Thursday, June 28, 2012

Of scams and frauds

Since Adam and Eve, man had been fooled till today but with different strategies. Hoax theories, prank calls, email scams, fraud SMS ads, forge notes, etc. (etc is an excuse of telling people you know more than that, but you actually don’t. See, I’m fooling you there. :D) are the words you came to know along the revolution of “technology”. Technology is nothing but the main culprit behind these evil deeds. Think about it.

Lately, one friend told me a joke about two li’l chaps – ‘a gun smuggler and his pal’. The latter is to buy a handgun from the former. They were signing a deal to where and when they should carry out the business – done. And they were to meet on the edge of a pond at the outskirt of the village under twilight.

Later that evening, the dealer thought, “Since we are going to do it at night, I should replace my gun with a fake pistol, he won’t notice.” So he went. His pal, not to be outsmarted (as if he knew) thought, “I should hand him my forge notes, he won’t be aware of it.” So he went too. And the deal was done, without any trouble. Buying fake pistols with forge notes and selling fake pistol for forge notes. I don't want to hear them seeing each other again. :D

Needless to mention, all of us at least once, had a deal with one of those Nigerian scammers. We hate them and seriously those spam emails telling us how we could enlarge our - you know what; we never open your mails. *fingers-crossed*

Today I received an SMS from someone stating that I won a lottery and my jaws dropped. “CONGRATULATIONS! Your mobile number has won 500000000 rupees in the ongoing NOKIA IN MOBILE PROMO for claims call [Removed] E-mail [Removed].”

While I was thinking how I will spend the money, you know like driving around in a Camaro and dating a supermodel, watching the sunset with a bottle of champagne and BEEP - another SMS! Quickly I opened and it reads – “Double your investment in no time! Buy a land in Mukund Nagar,Shri Ahireshwar Wadi Pune – 411037 Waghmare Phone: [Removed] email [Removed].”

Now, I’m starting to think how I can get this two people meet and let the first party buy the land from the second party for me. :P

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Haw a hun ta viau a ni

- Zing chanchinbu sem in chanchinbu a rawn dah rik khauh tawh chuan.

- "Tikhan lo meng mai r'u, ka mu dawn," ti a in len na berin a tih chuan.

- Chhungkaw nu ber zingkar jog turin "In la leng a ni maw?" a tih chuan.

- An thenawmpa in TV a on a, "Chibai Mizoram" a en tawh chuan.

- Chhungte SMS "Mama, khawnge i riah a?" tih i dawn chuan.

- Pawn boruak daia intiharh tura i chhuah laia 'zing tlan tur' emaw an lo tih che chuan.

- Hming lem atana "Zan ngam ho" tia a phuah sak che u chuan.

- Vairam lama thiante ho pawh online a biak tur an awm tawh loh chuan.

- In lenna te thuthleng sei pakhat theuha in thianho a in lo mutthilh vek chuan.

- In pum a rik rawk rawk a, thingpui emaw eitur emaw engmah a siam peih tawh loh chuan.

- Thla eng emaw ti a tukverh a dah chhuah i tum a, leilung a lo lang tawh tih i hriatchhuah chuan.

- Hmai mawm pawh in hruk peih tawh loh chuan.

- Ar khuang chu sawi loh, motor a tlan rik zut zut tawh chuan.

- Supply office a Gas dil tur an kalchhuah sup sup tawh chuan.

- Chhungkaw pa ber in aw a then khurh khurh hnu a, room kawngkhar na deuh hleka a rawn khar chawrh chuan.

- "In mu ve ngai em?" tia in lenna berin a zawh che u chuan.

- Cfa meuh pawh a mut dawn tawh chuan.

Haw nghal vang vang tur! :-)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

DP "Jolene"

It's been a while since I get my hands on digital painting. Well I'm not that 'talented' kinda artist at all, but I used to be very 'interested' in the art. "I should brush myself up since I might get a chance to paint one French girl," I thought to myself. Amidst the dream, I was jumping from one video to another video on YouTube until I get to "The Little Willies - Jolene" to which I stopped before watching and download it. I know this is gonna worth listening since Norah Jones is on vocals in the band.

"Jolene" isn't a new song but this version really melted me. Norah's soft and not-so-powerful voice with just the right amount of music to back her up, I could feel her.

"Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene
Please don't take him just because you can
Your beauty is beyond compare
With flaming locks of auburn hair
With ivory skin and eyes of emerald green
Your smile is like a breath of spring
Your voice is soft like summer rain
And I cannot compete with you, Jolene"

And I could not imagine how beautiful Jolene would be. She's just indisputable. *wished I could see her*

I thought I was struck by a lightning when the idea hit me, I shiver! Yes, I should try painting Jolene.

I should've taken every screenshot from scratch, but here's all the screenshot that I took. I was stuck at several steps but as a lazy person would always do, I find some easy way of doing it, like, for the eye - Shades. :-)

Nose and Lips  takes most of the time since they're the organ that will define the beauty in Jolene.

You might notice the frequent dodges which makes her hair look sooo damaged.

Yes, the boobs :-) I spent awhile there. Her necklace with my siggy on it, coat with texture and background. For the background, "Colder Weather" lyrics by Zac Brown Band is pasted.

Now for some photo filters. 

This, I think is the nearest I could get to painting Jolene. I'm not proud of it, but for the sake of an update! :-)