Sunday, October 19, 2014

Smaug the Golden

If I were to pick out my favourite fictional monster, mutant, beast or any out of this world character, my list would be endless. From The Predator to Rattlesnake Jake, from Hydra to Cyclops, from Godzilla to Freddy Krueger.

Filmmakers, artists, and writers of fiction do their best to think up increasingly wondrous and terrifying monsters to haunt the nightmares and daydreams of their audiences. But few fictional beasts have proven as lasting - or as awe-inspiring as the wing-flapping, FIRE-BREATHING DRAGONS!!

Among them is Smaug. A fire drake of the Third Age, considered to be the last great dragon to exist in Middle Earth.

You hear his breath and the deep crepitating sound hits you, this ain’t no frilly Dragon. This Dragon is going to put hair in places you may not be accustomed to having it. This Dragon is so awesome that just by seeing him you can start imagining yourself being a different person already. He opens his one eye and your voice starts to drop.  He opens his other eye and suddenly you have an oversized sword in your left hand. 

At this point, your mom is confused and your siblings are scared, but there’s no turning back. The mighty Smaug cracks his neck and your accent comes. Slowly at first. An ‘aye’ there, a ‘lad’ there. But slowly takes a back seat after the Dragon started to stand.

Your accent is now in full steam, you look out the window and F’lar nods in approval. A kilt falls from the ceiling as you realize you’re now naked. You stand proud.

Smaug The Magnificient is now standing on all four in his Lonely Mountain. And your girlfriend is staring at you with hunger in her eyes. It’s a good day to be a Dragon Rider.

"My armour is like tenfold shields, my teeth are swords, my claws spears, the shock of my tail is a thunderbolt, my wings a hurricane, and my breath death!"

-   Smaug

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Orkut Hriatreng Nan

Kum 2007 a ni a, Delhi khaw lum vanglai tak mai chuan tihtur nei em em lovin ka mu dar dar a. U
 Hauzel Chda hian, "Orkut hi ti ve rawh. Hi5 ang chi deuh kha a nia, a that hmel reuh lutuk," a ti a. Hna pawimawh dang thawh tur engmah ka neih loh avangin reilote hnuah chuan ka siam ve ta nghal a, ka friend hmasa zingah U Hmingi Sailo te, U Lalfakzuala Hauzel te ho hi ka la hriat chian theih chhun.

A hman a awlsam angreng a, ka bo rei lem lo. Thlalak pawh a vaiin 12 lai a upload theih a, a in scrap theih bawk. A fimkhur deuhin scrapbook a thu ziah sa kan delete zel a, a pawiti lem lovin kan hung dul a. Hmelhriat sa, thian tha te nen neuh neuh friend pawh chu kan neih belh ta zel a.

Hetih hunlai hian Facebook pawh hi account chu kan nei fur tawh hlawmin ka ring, mahse Orkut a awlsam em avangin kan bo hlawm hle a nih kha. Tuman Facebook kan la hmang thra peih lo!

Recent Visitors kan ngai pawimawh em em a, mi profile kan "stalk" a, an recent visitor a lan te kha kan zak leh ang lawi a, a hide theih tih kan hriat te khan kan han hide a. Kan hide takah chuan keimahni recent visitors a in hide tel bawk si!

U Manuna Hj hi Orkut ah pawh khan a uar fal a ni leh a, SMS thawn ai chuan Orkut ah scrap ila, a hmu rang zawk kan tih thin kha a ni. Tichuan, Community te kan han siam a, kan phusa ve thrin hle.

Favang a lo nih meuh chuan "Delhi Orkutters Meet 2007" chu Sarita Vihar a U Rami Khawlhring te inah ngei hian kan va hmang a. U Michael Pautu, UTetei Renthlei te ho nen kan va phusa chiam a nih kha. "Harry Potter" en tura kan vahkual nasat zia te kha!

Tichuan, community lamah kan sikul kalna thin community ah kan awm a. Chuta tang chuan "Sommnnty" siam chhuak leh in kan sikula kal ve ngai lem lo U CyEf Lalhruaitluanga leh U Benjiboi Tangpua te ho hi a phusa ber ber an rawn ni leh a. Chuta kan senior member te U Effie Fanai, U Janet Lalawmpuii, U Alyssa Saptheipari te ho ai pawhin nuam an ti zawk!

Sommnnty vanglai a pel a, SOU (Super Orkuters United) kan in din chho leh a. Hetah hian U Ronald Lalthanmawia, U Seni Hranglung, ULalhmingmuani Bawitlung, U Lal Remsanga, U Xorina Ralte, U Mama Pachuau te ho nen kan han phusa leh a. Delhi Freshers Social ah Grease theme a nih angin "You're the one that I want" hla ah kan lam ngei a nih kha.

Orkut khan hmasawn tumin hmalakna hrang hrang a nei ve reng a, album te a siam a, thlalak pawh a upload belh theih ta zel a. Mahse right-click te an disable a, thlalak save theihloh turin an han siam a. A save dan awlsam te pawh tutorial te kan lo buaipui ve hle a. Watch -

Kan rik nuaih nuaih chhung hian "Testimonial" thlum tak tak kan inziah tawn sak reng a. Status te pawh a update ve theih tak e!

Facebook a kan hming te hi chu la pangngai tak a ni a, Orkut lamah kha chuan character mak pui pui nen a inchei nuaih kha a tam thin hle. In zawn (search) te phei chu har tak a ni.

Orkut hmuhchhuah a nih dan te leh Google in an enkawl tak dan a rawn lar hluai te phei kha chuan Orkut siamchhuaktupa hausak tur zia ringawt te kha hahip in kan sawi thin.

Sawi dawn chuan sawi tur a tam. Community fahrah te te U Robert Lalmalsawma hova kan siam thin, U Rosie Puipuii ten "A mihring ngai te te an lo awm leh ta" an tih hunlai te, Mutual Friend-a lar em em lai te, Orkut Application a kan in compete nasat hunlai te, inlak cool nan a theme kan thlak deuh sek thin te kha, tunah chuan Facebook ah kan insawn san ta dial chu a ni sia.