Tuesday, January 22, 2013

True meaning of "Khal"

I’ve been encountering lotsa comments where they misuse ‘Khal’ on Facebook like – “I van ‘khal’ em em!” “Awi! khal tops” “Tunlai chu ka ‘khal’ lutuk a” etc. which were mostly posted on a not-so-thin (read fat) girl’s pictures. How they use the word ‘khal’ here stands for ‘thau’ (fat), so when you receive a comment like “I van khal em em” – know that they meant - “You’re so fat”. Think that as an insult!

Not only in Facebook but daily conversations you heard about girls becoming “khal-er” (fatter) everyday is misleading our generation to a very serious depth of wrongness. If you have a plump figure, excess amount of flesh and people you meet everyday begins a communication by saying, “Hey, why the round face?” – You are fat, not “khal”. Abused by wrong use of the word ‘khal’ everyday, born is this post.

Khal” - a Mizo word meaning “Solid” is derived from a Latin word “Khalustas” meaning “Sexy”. I’m afraid nobody knows what is “sexy” in Latin.

In the year 1570, a young Spanish sailor Pedro de Zubiaur was on his voyage to meet the love of his life in India. Blinded by the intense eagerness to meet the lovely bird, he accidentally landed in one of the docks in Southern India. The people there are called “Khalasis” and are known for their skills, teamwork and skilled divers. Since the weather was cold and winds and tides were strong, they decided to stay for the night.

Since Pedro and his crew were in such joyful mood, they decided to enjoy the night and yet, wait for the girl there. Message was sent to the girl by carrier pigeons. During the celebration with wine, dances and singing, Pedro’s eyes were caught by an attractive young Khalasi girl who was belly dancing in front of him. Her skin was white; lips were red like cherry, her body was sexy and not fat (you know the body of swimmer). Drunken Pedro was so impressed and mumbled “Khalas…khalass……” and shouted “Khalustas”. Long story short, a Mizo guy was there.

When that Mizo guy returned to his native, he started to call every young, attractive, sexy and not-fat girls as “Khal”. He forgot the word “Khalustas” and thus, “Khal” was born. Just like the birth of “Iskut”.

Since time immemorial, “Khal” is never “fat”. There is another word – “Thau

So, use the word “Khal” wisely. And the girls who receive comments like – “I van ‘khal’ em em!” “Awi! khal tops” will know what we really mean.

And I’m not here to disgrace the fat, but please Save the Whales! Peace :D

(PS - This is an attempt at humour)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ka New Year's Resolution

1. "Occasionally" tih hi zirchiang lehzual deuh ila, a nihna ang takin hmang ta ila.
2. Kekawrbul hi hak zir tha ve leh ta ila.
3. Hmuihmul zuah hi chu tum tawh lo law law ila, a tum pawh hi sim hmak ta ila.
4. Badminton hi khelh leh ngei tum ila.
5. Pi Mawitei number hi delete tum ta ila.
6. Adult Joke Book ringawt lo deuh, lehkhabu tak tak hi chhiar uar chho leh tan ila.
7. Tui vawt a inbual zir ila.
8. Mawza bun apiang bun pawh (pawp) loh zir ila.
9. Alarm set na clock/phone hi mutna atanga ban phak loh ah dah tawh ila.
10. Van thengreng (Space) ah inkahchhuah ngei tum tawh ila.
11. Hmelhriat chian loh na na na hi biak chhen tum tawh lo ila. Ka hriatsual theih em avangin.
12. Ek laiin phone khawih aiah chanchinbu chhiar thin tawh zawk ila. Ek laia in "mwah" vel hi a nice loh em avangin.
13. BM-a (Zaithiam) hi chibai ngei tum tawh ila.
14. Thingpui sen hang in uar ta ila.
15. Tunlai Mizo zaimi (zaithiam) te hi hriat ve deuh hlek tum ta ila.
16. Tawng fiah deuh zir ta ila.
17. Khuma a lehling zawnga mut hi sim ila.
18. Chaw ei kham mut fit hi sim ila.
19. Kungfu hi zir belh leh deuh ila.
20. Vawksa hi chu duh reng tho ila.

Kumthar Chibai ule!