Friday, February 20, 2009

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My youtube playlist

At first I was thinking of putting the title "My Youtube Crush List", but then have changed my mind. Not to mention there are countless number of hot chicks across the globe, I will list out my youtube playlist for which I've watched their videos at least 50 times. These girls, some are hot, some are not but I like them in just one way, their way of singing.

1. Mia Rose - Many of you may be familier with this English/Portuguese girl who covers Kelly Clarkson's, Bryan Adam's and even more. Shes 21 years old currently living in Portugal with more than 172000 subscribers on her Youtube Channel. On 4 April 2007, Ryan Leslie signed Mia to his NextSelection label.Though Mia claims to have recorded 6 or 7 songs with them, she has expressed interest in departing from NextSelection, and going independent once more due to lack of progress.

This Mia Rose was introduced to me by a friend back in 2007. I really liked her expressions and the way she sings. I don't think she is a good singer but still manage to become one.

2. Marie Digby - Known for her Rihanna's Umbrella cover, this American songwriter, guitarist and pianist is the daughter of an Irish-American and a Japanese, no wonder why she's pretty :-). The main reason why I like her so much is that, she croons the cool of the coolest songs. I like her cover of James Morrison's You give me something and Joan Osbourne's One of us.

3. Tamar - This 21 year old, winner of the MySpace Apologize cover contest by One Republic and Timbaland has found herself right at home in an environment that compliments her natural ability for classic songwriting. Fusing childhood influences in the vein of Billy Joel, Carole King, and The Beatles, currently she's working on her first album. I really like her Apologize cover which runs in a slow and smooth piano, plus she is really really cute.

4. Ana Free - I was stunned when I first found her on YouTube. This singer + guitarist from Portugal sounded much better than some of the original musicians. I like her cover of Nickelback's Savin' Me, hope you'll like it too.

5. Cathy Nguyen - A christian residing in California hailing from Vietnam. Her covers include Hillsong United and Jason Mraz.

6. Em Tolentino - A filipino with a great voice. I really really liked her cover of Bleeding love with the guy from guitartutee. She just sent me a friend request at youtube, which I readily accept. :-)

7. Emma Jane
- I found this lady in search for the song "From a distance" which was originally sung by Bette Midler. I love this song since my childhood days, which pulls me much into liking her.

OK, guys, please watch the below Korean vids.

This is what i called "flyyyyy". :D

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Graphic Designing Chu

Tunlai hian Mizote zingah computer hmanga thil siam nalh tak tak hmuh tur a tam ta hle a, hma kan sawn chak zia a tilang chiang hle a ni. A hmasa berin enge graphic designing chu ni ta ang? Newspaper i chhiar thin te, i lehkhabu chhiar lai kawm te, christmas card in in thawn thin te kha graphic designing vek an ni e. Thil reng reng uluk taka design vek a ni a, road sign kalkawnga i hmuh te thleng hian graphic designing huang chhungah a khung theih a ni.

He thil hi a tobul kan chhui dawn lo a, mahse enge a tangkaina lo thlir dawn teh ang. Graphic designing tih hian thlalak khawih danglam chauh lo pawh a tam hle a ni tih kan hriat a tha awm e.

Administration – I nitin nunphung tibuai lo tura thil chi hrang hrang I hmuh thin, entirnan – road sign te, thil I leia a manual te, khatiang zawng zawng kha a huam vek a. A chang chuan thuziak kher ngai lovin, milem awmze nei tak takin entir a ni thin.

AdvertisingCompany hrang hrang leh dawr hrang hrang te hian an thilsiam te leh thil zawrh te fak nan hian an hmang tangkai hle a. Chu mai bakah anmahni company logo te design nan an hmang nasa a. Tunlai khawvel thang zelah phei chuan branding an intihhmuh a, chu atan hlei hlei chuan a tangkai a ni. Adidas thawmhnaw chu en mai pawhin I hre thei thin anih kha, chu chu anmahni in design bik (brand/trademark) an neih vang a ni.

Education – I zirlaibu geography, science leh mathematics bu a diagram I hmuh thin te kha he graphic design vang hi a ni. Tin, lehkhabu chhiar nuam tak leh en nuam taka a layout khawih te pawh kha a tel vek bawk a ni. Heng anih avang hian zirlaite tan hriatthiam a awlsam bik a, chhiar te pawh a hahdam bik thin a ni.

Entertainment – He huang hi chu graphic designing kan hmelhriatna ber a ni ang. Khawi emaw hmun hrang hranga thil cheimawi (decoration) I hmuh te, TV a thil hmuhnawm tak tak I en thin te leh lehkhabu kawm vela design nalh tak tak I hmuh thlengin a tel vek a ni. Film I en a, a tira a changtute hming inziak te, a tawpah, a filma inhnamhnawih zawng zawng te hming rawn inziak te, khatiang zawng zawng pawh kha a tel vek bawk a ni.

Journalism – News reporting hrang hrang leh journal ziah hrang hrang te kha milem hmangin emaw a creative thei ang bera tihlan a ni thin. Heng hi information design tia sawi a ni bawk. Chanchinbu te, magazine te, blog (internet a thu ziahna) te, tv leh documentary hrang hrangah te hian graphic designing chu an hmang nasa em em a ni. Khawvel thang zelah flash (software) hmanga milem awmze nei tak tak website lama tarchhuah an ching tawh hle bawk.

WebWebsite design tu te leh graphic designer te hi kal kawp lo thei an ni lo. An pahnih tangkawp hian website chu en nuam leh tlawh nuam takin an siam thin a ni. Website I tlawha banner nalh tak te, logo nalh tak tak te, I mit la thei tur ang chi thil chi hrang hrang I hmuh thin te kha graphic designer kutchhuak vek a ni. Company tam tak phei chuan a pahniha (web + graphic design) ti kawp thei hi an duh bik a, heng avang hian a pahniha thiam kawp chu a tha hlei hlei a ni.

Graphic designer tha tak ni turin ngaihruatthiamna i neih that hle a ngai a. Thil reng reng, chik taka I en thin a ngai ang. Entirnan – Hun (time) I ngaihtuah khan, he hun hi engtin nge a creative thei ang berin ka tihlan theih ang tih kha I ngaihtuahnaah a awm nghal tur a ni. Sana lem I rilru ah a lo lang thei, sana lem mawl tawp chu mi mitah a hmuhnawm hran loh maithei, chuvangin kha sana lem pawh kha mi mit la thei turin engtin nge I tih ang? Khatiang thleng khan ngaihtuah zel a tha.

Graphic designing ah hian computer chauh a ni lo tih kan hriat a tha. Pencil leh marker te pawh a tel a, chart paper a milem hrang hrang I bel khawm (collage) te pawh kha graphic designing vek a ni. Tunlai khawvel thang zelah chuan computer hi a awlsam berin hman a nuam a, a kutchhuak a nalh zawk bawk a, chuvangin kan hmang nasa ta ber a ni.

Milem pakhata rawng chi hrang hrang hman nasat lutuk te, hawrawp chi hrang hrang hman nasat lutuk te hian I design kha a ti hnawk thei a, a theih hram chuan pumpelh a tha. Color theory hi kan ngaihpawimawh a tha hle bawk. Color theory chu rawng chi hrang in chawhpawlh dan te, I thil design a zira rawng hman tur thlan thiam te a keng tel a. Rawng inchawih lo lutuk te a awm thin a, han en mai pawha mit tivai rum rum thin ang chi te thliar hran thiam a pawimawh hle.

Rawng hi chi hnih a awm a, RGB leh CMYK. Computer a thil I design reng reng kha chu RGB (Red, Green, Blue) inchawhpawlh atanga rawn chhuak zel a ni a, I print chhuah erawh chuan CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Krypton (black)) inchawhpawlh a ni thung. Heng RGB mode hi chu eng (light) hmanga rawng inpechhuak anih avangin CMYK (dye leh paint hmanga siam chawp) nen chuan a inang thei lo a ni. RGB hi chu computer rawng a ni a additive color tia sawi a ni bawk, CMYK hi chu mihringin kan siam chawp thil a ni, subtractive color tia sawi a ni thin. Thlalak emaw, I thil design reng reng I print dawn chuan CMYK mode a I dah phawt a tha ber ang, RGB pawhin dah mah la, CMYK color hmangin a rawn print dawn tho tho a ni.

Graphic designer tha tak tak mizo zingah pawh an tam hle mai. Thiam pawh an thiam hlawm hle, khawvel mitah pawh zahpuiawm loh tak tak an ni. Heng kara mahni thiamthil te a chhe zawnga hmanga, mi thlalak diklo pui puia lo siam sak ching kan awm hi a pawi thin hle a ni. Hetiang hi chu tih loh hram a tha. Miin milem nalh tak tak an en a, “A va han nalh mai mai e,” an tih liam mai mai lai khan nang chuan, engtin nge he milem hi an siam? Enge a ti lang nalh tu, a eng hi nge mit la lai ber, engtin nge ka tih ve theih ang? ti zawnga i thlir a ngai ang.

Bitmap leh vector graphic I hriat hran a ngai bawk ang. Bitmap chu I han zoom in (tih len) khan chiang deuha I en chuan cube hrang hrang pixel hmanga siam a ni tih I hmu thei ang. Vector erawh eng ang pawhin zoom in la, a ngai reng a ni. Sawi tur tam hle mahse, sawi vek sen a ni lo ang. Mahni a inzir peih a ngai a, thil tereuhte te khawih peih a ngai bawk.

Graphic designing zir tum te chuan India rama a zirna tha ber pawl 3 hi han dah lang ila. Arena Multimedia (, MAAC ( leh Gecko Animation ( A zir man hi a inang lo hlawm a, Rs. 30,000 vel a ni tlangpui a, graphic designing zir man hi. Chu chu short term course an ti bawk, full term course ah chuan graphic designing mai bakah animation thlengin an zir chho vek a, chu chu a zir hun chhung pawh a rei deuh thin a, a zir man pawh a to Rs. 1 lakh chuang a ni tlangpui. Heng hi a vaia pek nghal lohin installment a pek theihin an siam thin. A hrechiang duh chuan an website hi tlawh ngei a tha.

(Hei hi ABACUS magazine-a ka ziah ania, a mag a chhuak tawh tho sia, heta lo dah hi pawi em lo ang chu ka tia. Nikum lampanga ka ziah tawh a ni, for the sake of an update)