal a. Mahse thingpui in zawh veleh insual chhunzawm leh tur anih avangin engtinmah chhang lovin thingpui chu kan in ve nghal a.

Thingpui in zawh chuan a rang rangin, chhungten min koh hman hma in kan tlanchhuak leh a. Kan insual leh tan ta. Tunah chuan kan insualna pawh kan sawn deuh dawn a ni. Inbual tur tho tho tiin, a chirh diak tha laiah chuan kan insual ta a. A nuam ngang mai. Mi te pawhin min rawn kal pel zauh zauh a, mahse tumahin thelh enah pawh min en lo, kan diak tha piat piat tawh lutuk.

Kan boss ten kan pawl buk te a kungfu min zirtir te kha ka hrechhuak a. Mahse, kungfu min zirtir ho kha han hman tangkai ngaihna vak a awm lem lo. Nakinah chuan kan insual rei leh ta deuh a, kan chau leh tawh ngang mai. "Hahchawl lawk ang" tiin kan han thochhuak leh rih a. Inhnek na ngamlo ve ve chu, chauh bak loh chu han na em em kan nei lo. Kan insualna bul lawkah hian kawng thlang lampang panthlakna sitep tui zet mai, a sira tuiluankawr inphah thla zai zai hi a awm a, chulai hmun chu kan tih hlawm khawp mai. Kan veng naupang hi lum lo an awm pawh ka hre lo e a.

Minute 5 vel kan chawlh hnu chuan kan tan leh ta. Kan let kual deuh phat phat thin a, chutia kan leh kan leh takah chuan sitep thui lampang chu kan hnaih hret hret zel hi a lo ni a. Thil dang ngaihtuah vak tawh lo, a bet zawk nih hreh ve ve si chuan kan tawlhna lampang chu kan lo hre tawh lo re re a. Ni a sa bawk si a, a bet zawk nih chu a hrehawm reng a ni. Ni kan en siah mai a, men pawh a men theih loh.

Nakin deuhah chuan eng kan ti nge pawh kan hre ta lo, kan lum ta bawp bawp mai. Kan tih em em thin, a zawna kal pawha a hlat deuh thei ang bera kan kal pelh hram hram thin sitepah chuan kan lum a ni tih kan hriatchhuah meuh chuan a sir kawrah kan lum lut tawh. He sitep ah hian cycle in vawi khat ka tlan liam tawh a, ka nau ka la phur zui. A hnuah ka nau phei chu a lum nawn nual nghe nghe a, ka sitep hlauh ber a ni ang chu. Chutia tuiluankawra kan lum lut chu rem em em mai hian kan inhnawh ta chat mai.

Inhmatawn ve ve in kawrah chuan kan inzep tat a, a tu amah mah kan chesawn thei lo. Chhuah tumin theihtawpin kan han bei nawn ngial thin, kan tanna kha a rem em a, tih theih kan nei lo. Ka hnungzanga lung pawngin min kam tlat chuan tan a ti harsa hle bawk a, a hmaa lo insual zawi tawh nen, a tan theih loh ngei mai. Ka thianpa tanchhan chuan theih hrama chhuah dan ka han ngaihtuah a, a ke te chu tanchhanah hmangin ka han tlawh vak vak thin a, a theih loh. Ani pawhin a han bei ngial a, kan beidawng dun hle.

A tawp a tawpah chuan tih theih dang kan nei tawh lo, tah mai loh chu. Kan tap dun ta vak vak a, minute 5 vel lai chu kan tap hman ang tihin, a piah lawka meitei puanthui ho chu an rawn tlan a, engtin tin emaw min rawn chhanchhuak ta a. Kan inah ve ve min pawm haw zui, kan tan chuan samari mi tha an va ni tak em!!!

Chau bawk si, thi dawn tawh hiala kan inngaih hnu a min rawn chhanchhuak ta si te, kan tap nasa bawk si te chu chhungte chuan min lo lainatin min lo duat hliah hliah ang tih nak alaiin, a tirah thil chinchang min zawt a, a hnu ah erawh min tih dan a duhawm loh hle. Ni e, kan bal bawk si, rimchhe tawh bawk si kha, na tawka innawh a, inbual bak hmabak kan nei ta lo. Chuta karah kawra kan tan nachhan pawh nu leh paten an duhloh ber insual vang a la ni zui. Hmabak chu a thim tiah tiah e. Khami ni a, ka nu in min nawh kha a na ka la tih pawl chu a ni ta ve ang.

Kan thianpa pakhatin mihring luruh kan chhar (a hnuah doctor zirlai ta a ni tih kan hriatchhuah leh), a luruh chhunga a kut zenluta a ken kual vel, a nu in a lo hmu. A ten lutuk nileng deuh thaw a a kut a nawh a, mittui tla lek leka kan lo nuihsawh vel lai ka ngaihtuah lehin tuna ka dinhmun nen hian inang riau in ka hria a. Ka thianpa tap nasa lutuk te kha ka hrethiam ta kuar kuar mai.

Ni e, khami tuma kan insual kha chu theihnghilh a har ve ta viau ang. Ka thianpa lah chu kan inkawm loh na a rei ta hle mai, kum sawm dawn lai chu kan inkawm ta lo. Tuina leh thian kawm duhzawng a inang ta lo nge ni ang, inhmuh changa inbiak zauh zauh bak kan inkawm ngai ta meuh lo. Tin, he thu hi thu tak tak zinga dawt tlem belh a ni. "Thih sak pawh ka ngam" lehkhabu ka chhiar atanga naupan lai (ti ve khanglang ila) chanchin ka ngaihtuah chhuah atanga ka rawn phawrhchhuah a ni e.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Hla tak atanga ka rimawi hriat chu ngaihthlak chian tumin ka pan phei deuh hret hret a. Chumi zan chu zan dang ang lo tak maiin thli te chu a thaw heuh heuh a, boruak pawh a nuam angreng hle. Rimawi hriat avanga chutia mi pakhat tawlh hrut hrut chu mimawl emaw tih mai a awl ngei ang.

Mahse, chu rimawi chu rimawi dangdai tak mai, high school atang tawha ka hla duh em em mai Dream Theater hla “Through her eyes” kha a ni tlat. A hla chu a lo tawp dawn tawh a, ka thlen phei meuh chuan a tawp titih der mai. Hrilh hai tak maia ka awm reng lai chuan, thutna remchang deuh mai hi a lo awm hlauh a, tuma hrilh ngai lovin ka taksa chau tak mai chu ka han thu hahchawl a. Chutah le, rimawi dangdai tak mai kha a rawn ri leh tlat mai. Chuta thu pah chuan lungdam em em mai hian ka ngaithla ta a, suangtuahna khawvelah bawk chuan ka tlulut leh ta.

He hla hi ka thianpa pakhat MS-a’n pawl sawm kan zir laiin ngaithla ve rawh min ti a, chumi tlai sikul ban chuan ka ngaithla ta alawm mawle. Ruah a sur deuh ser ser a, sikul uniform ka thlak zawh veleh atang ka ngaithla char char a, a zawh veleh ka play nawn leh a, ka ngaithla nawn ta tluk tluk mai a. A thu chu keini ang saptawng thiam lo tan chuan hriat kim sen a ni lova, internet lamah a hla thu lak tur chu zawn ka tum a. Mahse, khaw chhiat deuh avangin server a down a, internet a khawih theih si loh. Chutichuan, ka thiam dan dan leh ka hriat dan dan chuan a hla thu chu ka ziak chhuak vel ta mai mai a. Chutih lai chuan ka play nawn reng bawk a. A hla thu nena inmil tur hian suangtuahna mitthlaah chuan lem ka chantir zel a. Tukverh kan dak chhuak a, ruah sur ban khaw thiang kuk mai ka hmuh chuan ka lung hi a leng vawng vawng mai a. Chutia suangtuahna khawvela ka chen lai chuan chaw ei a lo hun leh ta der mai a.

Chaw ei kham atang chuan a ngai te bawkin computer hmaah chuan ka thu leh ta a. Khua chu a thim tawh. Thla pawh a rawn eng nalh khawp mai. Zanin chu lehkha pawh ka zir lo mai ang. Ka hla thu ziah chhuah chu ka en nawn a, ka ngaithla a, ka suangtuah a, engdang mah ka ngaihtuah hman lo. A remchan veleh a a hla thu diktak lak chu ka nghahhlelh ber pakhat a ni a, tin, chumai bakah thianpa MS-a hnena ka ngaihthlak dan chanchin chu hrilh ka nghakhlel tawh hle. Hetia hla pakhat chauh ngaithla a, zan khaw tairek thleng thlenga ka men hi chhiar tham fe a ni tawh.

Eagles ho concert na video “Hell freezes over” phei kha chu pawl riat ka zirlai atang tawh khan zan tin deuh thaw hi ka en tluk tluk mai thin a, ka ngaithla zing deuh bawk aniang, ka nau te tereuhte te pawhin dik leh dik loin an lo zawm ve theifur mai. He video phei hi chu ka roh a, tun thlengin ka la dahtha khiau.

Guitar nena verandah a thut chhuah ka ching bawk a. Ka hla sak thinte lah, hla hlu leh hlui deuh hlir an ni thin a. Guitar nena pawna ka chhuah tawh chuan, “A lung a leng leh tawh a ni maw” tih zawng chu ka tawngkam dawn thin a ni. Zan khat chu kan kawmthlangpa lungleng hian phenglawng hian hla chi hrang hrang a tum alawm mawle. Dar 9 vel atang a tum tan a, a ri lah mutna atanga ngaihthlak nuam tawk chauh a ni a, mutthilhsan phal mai chi a ni lo, a ri hlerh hlerh a, pawna va chhuah ve mai tak kha ka nap a. Kut thing meuha zuk chibai kha ka chak khawp mai.

Hmanah class room chhunga class kan lak laiin ruah a sur deuh cherh cherh mai a. Sikul thlang deuh atang chuan kan hriat ruai ruai phak tawk lek hian The Last Resort kha an rawn play pek alawm mawle. Class lak pawh a ngaihtuah theih loh, tukverh lam chu ka en a, chhum zing deuh chuai kara, tlang hring deuh thup ka hmuh te zawng chu ka lung ti leng em em tu chu an ni.

Thian ngaina mi tak mai ka ni a. Mi tupawh hi thiana siam vek hi ka duhdan a ni a, mahse thianpa ka ngai thei lutuk erawh hi chu hrehawm ka ti thin. Thiante nena hlim tak maia awm ho tluk hi chu a awm lo, mahse hmasawnna a awm si lo. Engpawhnise, khawvela kan awm chhung zawng hi chuan LUNGLEN hi a awm ve reng dawn….We’ll meet again tih Ross Parker and Hughie Charles te phuah hian in thlah leh poh mai ang aw….

We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when
But I’m sure we’ll meet again some sunny day
Keep smiling through, just the way you used to do
Till the blue skies chase the dark clouds far away

Now, won’t you please say “Hello” to the folks that I know
Tell ‘em it won’t be long
’cause they’d be happy to know that when you saw me go
I was singing this song

We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when
But I’m sure we’ll meet again some sunny day

Yes, we’ll meet again. Darlin’, I don’t know where and I don’t know when. But
I KNOW we’ll meet again one of these good ole sunshiny days. Ya know, darlin’, all ya gotta
do is just keep on smilin’ through you know just like you ALWAYS do, until the blue skies
chase the dark clouds far, far, far away. I wantcha to do me a favor, please say “Hello” to all
the folks that I know. Well, just tell ‘em it won’t be long. They’d be happy to know that when
you saw me go, I was standin’ right here, singin’ this song.

We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when
But I know we’ll meet again some sunny day

(May 18, 2007 a ka ziah tawh a ni a, ka rawn thurchhuak mai mai. Thu hlui rawn khawrh thar zeuh zeuh ka rawn ching mai thei a ni.)