Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kan project tih thin dan

Awle, tun tum chu post tur ka hre lo e mai, thlalak hlui ka lo post ange. Mi chuan an project work te kha khek lovin muang changin an ti chho bek bek thin a, skul kal lai khan. Keini thianzaho ve kha chu, kan nui uar uar a, a tawpah kan ti leh tawk zel. Vawi 2 emaw chu kan ti thut tawh. Kan tih hmasak zawk chuan zing lam dar 2 velah kan zo thei hram a, kan tih hnuhnun zawk erawh chuan kan tlaivar. Kan indaihzai thin khawp mai, kan project ti te hi. Tun tumah hian Class 12 kan exam dawn tawha kan project submit tur 'final' kan khelh zan ami ka rawn tarlang ange. A tuk dar 8:30 ah submit leh nghal tur a nia, a zan a zanin kan han ti ta anih kha. January thla ania, a vawt hle tih kha lo hre ve mai mai bawk ila.

A tirah hi chuan kan pangngai ve thei viau, uluk takin kan han inchhawp ve thin a. Ziah ngai ang ang te chu uluk takin kan ziak tan ve a..

Chda (Pampam Hauzel) leh a hote chuan internet lamah zawn ngai ang ang te an lo zawng kual zung zung bawk a, hna pawh kan insem kual nasa thin angreng hle.

RS-a chuan uluk takin ka ta tur min ziah sak a. (Ani hi phai lamah a awm hnu ania, chawlh hmanga a rawn haw chu kan lo chhawr tangkai ta a, ka project bu kha ama handwriting vekin a khat ta a... :D) Chutih laiin Maia (Flip-Over) te hovin TV ah uluk takin inkhel an lo en mek bawk a...

Zan a rei tial tial a, rilru a phawklek tan a. Concentrate taka thil tih pawh a har tan ta a... a khat tawkin thiante sawisak nan thla la tur chuan an in pose reng a...

Dar 12 a pelh meuh chuan, intih sek a lang tan ta tlat mai a.... A vawt bawk si. Intihlum nan tiin intihsek chu an rawt thlu ta a....

Dar 1 velah pawh duh aiin ka la sek lo, la tha leh teh... la ti deuh sek a...

Chutih lai chuan internet lampang group pawhin uluk takin an la zawng mek zel a, uluk takin an zawng emaw tia. A khat tawkin an nui leh hak zel a, va en chian chuan an lo chat leh nger nger mai thin anih kha... "Mi kan bawl a..." an la ti duh lek chauh...

Tichuan, zing dar 3 vel a lo rik meuh chuan.... mut te pawh a chhuak ta hle mai a, mahni awmna hmun hmunah mu leh ta vek hlawm mai a..

A muthlu hmasa deuh kha chu, a la muhil ve lo thian dangten, duh tawkin an lo sawisa hman thin a...

A sual fal an lo awm thin a, muhil ve duh thak lo. Mi muhil lai an kaiharh thut a, thla an lak sak thut thin a.... heta kan thianpa thlalak hi hemi zana kan nuihpui nasat ber. Pum na veka kan nuihpui a ni a, (amah hian a hre em lo ang chu...)

N-series kan ngai chuang lo, stapler te, torchlight te pawh hian duhtawkin kan ck thei tho...

Muhil ho harh leh hnu chuan, a phak a phakin computer chu kan han bawr leh nghal huk a. Print chiah hmabak tawh anih avangin, kan ta tur chu kan han print ta chur chur mai a, a phelh pheng phung zel. Print zawh lah chu a har em em a, a tam ropui si a...

Thlalak pawh chu nuam an ti khawp maia..... advertisement a ni ringawt alawm le. Tichuan, zing dar 5 a rik meuh chuan kan haw darh ta hlawm a, dar 8:30 a skul a inhmu tur chuan kan inthlah liam ta hlawm a, a va han vawt kher em ve le aw... khami tuk kha. In ka thleng a, project la print zawh loh, ka print char char a... ka mu ta miah lo a. Skul chu kan thleng tawk leh chiah tho... Skul ah hmel a nuihzatthlak duh hle.

A hunlai chuan a hahthlak thei mep mep e. Rilru a hah duh si, zawh ngei ngei a ngai si. Hetiang hun tawtah chuan a chang leh tihsual kha awm lo thei lo. A bul atanga tih te a lo ngai leh a, duh angin kan thil tur te kan hmuh that theihloh phei chuan ninawm tak a ni. A chang leh zirtirtu te a zan a zanin "aw ti thum" chawpin kan han fone a, midang daih ang ten kan fone a. A va han hahthlak thin tak!

Thingpui kan in nasa thei hle a, tianga project tih dawn chuan Chda te dawr hi kan thlang nalh zel. A free deuh nge pawh ka hre lo, thingpui engtik lai pawha in tur a awm kha thiante khan an thlahlel ber zelin ka hria, khami vang kha niang. A khat tawkin an va hmet haw leh ter ter zel mai a. A lo ngaihawm thei hle mai, la reilo hle mahse.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Meet me at Ruby Tuesday

The night was dark, all I seem to see is people passing by and by. It's Friday night and my usual practise is to go to Ruby Tuesday and had my fill. After finishing all my work at office, i smoked my rusted old motorcycle and head for RT. I couldn't ride fast as wind blows hard, it was cold. Ruby Tuesday is about 1 hr drive for a normal vehicle, but for me I could make it barely in one and half hours.

I was much happier than other fridays because tonight is the night I'll meet the girl I love. You may not know why, but here's a story I would like to share with you first.

On a blistering cold night somewhere in December, as all people were busy preparing for the Christmas, I was on my way to Ruby Tuesday restaurant. I sat at the dark corner and enjoy my food. I stared at the road behind the fibre glass, all the glittering lights, christmas trees, children shopping with their parents. Everyone was happy and to that I gave a wide smile. All the people I could see from the place I sit were gay and glad, and I could here a choir singing "Away in a manger...." far away.

I pay my bills and went outside. Mount on my good old stallion and was putting on my helmet, I saw a girl. A girl sitting on the pavement, folding her arms, shivers in cold. She looked at the people going here and there and her eyes move left and right. I couldn't see a girl like that and went straight to her. She had a quizzical look on her face as I handed my coat to her. She didn't say a word and I left.

Couldn't take my mind off her, the look of her face kept rewinding like a film. How will she spend her Christmas? Where does she live? Many questions kept coming... pop pop pop.

Hours turns into days, days turns into weeks. And finally, it was Friday. Guess what I saw this time. The girl stand in front of Ruby Tuesday, smiling at me. I was shocked that my heart skip a beat. This time, I talk to her.

"Hi....Im Joe"
"Hi...nice to meet you and thanks for the coat" (she smiled)

I was so hungry and ask her to join me. She refused. She handed me a rose and just walk away.

The night after, questions came rushing! "Why didn't I ask her name?" or any contact number or her address anyway?? I blame myself for being such an idiot. I imagined her face smiling at me as i look at the rose. I like her, no doubt. From that day onwards, I wish everyday was Friday.

We use to see each other on every Fridays, but she won't talk about herself. I wish I could talk to her over the phone on other days, but she won't give me her number. All my curiousity to know her better were in vain. But at least, I could see her every friday. I gave her my number and ask her to call me whenever she needs me.

Time keeps passing and thing can't go on the way it was. The girl stop coming on fridays. I was so alone, i use to wait for her till the shop closed. Looking every corner of the street in search for her. She was nowhere to be seen. What had happened to her? She didn't call me even once, what is this suppose to mean?

Sometimes I see her smiling at me near Ruby Tuesday, but it was all my imagination. Life was quite complicated without her and I really feel somethings missing at RT.

Ok, there goes my story. So, tonight is Friday, but I'm happy. Because of the message that I got. I receive a message from an anonymous number. I pump the accelerator as fast as I could to reach to the restaurant faster. Where do all these traffic come from? I murmured as I slide step by step caught in the traffic jam.

After a long drive I finally reach the place. You may not believe what I saw with my eyes. There, stand the same girl who I talk about. She smiled and me. I rush to her and held her tight in my arms. Tears came falling. After a warm long hug, she says,

"Its been nice knowing you Joe, but I have to go. I'm moving over to somewhere and I'm going to miss you..."
"What?? What do you mean?"
"I... I need to go somewhere else"

"But, I didn't even know your name? And why do you have to leave??"
"Well... I was born like that..."

She gave me a kiss and her tears flows like a river. She walk and went inside the cab which was parked nearby. In a minute, they were gone. I look at the cab till it vanishes in the cold dark night. All my dreams were gone... I went inside the restaurant slowly. Sat by the dark corner and take out my phone. I scrolled down to my message inbox and read the message again.. "Meet me at Ruby Tuesday".

I couldn't help myself crying as I listen the jukebox crooning...

She would never say where she came from
Yesterday don't matter if it's gone

While the sun is bright

Or in the darkest night

No one knows
She comes and goes

Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday
Who could hang a name on you?

When you change with every new day

Still I'm gonna miss you...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Min awmpui reng ang che


Mihring hi kumhlun tur chu ni ila chuan vawiin tlai te hian kan inbiak leh ngei ka ring. Tlai tin min rawn phone thin kha ka chang ziah a, mahse min rawn phone tu i awm ta si lo. Tunah chuan ka nu aw chauh a ni tawh, "A pa ka lo bia" tih tur i awm ta si lo. I phone number atanga phone ka dawn pawhin i aw hriat beisei takin ka la thin a, mahse ka nu aw hlir ka hre thin. He thil hi ka la ring thei lo a, a la hun lo a, ka thin a rim takzet a ni.

Ka chhuang thin che asin le, ka titi na reng rengah i chanchin pakhat tal sawi tel lova ka titi hi a vang khawp a nia. Tetlai phei chuan, "Ka Pa Chhuanga" ti hiala thiante min auh nawmnah pawh ka tawk hial thin. Mahse, ka tan chuan ka SUPERHERO i ni a, ka chhuang tawp lovang che. Mi pa te angin ropui lo mah la, pa dang kan ngai bik lo a, kan awt hek lo, kan tan chuan pa ropui ber i ni.

Kan tetlai a thil kan hriat ve theih nan ti a, hmun hrang hranga i kalna ah min hruai kual thin. Thil hmuhnawm deuh en tur awm se, kan en ve loh hlau a, i office kal vel na atanga kaltlang mai lova min rawn hruai thin te kha a van nuam thin tak. Tlai i lo haw a, i thil lo hawn mawlh te kha kan nghakhlel thin. Thil ropui rawn hawn lo mahla, bubble gum mai mai i rawn hawn pawha, hlim taka min siam thiam zia ka hrereng a, "Tu ham puar lian thei thei" tia kan chhungkua a kan in hamsiak thin te kha, kan va hlim thin tak em!

I fate kha min duat thei si! Kut thlak chu sawi loh, kan hming pawhin min ko phal ngai lo kha i ni a. Ka nu thahnemngai deuhin kan hminga min lo koh palh pawhin, "Chhungkaw inkoh dan kan nei, hmingin in koh loh tur" kha i ti thin a. Thil kan awh te pawhin kan hlimna tur anih chuan i neih zawng zawng i seng phal a, thiante zingah pawh rual awt lovin min siam thin. Min duat viau e ti lovin mipa chu pa taka awm tur i tih thin kha, nang chuan a takin i lantir thin a, kei chuan ka tlin meuh thin lo a ni.

Zirna tha kan nei lo ang tih hlaua, nei leh nei lovin sikul tha ah te min luhtir thin anih kha. 'Fail loh tur' i tih tawp thin avang khan fail kan hlau thin a, kan fail palh pawhin min hau mai lova, a lehpekah tha deuhin tih i tum dawn nia tia zaidam taka min hrilh thintu i ni. Ka mihring hriat tawh zinga zaidam ber te zinga mi i ni, i thinrim ka hre ngai lo a, i ngaihdan a nih loh deuh chinah tawh chuan mi pawhin i thu an hnial ngai lo. Choka ah mipa in chawhmeh an sawisel ngai lo i tih thin te hi, ka vawng thei thin lo a, pawi ka ti takzet thin.

Thiante zingah pawh tuarchhel leh tlawmngai ber tura min hrilh ziah tu kha i ni a, tum pawh ka tum thin reng a ni. I thu awih lo nih ka duh lo a, nang pawhin ka thusawi i ngai pawimawh thin. Kan bulah i na i sawi ka hre ngai lo a, natna hrang hrang i paltlang hnem tawh. Hetiang em em chuan tuar chhel lo la chuan, hman hmanah khan min kalsan tawh maithei. I kal na a chhuah thin laia, a na chhuak rawn chhuak, i vial ngawih ngawih pawhin, 'a na hleinem, a reh leh mai ang' i ti mai thin anih kha, kan tan chuan thlamuanthlak thin tak a ni.

Ka thiante damlo hlek sela, phatsan miah lo tura min rawn fuih thin te hi ka thiante hian hria se chuan an lawm ve thin ngei ang. Ka nu ten min ngaih thu leh an lunglen thu min hrilh pawhin, nang chuan inti pachang thin turin mi fuih ziah a, "I nu te lunglen vang khan i lung te i lo ti leng ve ange, mipa i nih kha, hre reng rawh," i tih hian min ti pachang thin. Khaw lum tawrh hrehawm khawpa a awm te, khaw vawt lutuk avanga mi an thih lai te pawhin, tuar thei lo bik nih loh tur i tih thin avangin ka pa sawtin ka inhre thin.

Computer khawih mi zirtir thin lai te kha ka ngaihtuah let leh a, kan pahniha zawhte lem kan inziahsiak zat zat lai te. I print chhuak a, ka nu leh ka naute kan hmuh a, min ngaihsan zia te kha aw! Zan mut dawna kan in wrestling hmasak phawt thin te kha, in wrestling pui tura min cho reng thin te, ka rawn haw veleh kan in wrestling dawn nia, exer lo la char char rawh, ka ti a. Mahse wrestling pui tur i lo awm ta si lo.

Zankhaw tairek thlenga i naupanlai chanchin nuihzatthlak tak tak i sawi thin te mutthilh chhuak miah lova kan ngaihthlak kar zel te kha aw, kan khamlo thin asin! Sikul chawlh chang pawhin saptawng lehkhabu min lehlin sak mawlh kha kan nghakhlel thin. I ho a thil tih re re kha chu a nuamin, mahni pawh kan inrintawk phah ve thin anih kha.

Thil chi hrang hrang kan sawiho thin a, kan suangtuah thin. Duhthusam te kan sawi tliar tliar thin a, nang chuan pa nih tling takin kan duhthusam ti puitling turin min fuih thin a. Lehkha zirna lama kal leh tura kan inthlah pawhin ka nu ten min tih tawrhzuau mai i hlauh avangin nangman fel takin mi thlah thin a ni. Inhmu tawh lo tur pawh kan ni lova, inhmu leh tur tho hi inthlah vak vak a ngai lo kan tih dun thin avang te pawh kha a ni ange, mi thlah hi ka duh vak lo.

Mahse, inhmu tawh lo tura inthlah kan lo ni renga. January 9, 2008 a min thlah kha kan inhmuh hnuhnun ber a ni ta. Khami ni ka lunglen zia kha aw, enge a chhan pawh ka hre lo. Ka thlenthlak hnu te khan ka lung a leng zual em em a ni. Nitin inbiak thulh lovin hun leh ni te kan hmang chho zel a. Khua pawh a lum chho leh tawh hle a, i tha lo deuh tih ka nu in a rukin mi rawn hrilh thin. A hnuah mi hrilh leh dan chuan, "I pa khan a damloh thu te, a nat thu te hi hrilh a phal ngai lo che a, a rilru i ti mangang ang" min ti thin a ti a, ka rilru mangan te kha i van hlau thin tak em!

Khami ni June 2, 2008 Thawhtanni khan ka thianpa computer lei pui turin ka kal a. Bazar a kan awm laiin, ka thianpa khawl an rem sak chhungin tihtur a awmlo em a, ka tihdan thin pangngaiin ka rawn miss call leh a. Nang chuan a rang a rangin i rawn call let leh a, "Boihte, enge ni ta?", "Eng ni love, i buai em?", "Buai lo e" "I dam tha maw?", "Aw dam tha e", "Naunaua a awm hnai em?", "Aw awm e, i be duh ami?", "A buai em?", "Aih buai lo e,"... Ka nau chu ka biak chhunzawm ta a. Khami kan inbiak kha khawvela kan inbiak hnuhnun ber a lo ni ta. Awih har ka van ti em!! Khatiang tih tur hria a, chhum lo chat lovin kan inbe tur a nia!

Computer kan lei zo, in lamah kan haw a, kan vak chau deuh bawk si. Kan inremfel hnu ah, chaw ei khamah, inbual fai velin movie kan lo en a, dar 12 a pel hret tih chuan ka phone a rawn ri a. Ka en vang vang phawt a, ka thianpa hnenah, "Min van rawn call tlai em em ve mawle..." tih pahin ka la a. Ka thil hriat chu a duhawm loh kher mai, ka nu tap hawm hawm ri a ni tlat. "Nu....Nu... enge enge??".... "Nu... enge a? Enge thil awmzia?" Ka nu kha a tawng mai thei si lo, "Mama... i pa hi kan be tawng thei tawh lo". Chu thu chuan min van khawih teh reng em!! Ka rilru a buai nghal vek, min 'shock' na lutuk kha awmdan ka thiam lo a ni ber.

Ka awih thei mai bawk si lo, ka zawt nawn ka zawt nawn a. "Nu... engpawhnise, nakinah ka rawn be leh ang che" tiin ka phone ka dah a. Ka biak dan velah ka thianpa ngaih thalo khan, eng thil nge kha a lo ti reng bawk a. "Ka pa a thi" tiin ka hrilh ringawt a. Tihdan a hriat loh hmel ve hle a. Ka nu chu vawi 2 ka han be nawn leh a, a ngai hlir ka zawt a. "A thi chiang maw? A pa chu a thi tihna ami?" tiin ka han zawt reng a. Ani lah chuan awih loh rual lovin a aw bawk si. Ka va han buai tak em!

Ka pa ruang nan hman ngei tumin thianten min han buaipui a. Tum dan chuan a vui hun chu nang hman tur ka ni. Mahse, mihring hian kan thil tih theih a lo tlem em a, thu kan neih loh zia te pawh ka hre kuar kuar mai. Khua a chhiat avangin kan thlawhna chu 'cancel' a ni a, kan thlawk let leh. Ka rilru hian engmah mumalin ka ngaihtuah thei tawh lo. Thianten min ngaihtuah em em a, engtiklai pawhin min rawn be reng a. Khami zan te kha ka muhil tha thei lo. Zingah ka tho a, ke in kan thlenna bul vel chu ka fang a, ka mittui lah chu dan rual lohin a sur zung zung reng bawk a.

Ka leng ka haw tlai pawha min lo nghak tang tang thin tu, kawngkhar min lo hawn nalh zel tu kha a awm ta dawn si lo a. Zin haw apianga ka bag min lo hlan sak nalh zel tu leh min chibai hmasa tu kha a awm tawh dawn lo a ni. 2007 krismas te kha aw, a hma zana ka tlaivar avangin ka tho har a, ka chhungte dang inkhawm vek hnuah ka pa in ka thawh hun min lo nghak tang tang a, kan pahnihin Krismas tuk chuan chaw kan ei dun a, kan krismas hman dun hnuhnun ber a ni ang tih reng rin ngaihna ka nei lo.

Engtiklai pawha mipa taka awm reng ka tum chung pawh hian ka thei thin lo, ka tluk lo hle mai che. Ka thian kawmngeih ber, inkap na thei tak kan nih thin te kha aw, ka khua a har takzet a ni. Ka mi rin ber leh ka innghahna ber i ni asin le! Mahse, nang chuan min kalsan ta daih si a, kan bei a dawng a, kan hrilh a hai takzet a ni.

Mihring te hi innghahna tlak kan nih loh zia min hrilhtu i ni leh si! Min va han hmangaih tak em, innghahna tlak Pathian kan nei tih min hrilh duh vang ani ang a, hetia min awmloh san hi. Pa, hmuh hlan nghakhlel em em a, ka rawn haw pawhin, i hmel ka hmu reng reng lo. Inchhung zawng zawng ka kal chhuak nghal vek, mahse hmuh tur i awm si lo. Ka nu te, ka naute min lo hmuaktu zingah i tel ve tlat lo kha 'fair lo' ka ti khawp mai.

Thuziak ka tui tih hriaa, ka article ziah ve thin te i lo chhiar a, ka tawng hmandikloh pentui sena i lo thai chhuah pap pap thin te. A hman dan tur dik mi hrilh mi hrilh thin te kha ngaihthlak leh a va chakawm tak em! Ka blog pawh i lo chhiar ve ngei thin tih ka hria, i sms rawn thawn hnuhnun ber pawh "Father Sphinx chu hla phuah zirtir i ngai ni maw?" i rawn tih te kha, ka lung a van tileng tak em! He thu ka ziah lai te hian ka mittui hi dan rual lohin a tla asin, mipa nih a har ka ti thin ngei mai.

Mi te chuan Pa tia koh tur te an la nei a, kei pawhin ka la nei tho che! Pa nei lo nih ka duh lo a, min awmpui reng ang che.


Monday, July 7, 2008

Kan phal thei lo

Ka pa khan a boral hma khan he hla hi a duh em em mai a ni awm a, ka chhungte min hrilh leh danin. A ngaithla reng zel a, chhungte ngaih te pawh a ti thalo rum rum hial thin a ni awm e. He hla hi, uluk takin min lo ngaihthlak sak ula, ka sawi tum chu tah hian a kim hle.

Min lainat tute zawng zawng kan tana in thatna te, chung Pathianin a let tam takin rul che u rawh se. In mi tawngtai puina zawng zawng te kha kan tan chuan a thlamuan thlak em em a ni.