Monday, March 24, 2008

Sikul luh tirh kha aw

A hmasa berin KG-I kan nih laia ka classmate te hi tute nge an nih hriat kan tum leh chhin teh ang. Mi haihawt tak mai ka nih avangin a tam zawk hi chu ka hre thei tawh meuh lo ang. A chung ber tlar ang hian tan ta ila, veilam atanga dinglam thlengin.

HTL = Hre tawh lo tihna haha

Mary Mount School, KG-I Sec B, 1993 (:D)

Tlar 1 na :

Hmeichhia - HTL, Lucy (tunah hian enge a tih chiah ka hre lo, Aizawl lamah a awmin ka hria), Mapuii (Engtik laiin nge mapuii a lo intih ve ringot le? K-i ti hlirin ka ko thin, tun thlenga ka kid rinawm tak te zingah a la tel. Tunah hian Delhi ah lehkha a zir), P. Lalremruati, Melissa (Ani pawh hi Delhi ah lehkha a zir mek), VL-i (ni ta in ka hria), HTL, Mandy (Fel lutuk mai Mandy, tunah Kolkata ah lehkha zir mek. Football tui lutuk), Doris (Aizawl Kulikawn ah ka hmu leh zuk zuk thin), Puii (Kan chhaih thin dan kha chu sawi lo mai ang. hehe)

Mipa -Hmingsanga (a tawng fiahlo thei lutuk, hnap tawlh pur zel bawk :D), Aloysius, HC-a, Rammuanpuia, Malsawma (Tumtelel siam dan min zirtirtu), Jerry (Hei hi chu kan vengpa a ni a, a awmna a la sawn lo in ka hria. haha), Rempuia.

Tlar 2-na :

Hmeichhia - Amelia (Tunah Kol ah lehkha zir mek, ani hi music tui thar lutuk ni awm e), VL Chhandami, RS-i, Christina, Mary, HTL, HTL.

Mipa - Peka (A famous lutuk kan batch ah chuan, kan nu leh pate pawhin Peka hi chu an hre ltk. An hriat chhan chu sawi lo ang. hehe), Krishna Kumar, Lalzuala, Rindika, David, Benjamin, David, Ruatte-a, Mafelkima, VL Hmangaihsanga, David (Hepa hi chu Football 1 on 1 ah ka la hneh ngei ang, David 3 kan nei kan class ah khan).

Tlar 3-na :

Hmeichhia - Lucy, Jakobedi, Zorini (Ani pawh Delhi ah lehkha zir mek), Nu-i (Ani hi chu a, KG I chu Class 12 classmate kuit... lol. Fel ltks, kan thianpa hian a duh viau chuan Sphinx Clan monu pawh ani lo ang tih sawi theih loh :P), HTL (A hmel a lang theilo :D), Christina (Hei pawh Delhi ah lehkha zir mek), HTL, HTL (Eng Varte emaw chu a ni).

Mipa - HTL, Eric, Jonathan, Robert, Christopher (Mizoram Badminton Junior No. 1 te pawh ni thin), Thura (Zothansanga.... nupui a nei tawh emaw ka tia, a u zawk a lo ni. Ka hresual), HTL

Tlar hnuai ber :

Hmeichhia - HTL, HTL, HTL, Amanda, Alison (hemi te pahnih hi phir an ni a, hriat hran an har thei hle), Zonunthari, Catherine

Mipa - Malsawmkima, Danny, OP-a, Clement (Kan class ah chuan a lar ber pawl. A tawng fiahloh avangin recitation te an sawi tir thin), Keimah.. hahaha, George (Commercial Pilot, Hyderabad ah training a nei mek a ni awm e).

E khai, mi hi ka van lo hre lo em em!. Ka theihnghilh hma nge pawh ka hre lo. Mahse ngaihawm ve duh mai mai. KG I kan nih lai kha chu aw, kan te hlawm sep sep si a.

Kan class room ah khan bang kua a awm a, short break kan neih te khan chulai bang kua chu kan hmang tangkai thin hle. :D Kan class teacher Miss Lucy fel zia te kha aw, Sister Kiran-i khan min duat thei ropui sia. Action Song kan tih thin lai te, Nursery Rhymes kan sak rual dual dual lai te kha aw. Mitthla ah a la cham thei nia, "this is the way we sweep our floor" kan sak laia kan uar thei tauh tauh lutuk te kha.

Miss Geta khan "Stomach paining" tih hla kha min zirtir thin a, a uar thei sia, stomach paining tih kan sak lai chuan kan buai nuaih nuaih zel, kan uar ve thei ltk kha, kan na ti lem vel kha. :D "Lulu skip to my loo" kan sak lai te phei kha lung a ti leng lutuk. Mipa leh hmeichhia kan in pair ngei a, skip to my loo my darling part ah kha chuan kan in kuah dual zel.

Parents Day kan hman tumin, kei lah pek hi engtin nge a hrang daiha keimah chauha St. Pauls auditorium ah khan ka kal le. Ka classmate hi an bo vek a, ka mangang ru angreng viau a. Mahse mi pahnih hian an bula thru turin min sawm a, ka hming te min zawt a, anmahni chu kan senior an nih avangin fel ka ti hle mai a. Sis Kiran-i thusawi te kha a awmzia ka hre ve der si lo, "Tommorrow is holiday" tih a sawi laia sikul naupang an au dur dur lai te khan enge a sawi ka hre ve si lo, ka bula miten, naktuk chawlh a nia min tia, min hrilhfiah hnuah ka nui ver ver. :D Khamite an bula min thut tir tute kha an fel tehreng nen, tun hnua an chanchin ka hriat leh hian a mak ka ti khawp mai. An arte thih mai ang tih ka hlau.

Sikul bag ah hming leh address kan bel thlap a, a pawimawh loh hmel tehreng nen. Ka sikul bag ka tih bo ni zet kha chuan ka hmang tangkai teh e. Kan bag a inang vek si, hmun khatah an lo dah khawm a, ka bag ka zawng hmu zo ta lo. Mi kha chuan an rawn zawng hmu a, an haw nghal zel a. A tlai tawh si, a tawpah Class VII naupang ho hian bag ami hming an chhiar zel a, chuan ka hming an lam veleh ka va tlan ve vat. :D

Lawks, hemi ka sawi chuan thil pakhat ka zah deuh kan sawi tel lawks. Pawl sawm kan exam dawn khan ka scale ah hian "The Man with the Golden Water Pistol" tih hi ka ziak thin a. Chuan exam zawhah hian exam hall a bungraw theihnghilh vel hi assembly naah an sem leh thin a. Ka scale pawh chu ka lo ken theihnghilh ve ngei a, bungraw sem hun a lo thleng. An sem zel a, ka scale an ken veleh, "Hei hi tu scale nge?" an tih kha chuan a hriat mai loh. A puangtunu khan an chhiar te te a, "Who is the man with the Golden water pistol?" an tih chiah chuan, zak deuh chungin a rang arangin ka va la zuk. :D

Sikul ka luh tirh lai vel hian nu leh pa ngen tih vela trah hi ka nei ngai lo. :D Mi trap te hi ka nuih zat thin. Ka nu hian min lo hruai thin a, Sikul ban veleh mahni nu te kan han zawng sap sap a, ka nu ka hmuh har chuan ka trap trep zel. Ka nu lah hian, "In te hlawm sia, in in ang hlawm sia, hriat hran in har thei lutuk" a ti thin.

Sawi tur a tam dawn ngei mai. Sawi vek lo mai ang. Nidangah kan chhunzawm zel a niang chu.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I wanna be a Rockstar

I'm through with standing in line
to clubs we'll never get in
It's like the bottom of the ninth
and I'm never gonna win
This life hasn't turned out
quite the way I want it to be

Yes, true. Why things doesn't go my way? Why don't people let me go first in any Qs? Was I born this way? To be like any other citizen here.

I want a brand new house
on an episode of Cribs
And a bathroom I can play baseball in
And a king size tub big enough
for ten plus me

Where? Beverly Hills. Thats where I want to be. Party every night with all my friends. Singing and dancing all night long.

I'll need a credit card that's got no limit
And a big black jet with a bedroom in it
Gonna join the mile high club
At thirty-seven thousand feet

It'll be a dream coming true. And I wanted lots of little blue-eyed teenage groupies.

I want a new tour bus full of old guitars
My own star on Hollywood Boulevard
Somewhere between Cher and
James Dean is fine for me

The first time I heard Slash has more than 250 les paul, i just smiled. :D Why does he need so much of that thing when I didn't even have one? I've always wanted it, and will have it when I became a rockstar.

I'm gonna trade this life for fortune and fame
I'd even cut my hair and change my name

Hmmm..... my name. Kurt, Mark, Roger..... ah.. they all go well with me.

'Cause we all just wanna be big rockstars
And live in hilltop houses driving fifteen cars
The girls come easy and the drugs come cheap
We'll all stay skinny 'cause we just won't eat
And we'll hang out in the coolest bars
In the VIP with the movie stars
Every good gold digger's
Gonna wind up there
Every Playboy bunny
With her bleach blond hair
(and well)Hey hey I wanna be a rockstar
(hmmm well)Hey hey I wanna be a rockstar

Not just the coolest cars, but Bal Harbour Island's limousine. Name a car and I will have it. And I'm gonna rock till I drop. Babes, Bullets, Bombs... man, I love this game.

I wanna be great like Elvis without the tassels
Hire eight body guards that love to beat up assholes
Sign a couple autographs
So I can eat my meals for free

I'm gonna dress my ass
with the latest fashion
Get a front door key to the Playboy mansion
Gonna date a centerfold that loves to
blow my money for me

Dating a centerfold? Who will it be? Will it be Kimberley? or Shallan? or Teri?

I'm gonna sing those songs
that offend the censors
Gonna pop my pills
from a pez dispenser
I'll get washed-up singers writing all my songs
Lip sync em every night so I don't get 'em wrong

Praise be the technology. If I get too drunk to sing my songs, they're always there to save the day. And I'll see my picture on the cover of Rolling Stones. I'll sing about beauty, truth at ten thousand dollars a show. I'll have golden fingers and will be loved everywhere I go. Huizzz, I wanna be a rockstar.

Friday, March 14, 2008


I hate caterpillars
I hate coffee
I hate chocolates
But I love oranges

I hate corruption
I hate lies
I hate terrorists
But I love oranges

I hate pretenders
I hate 'good' people
I hate viruses
But I love oranges

I hate long sermons
I hate hate-speeches
I hate associations
But I love oranges

I hate hot summers
I hate missed calls
I hate cross-dressers
But I love oranges

I love mysteries
I love kids
I love jokes
I love ghost stories

I love gizmos
I love conversation
I love pretty girls :-)
And I still love oranges.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Pictures kill me

Being a 'talk-less' guy to people whom I've met for the first time (read strangers), they use to ask me, what are u interested in? What do you do when you have nothing to do? Don't you ever go out and party??..blah blah. Maybe I look so solemn-serious.. lol. Well, I love to sit in front of the computer and try out different stuff (stuff here means softwares, games, websites etc) and I do love to hang out with friends, but thats not so often.

I love collections. Yeah I do love them. Once upon a time (ahem) I was interested in collecting stamps as every other kid would. I collect stamps which are new and of course used stamps too. Those were during my days in Mary Mount, in which I was given about Rs. 5 for daily pocket money. I save them, and at Fridays, I head up straight to the Post Office and bought the newest foreign stamp costing around Rs. 10. It was fun.

Days turns into weeks, weeks turns into months. My interest in collecting stamps slowly slowly fades away. Now, its the time to collect different type of a two rupee coin. You know, there are different designs on the head and tails of a 2 rupee coin, some with logos, some with portraits.

After my 2 rupee coin collection, i shifted to old notes. Whenever an old rupee note comes into my hand, it doesn't go out elsewhere, it stays in my old wallet back home. My mom use to ask me to exchange them with new notes, but I say "Its my collection, old is gold". LOL. You can see my favourite old note CLICK HERE

All those time I was collecting Floppys. I thought I took a snap of my floppy collection but couldn't find it. Whether old bad floppys, good new floppys or various colour floppy disks they all go straight into my floppy collection.

Oh, back to high school days. One time our school was conducting an exhibition and I was thinking of exhibiting alcohol bottles.. haha. Thank God, it wasn't successful.

Now come to my picture collection. Its been the biggest and the most interesting among all my collection. I put all of them in a folder named "Gallery" which occupies 10 GB of my hard drive. As you can see, it has 277 sub folders, lol.

Folders such as "The folder that saved my life" - where I put the most beautiful, prettiest chicks (no nude) :D , "GIFs" - A collection of gif animated pictures, "Mizos" - Mizo related pictures i.e chatters, old mizo pics, and I even have "tuai collection" folder under this. "Bikes" - As the name goes, "CG Artworks" - where I keep computer graphics artwork such as sketches, digital paintings etc. "Wallpapers" - wallpaper collection.

One of my favourite is "Nuihzatthlaks" folder in which I keep hundreds of funny pictures. "Illusions", "Borders" - collection of borders, frames. "Chaos", "Games" etc. Couldn't say all my folder names here and I also named one of the folder "Virus" where I collected those fake nude pics.

Whenever I'm on the net, I browse pictures. And if i like them, I download it. There are hundreds of pictures which at first stays in my hard drive and doesn't interest me, I have to delete them. I do have profiles/account in orkut, hi5 and facebook. Apart from chatting to my friends I look into their album and I love saving some of their pictures.

We've all heard the saying before, a picture is worth 1,000 words. But is it true? Probably not. In some cases 1,000 words would be far too many. In other cases 1,000 words may fall pitifully short. The words to convey the emotions inspired become elusive. Perhaps even pointless, as they might not even exist. But, there are.....there are pictures which do even worth 10000 words.

Ummm, what do I say next? I am speechless, lol, whatever. I'm going on with my collection (God willing) and concentrate on mizo related pictures. And whats next? Oh, will try to collect all of South Park episodes... damn it. :D

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tunge Father Sphinx?

Internet khawvel chu...

Tun tum chu topic dang deuh sawi teh ang. Internet hi Class 9 ka nih lai chu chu, 2003 kum tawp lam khan ka khawih tan ve chiah a. Chutih lai chuan mail account siam dan pawh ka thiam lo, ka website tlawh hmasak ber chu kha ni ta in ka hria. Cyber cafe pawh ka kal ngai lo, internet hi a tangkaina leh a thatlohna sawi tur pawhin ka khawih ngai lo miau a. Class 7 kan nih vel lai atang tawh khan kan class ah khan mIRC kha an sawi an sawi zel a, modem tih ri te ka hre ve zeuh zeuh a, sava nge sazu an nih pawh ka hre ngai lo. Chutih lai chuan Mortal Kombat kan la tuipui tawk em em.

Chuan mIRC chu 2004 khan ka khawih ve tran ta a. Chumi ka khawih nachhan pawh TV ah hian Dr. PC Biaksiama online a biak theihna tih vel adver kha ka hmu a, a tihdan te kha a inziah thlap avangin ka lut ve mai. Ka nick hmasa ber chu 'xoxef' tih ngei kha a ni e.:D Chuan ka lut ve a, tumah be ta chuang lemlo chuan ka chhuak leh nghal.

Hun te a lo kal zel a, website surf lamah kan tui chho tan ta a. Chung hun laia website pakhat kha ka tlawh thin a, kha kha Elf Clan ho ta a ni a. Clan din ve kha kan chak ta lutuk a, thianpa maia (ghostly_sphinx) nen hian. Chuan a hnuah kan din ta ngei a. Chu chu Sphin Clan hi a ni ta a. :D Ka clan name ah Father Sphinx tih chu ka hmang ta a, a chhan pawh ka hre lo, lam a awlsam a, father han tih zawh chiaha sphinx han belh leh chiah hian lam a awlsam riauin ka hriat avanga inphuah mai ka ni e.

Nick avanga inhriatpawlhna

father_sphinx tih nick ka hman tak avang chuan mi tam tak chuan patling deuh tawh turah min lo ngai ve ziah a ni awm e. Chanchinbu hrang hrangah te leh tv vela "ka vei zawng" an tih velah te khan ka thawh 'regu' thei bawk a, mi pangngai ngaihin min lo ngai ve thin a ni chek ang chu.


Mi tamtak hian ka nick ringawt atang hian "patling" ta viau turah min lo ngai ziah a. A taka kan inhmuh hnua "Eee... patling deuh, fa pawh nei treuh tawh emaw ka ti che a" ti tu hi ka tawng nawk tawh a sin. Insawifiah hi a ngai nasa thei khawp mai.

Vawikhat chu Firehouse ho Mizorama concert tura an lo kal dawn lai vel khan, a organising committee lam atang 'sawmna' ka dawng ta tlat mai. "Khawngaihin ka pu, motor, sum leh pai lamah tran i rawn la ve thei angem?" tih zawhna ka dawng ta tlat mai. Ka nuih a zata a zat zia kha aw. Min rawn thawntu i/c publicity hnenah chuan, "Ka pu, kei hi naupang mai ka la nia, pawl 11 zirlai chauh ka la nia, mahse, puih theihna che u ka neih chuan ka hreh chuang lo" tih vel te kha ka va thawn ta in ka hria. An rin ang chu a ni hauh lo ang le.

Nick a min kotu hi an awm ve nual bawk a,"father, father" min ti a, kan eih ve mai zel. Vawikhat chu ka nu nen kan bazar a, bazarah khan thiante hian min lo hmu ni tur a ni, "Fatherrrr.....fatherr...." ti khan min lo ko ta vak vak a. Ka hawi let leh a, kan han inbia a. Ka nu khan mak a tih hmel khawp mai a, nick tih vel hi ka hrilh duh ngai lo a. Hmanah pawh key chain ah hian 'father' tih hi ka chhut tir a, "I va lerh ve" min ti ringawt tawh. Enge lerh a tih chhan kha ka hre lo le.

Ka insawi duh ngai lo

Chhungte bulah chuan ka insawi duh ngai lo hrim hrim. Ka nick tih vel hi. Ka pa phei chuan hi a lo tlawh ve ziah a, ka thlalak a lo awm palh te hian, i thlalak ah ka hmu a, hi a ti ve thin a. Zahzel ka siam nasa thei lutuk ringawt, maia'n a dah aniang te ka ti thin. Tunah hi chuan a hre tawh tho in ka hria, mahse ka la hrilh dawt duh chuang lo. vawikhat mi pakhat muthlu lai thlalak ka post kha, ka pa thianpa a lo ni a. Computer ah khan a lo awm ringawt sia, tunge a nih ka hre si lo a, ka nuih a tiza lutuk a, ka post mai kha a nia, ka pa ten an lo hmu. An thianho ho hian an nuih tiah tiah zel a, ah ******-a thlalak a awm a, an tia. An sawi thawm ka hriat veleh ka paih leh nghal hmaks. :D

An buai ve khawp mai

Tum khat chu kan inah hian thian pakhat thil ka tihsak a. Chu chu lam turin a nau te a lo tir ngei a, hei hi a phone number a nia, "Father Sphinx tiin va zawng rawh u, an hre vek ang" hi a lo tihsak a. A nau te chuan mak an ti lutuk a, "Father Sphinx a??" an tia, "Aw.. Father Sphinx tiin va zawng ru" kha a ti zel a. Tichuan, phone call pawh ka dawng ta ngei a. A chang leh vai tawngin min rawn bia, a chang leh sap tawngin. A tawpah mizo tawnga an tawng ri ka hre hlauh a, ka be chhunzawm nghal a, kan in awmna pawh ka hrilhfiah thei ta.

Anmahni rawn thlen meuh chuan tihian an sawi. "U Zara khan Father Sphinx tiin va zawng tawp rawh u a tia, mizo nge vai nge eng hnam nge i nih kha kan hre thei si lo a, tawng hrang hrangin kan rawn bia che anih kha" an ti ta anih chu. A va han hahthlak thin ngai em!! :D Nick a min zawn hmuh tum meuh zawng a la hahthlak deuh rih ang chu.

A thui leh tawh dawn tlat, duhtawk leh hrih phawt mai teh ang. Tunah chuan ka tlangval ve tawh ania aw... lolz... thla lehah ka birthday a lo thleng dawn a, chu chu teen ka nih tawpna tur. kum khat chiah teenager ka ni dawn tawh. teenage ka pel teuh ta hle mai. :D lolzzzz