Monday, June 20, 2011

Building a Naturist Colony!

(FYI: This is an attempt at humour!)

Recently I've watched a short documentary on naturist community titled “Carina : Ecstasy of Existence ” Watch HERE (NSFW). My first reaction was “WTF! That,... is the place i belong" Well, lets not think about that for now, since its going to cost me a fortune to do that and what if I didn’t understand their language and what if they didn’t accept me?

First and Foremost, before I get into details about this issue, you’re free to check out more videos on with the search keyword “naturist” (all NSFW) and read more about the Naturists here.

My thought

Since, it isn’t possible to join the small naturist colony in Brazil, why not building our own naturist colony here in Mizoram? *Light Bulb* I sure hope you yourself would like to join in. But, don’t be in a hurry. Lets take a moment and concentrate on how are we going to set up such an unique community.


First thing first, the search for location of setting up the colony will involve a bit of hard work. It has to be some place secret, secret as in secret enough from the NGOs and the press.

The location should be in such a high security level that even the camera lenses and flashes won’t work (we should work on that). Should always be covered with white clouds to protect it from distant photographers with macro lenses and to protect the people from sunburns. Not too cold to avoid goose bumps and not too hot to avoid sweats.

Toilets should be there in every corner. Being a naturist here doesn’t mean disposing your toxic waste everywhere, it isn’t sexy (write that down).


The members should be preferably at the age of 18 yrs and above (Standard legal age for anything). The colony will welcome anybody fat, tall, thin, short, long haired, bald, schlong or schlort who thinks “Reality is Community”. If you’re a human being, feel free to join.


Needless to mention, Me the President. Or anyone who thinks they deserve the position may write an application on why he/she should be the president with a DD of Rs. 5,000/-.


  • The President is the head of the colony and He/She will have the power to appoint his/her personal aides.

  • The President will be responsible for expelling members in case of unavoidable circumstances.

  • The President will not be responsible for any charges laid upon him unless they’re the opposite sex of the colony. *Naughty*

  • The President can expand his authority to any extend at anytime, anywhere.


1. The secret spot shouldn’t allow trespassing for mosquitoes, blood sucking bugs, wasps etc. and trespassers will be killed instantly.

2. Male members shouldn’t bend down at any cost.

3. No mobile phones inside the colony, esp. those android phones.

4. Female members shouldn’t show off their acrobatic ability, martial arts or yoga positions.

5. Staring is prohibited.

6. Erection is prohibited.

7. Hugging while having erection will not be tolerated. At the same time it will be relaxed for couples.

8. A simple hand-shaking (Hand, and only the hand) is the only physical contact allowed for regular (single) members.

9. No ass scratching.

10. Sharing isn’t Community.

11. The President and his/her aides will make more rules as we go on.

The main advantage of building a naturist/nudist colony is the low-cost fashion. Poor or rich, you afford it. I hope building a naturist colony will be very sexful. Successful and sexful, they’re the same thing. :-)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lam ang ka lo let e….

Hun leh ni te an ral zel a, kum khat a vei meuh chuan thlalaka Rih Dil a hmuh ve tawh mai avanga Ramfangzauva inti ve ringawt pawh a lo lang leh ta hlawl e. “I va vang ve” in rawn ti tliar tliar dawn nia, Vanglaini ka sem thu erawh chu min lo hriatsak hmasa ula.

Vanglaini sawi takah chuan Zorock-a hian Vanglaini ( a phuah chhan hi an sawi a – Vawikhat chu Zorock-a hi ramhnuaiah a kal a, a ek a chhuak ta em em mai a, hmun rem deuh a hmuh chuan a e ta a, mahse a mawng thiarna tur lam a lo ngaihtuah lo pek, a zawng kual ruai ta a. Chutah Vanglaini chanchinbu hlui hi a hmu hlauh, a mawng-ek thiar nan chuan a hmang ta a, hla a phuah ta a “Vanglaini te hi…hman dan thiam a va pawimawh em” tiin….

Tunlai Aizawl

Lam ang ka lo let leh na a nih avangin thu ho mai mai i han chhu kual leh vel teh ang.

Mi chi hrang hrang hi kan buai mup mup ni ber hian a hriat a, hman deuha khawlaia thu mai mai kan tih thin te pawh tlai lama a sen chi leina tur engtin nge ka neih theih ang tiin an thian hnai zualte be kualin ‘signal’ thatna hmunah an kut khinghnihin cell phone an hmet a.

Thenkhatin Speak Asia Online survey an buaipui mup mup a, nuai chuang chuang invest te pawh an awm leh ta nawk mai. Chiahpuam atanga kan lo inzir chhuah tawh angin a che hmasa sa vanneihna anih avangin a che hmasa nih tumin hmeichhe lam bikah an buai vut vut mai. Tha tak maw?

Oriflame aia tha tur Jafra a chhuak an ti, tunah Living Forever Products (Aloe Vera) a lar chho leh bawk a. Mipa chenin an buaipui.

Neih nei lova mi thawhchhuah sa hmanga eng eng show emaw buatsaih tumin mi tam tak an phe sup sup a, a tunlai tawngkam takin “Sponsorship Age” ah kan cheng tak meuh meuh a ni.

Camera tha pui pui neiin eng eng photography emaw kan inti sup sup a, an nei sei sei an thiam hmel bik! A lens ania ka tih. Hehe. Thiam hmel tih sawi takah chuan hmanni Malsawma of Malsawma Photography hian tihian mi tia lawm, “Sam te hi zuah tur, hmuihmul te khabe hmul te hi zuah buk chhup tur, kan tuizawng nen a inmil a. Photographer ho theuh theuh kan han din tlar hian midang aiin kan thiam hmel bik” a tia lawm. J Photographer chu ka ni ve chiah lo nangin. Mizo Vocal Band a an hla sak pawh kha “Lumehna ka neih si loh chuan” tih vel em ni kha?

Comedian ho an common hle. Mizo fiamthu hi nuih tur pawh a awm tawh meuh lo. A nuihzatthlak loh lutuk hi a nuihzatthlak tawh zawk. A kuit tlat!

Politician ho pawh an in ngeih leh vak tawh lo a, mipuite an lamtangah an siam leh tan. Inthlan a hnai leh tawh bawk a.

Two wheeler market a lun hle, thla khata motor register thar zawng zawng zinga 90% chu two wheeler.

Facebook khawvel a tih theih ve hial ta. Facebook a/c neilo chu chhas vak tawh lo. J

Gutkha products do na MHIP lamin an kalpui vung hle a, an office pawh dawr tur an awm lo zeuh zeuh thin, “Tiranga an check” an lo ti mai zel. An ti tha khawp mai a, mahse a ei hnem ber pawh a MHIP lam tho hi an nih hmel, kuhva ei sen aiin nula hovin an thlang tlat.

Huau Huau emaw Concert lian tham emaw aiin thianzaho picnic ah kal an thahnem thei zawk.

Mizoram lamah internet te pawh khawih tur a that tawh avangin, computer zirna hrang hrang ah Internet a Free in an zirtir tel thin. A free a zir theih rau rau ah, ka taimakna in tlin se, ka zir ve chak khawp mai, zawh tur ka’n ngah dawn tehreng nen.

Hna a vang a, private firm a hlawh tam vak lovah pawh graduate te duate lo te kan inpek suau suau ta. E taka, hna zawnglai i nih chuan lo tlawh ve la. J

“Mi rethei leh hausa an awm za a, an lenchhuahna chu Hmuifang a ni” an tih thin Hmuifang pawh a lun vak ta lo, a aia hla deuh Sialsuk tlang a hit leh tawh zawk.

Duhtawk phawts ta ila…thusawi hmingthang em em lo te hi i han thaikawi leh jokes ila…

Thusawi hmingthang lo te

“Mihring hi kan bo laklawh chuan a lo bo theih khawp mai a. Bo laklawh tlat chuan mahni choka ah pawh kan bo tlat zel”

- U Mafaka

“Chem hriam tak pawh hman loh chuan a bil thuai a, chutiang bawkin mipa thil pawh hi hman loh chuan a te tial tial mai a ni”

- Pu Thartea

“Sap ramah te chuan ka kal ve tawh alawm, kan naupan lain kan thenawmah Pu Sapchhuana te an awm a, an ram ah kan kal thin a, sap ram kal chu kan ni mai alawm”

- Pu Machana

“Stress is very stressful”

- Megha Joykumar (Seminar on Stress ah a sawi)

“Zu hi a tha chi, a chhe chi a awm hran lo. Lu a tih hai but theih chuan a tawk”

- U BT-a (Maia te driver sawi ni ta in ka hria)

“Hetiang drinks hi a va tha ve, tarmit power awm bun ang chiahin ka awm mawle”

- Thara

“Airtel balance check dan chhinchhiah dan tha ber chu, arsi one two three leihlawn”

- Sanga

“Internet an tih chu a tha khawp mai, mi tawm ru lai pawh a en theih vek”

- A sawitu ka hre tawh lo

“Nitin hian kan thil chak ber leh kan hreh ber hi tih thin tur an ti a, kei chu ka buai ve lo, chak takin ka mu a, hreh takin ka tho leh thin”

- Anonymous

“Kan hunlai mi leh tunlai mi te hi chu inang thei kan ni lo reng reng. Tunlai mite chu sap tawng changkang tak takin lehkha te an zir a, keini ve tlar 2 tlar 3 ah kan thu a, thle dual dual pahin ‘Ni khat chuuuu…. Zovi nu in….Ka feh dawnnnnn… a ti a” kan ti rual thap thap thin”

- Mi pakhat

Ka mut a chhuak, ka peih tawh lo. Ka hre teuh a, ka theihnghilh zo leh tawh.