Friday, October 12, 2012

Thoughts - for an update

Waazzzuupp??! It’s been a whole month since my last post. You might wonder why I don’t reply to my blog comments and the halt in new posts.  Well, there’s completely no reason behind that. As a matter of fact, I sit in front of the computer and logged into my blogger account, clicked on the ‘new post’ button and just stare at the screen thinking nothing.  Just completely nothing.

Yes Russell, guilty as charged; your words were true.

Stumbled upon some blog posts from the Mizo Bloggers group which inspires me, motivates me yet again to think what to scribble and I’m doing my best that this effort will not go wasted in to Draft. So here I am, lazy as never.

Lately I came into contact with this app called WhatsApp messenger. I’ve never thought of using it. Now that 3G networks are up, downloaded one and sign me number up. To my surprise, I could see most of my friends already using the app. “How could I ignore this? This must be good” was the thought I had...... aaannnnndd its gone!

Scrolling down the list and I see the most ‘amazing’ thing on earth, the little chap who sells 120 paan in Silchar was also there! Y’know, I use to order the paan right away from hotel room and that’s why I have his number. Now the thought - Where is the old tech-savvy Jo? – dropped in my head like a big solid feces, dropping like a free spirited potato and making that happy-ending glonking sound when reach the water. And that happy face it makes just before it got submerged..... aaannnnndd its gone!

And I have this one friend Arun who called me “Bro” but never remembers that I have his digits. He had to remind me every time when he is drunk that he is Arun and I should save his number. And this happen yet again in WhatsApp

monster-penis.jpg” I replied.

He didn’t.

Speaking of Arun, there’s this one ‘Yahoo Messenger’ time back in 2004 where we join one room in video chat. Arun logged in with his fake ID ‘cutie_pie765’ and chat with this one guy from US and A. We told him that “cutie pie” wants to see him naked. But, the guy pleaded for cutie pie’s cam. Told him cutie pie doesn’t have cam but can send him her naked pictures. So, we downloaded some nude pictures and sent it to him. “Hey....that’s too professional, didn’t believe that’s your pic,” he replied. Cutie Pie explains “I am a model and that’s my picture taken by a professional photographer..hmmmppffhh.” And with that, he responds with a smiley and showed us his web cam..... aaannnnndd till this day, we regret that chat.

Everywhere I may sign-up, be it MySpace, Hi5, Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, G+ and whatnots, I meet the same group of people. And these people always make me feel like a Chief Guest. The Chief Guest arrives last and all the other stands to welcome him. Same with WhatsApp but the only difference being the Chief Guest has to notify everyone that he had arrived.

I saw Sandman Kima’s status – “Real friends send me pics of their boobs” and I sent him mine. Just because I’m a real friend.

Some friends are so close that we chat on WhatsApp, Facebook, GTalk and SMS at the same time. Just to be sure that some way or the other, the person must receive my message. The message isn’t important, it may just be a smiley or a simple ‘haha’, but the person on the end must know that we are still up for the conversation or their message has been acknowledged.

Now that’s enough for an update.  :P