Wednesday, July 15, 2009

An ode to my love

Since time immemorial, lyric poem has fascinates man. And in this very 21st century, a young sailor makes his attempt at scribbling down lines of love. Sailing across the various aspects of life and experiences, he thinks he should, and must.

Think about the billions of poems written by millions of people, only one had been contributed by this young man, the one that’s an ode to oranges. See it here.

Knowing his limited contribution in the field, he tries his best to come up with something, something that is passionate, loving, sentimental – to put in one word – romantic.

Armed himself with a portrait of Shakespeare on the table, a notebook and a pen with strawberry flavored ink – (Ohh that smells so good). Starts playing Keith Urban’s ‘Making memories of us’ softly and enqueuing “Tonight I wanna cry” on the next.

The fine-drawn weather and the gentle breeze are all on for it. So he sits down on the red chair with the black edges and makes his first attempt.

#First attempt

I miss you
Like a child misses her blanket
I need you
Like a flower needs sunshine
I love you
Like you love me

Too short, can’t make it longer. Besides, the lines are pretty bit childish. Lemme try again, putting more effort in coming up with some poetic words and metaphors. Here goes…

#Second attempt

Your voice
Like delicate music of an angelic choir
Your eyes
Like liquid moon
Your hands
Like lotus blossoms
You hairs
Like golden threads of royal robe
Your smile
Like the morning dew
You’re everything
To me my love

No rhymes? Hmm.. I’ve heard that most of the famous poems are coming with rhymes and flows. Here’s the attempt in rhyming words.

#Third attempt

My love,

You’re a shooting star
Only that you’re not far
I wish I could
Only that you would
Let me fly with you
And start our life anew

Together we’ll fly so high
Bid all our friends goodbye
Striking across all universe
Counting every star we parse
Oh! How I wish to fly
With you in my arms

Still, I failed in rhyming the last two lines. They’re like a ‘party-pooper’, stubborn and don’t walk in the line of their friends. Will it be better if it goes like this?

Oh! How I wish to fly with you
In my arms holding you

I don’t know either. Writing a lyric poem isn’t that easy and I don’t think I can do it. At least they say, try try again… Now, let’s make a final attempt in the composition of ‘an ode to my love’.

#Final attempt

For each moment of tears, I think of you,
The moments we had, the love we share;
Never had I been so inquisitive that you are the one,
Crimson regret here I cry, it never left me.

I am flying, the day I met you,
I was in heaven, down on earth;
Your heart skips a beat when we hug,
Mine skip too, that you didn’t know.

You’re my continuing source of inspiration,
My sail in this life’s ocean;
You’re my strong tower,
My shelter in thunder and storm;


Brat!! I failed, totally. I don’t know any lines to go more… It’s not my mug of beer. :-)

Well, at least, I tried.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

18 hrs at Malana

Nipui vanglai a ni a, Dilli tlang lamah chuan khaw lum avangin kan chiau kan chiau a. July ni 1 a lo her chuan Delhi Mizo Thalai Inkhawm ten an buatsaih Malana a Medical Camp nei turin kan inbuatsaih ta a.

July ni 1 tlai dar 6 ah Bus nghahna hmunah thlen kim nise tiin kan rel a, keini pawh chumi nang hman tur ngei chuan kan chhuak a. Kan va thlen chuan dar 6 chu a lo la ri lo deuh a, kan thlen hnuah pawh midang an rawn thleng nak nak a. Bus nghahna atanga chhuak nghal mai tura kan inrin laiin, bus chuanna tak tak tur chu hmun dang deuhah a ni a. Heng motor hian min thiar leh te te a, minute 10 vel tlan a ni.

Kan thlen kim hnu reilote ah bus pawh chu a rawn thleng ve nghal a, Delhi kan chhuahsan meuh chuan dar 8 a lo ri dawn hnai reng tawh a, chawl khawmuang lovin kan chhuak nghal a ni.

Kalkawngah hian zunram thiarin vawi hnih khat bak kan ding lo a, kalkawng thui viau mahse khawlum nin leh kan thlenna tur ram hmuh chakna a khat kan nih avangin kan hlim tlang hle. Zan dar 10 velah kalkawngah dinner eiin kan tlan lehnghal map map mai a ni.

Zing khua a lo var meuh chuan a vawt var tawh mai a, tukverh darthlalang pawh pawh thlak chi a ni tawh lo, kan inchhem khawng thei mai tawh dawn te in a hriat. Chung zing boruak thianghlim vawt var mai te chuan Zoram lam min ngaihtir hle mai. Khua a thiangin, thlasik boruak a pawl lek lek a, thingpui sa ver vawr han dawm te hlei hlei chu a hahdamthlak hle mai.

Zing thingpui in zawhah chawl khawmuang lovin kan tlan leh char char a, chawhma dar 11 velah Manali kan thleng chho a. Hetah hian Manali a fahrah enkawlna neitunu Pi Mawitei'n an sikul bus in min rawn lam tir a, tichuan an hmunpui lam panin an bus te chuan minute 15 vel kan tlan leh a. Hetah hian chhun chaw eina leh intihfaina hun te kan neih bakah, orientation hun te pawh kan hmang bawk a ni.

Chawhnu a rawn her chuan kan tum ram Malana lam pan turin Sumo 5 an lo ding thap tawh a. Dar 2:30 velah Malana lam panin sumo chuan kan inzui chho dam dam a, group 5 ah inthenin group tin te hi a huho zelin kan kal a ni.

Darkar 4 vel tehmeuh mai sumo chuan kan chuang leh a, kalkawng a chhe hle a. Motor chuan a chang leh min thlei a, a chang leh min thap hi a ni deuh ber mai. Tlang panga kan tlan te chuan a khu nasa mai si a, kalkawng a te bawk si a, tlak palh hlau a lo tawngtai ta mawlh mawlh te pawh kan awm nawk mai.

Motor in a kal theih chin bakah chuan darkar 1 leh a chanve vel tlang lawn tur a awm leh a, hei hi kan rin aiin a lo thui tawh lo a. A hmaa kal te chuan darkar 3 vel lai hun an hmang thin a, tun tumah erawh motor kawng a lo kal thui tawh avangin chutiang em em chu a ni lo. Mahse hahthlak tak a ni.

Kalkawngah kan chawl chho deuh reng a, thim thet thet dar 7 pelh hretah Malana khua chu kan lut ta a ni. Malana khaw chanchin hi sawi ve dawn ila, sawi tur ka hre hauh lo. Mahse, he khua hi serh leh sang an ngah em em a, anmahni hrim hrim hi sik emaw deh hlek pawh thiang lo an ni a, tin, thlalak phalloh leh hnim chi hrang hrang te khawih thian loh an ngah hle a. Khawih chuan pawisa chawi theihna vek an ni.

A hmun a sang bawk a, a vawt var mai. Kan hriatthiam theih dan tur chuan Mizorama kan tlang neih san ber Phawngpui aiin Km 1 velin helai hmun hi a sang a ni. Kan awmna tlangah tak chuan vur a tla lo a, kan piah tlang te erawh vur in a khuh mawi hle.

Kan thlen hian hotuten riahna tur tent leh eitur thlengin an lo buatsaih a. Kan inrem fel hnu chuan inkhawmna hun tawi te hmangin dar 9:30 velah dinner kan ei a. Ei kham hnuah mei te chhemin inkawmhona leh zaihona hun te hman a ni a. Dar 1 vel thleng zai ho a ni a, a tuk maia Medical Camp nei tur kan nih avangin mut zai kan rel ta a. Khua a vawt bawk a, mut tui a awl kher mai.

A tuk zing dar 7 ah kan tho leh var a, devotion hun te hmangin breakfast te kan ei a. Dar 9:30 ah Medical Camp chu kan tan ta a ni. Heta kal zawng zawng hi mi 40 kan ni a, doctor 4 leh nurse ten min tawiawm a, damlo inentir an thahnem hle a, an vaiin mi 180 vel an ni.

Doctor te leh nurse te pui turin kan kal ve a ni ber, a thenin hming an lo ziah sak a, a thenin doctor te chawh sa damdawi an lo pe a, kan buai nuai nuai a ni ber e. A then tihtur nei lo hovin tawngtaina hun an lo hmang bawk.

Damlo te en zawh chuan chawhnu dar 1 a pel tawh a, kan inremfel leh sawk sawk a, dar 2 velah lunch kan ei leh a, lawmthu sawina hun te hmangin dar 3 ah he hmun hi kan chhuahsan leh ta a ni.

Malana khua a mipui te hi an dangdai hle a, an hmel ah chuan middle east lampang ni awm tak tak ni in ka hmu a. An ngo a, an sen deuh suah hlawm mai. He khua hi Ganja hmunpui a ni a, an sum lakluhna hnar ber pawh a ni a, khawvelah an ganja hi a tha ber pawl a ni. Kawngsir leh khawi hmunah pawh hmuh tur a tam hle.

An hmeichhia ten hna an thawk nasa a, a tlang kan lawn chhoh lai pawhin an hmeichhia te thing phur kan tawk hnem khawp mai. A khawchhungah lah hmeichhia pitar te te te pawhin char char aia lian mah mah thing te an phur nawk nawk mai. An thlalak a rem loh avangin ka la ta lo.

An mipa te erawh biak tlak hmel pu an awm lo, ganja kha an meizial zuk hmiah hmiah a, an meng sen ram hlawm mai. Khawi khawi emaw ah an lo thukhawm leh laih zel. An khua hi a tawp angreng a, hei vang hian an hrisel loh phah hle bawk.

Pic - An Assembly House kan ti ve dawn nge, an rorelna In anih hi.

He khua ah hian missionary te pawh kum 10 chuang an lo awm tawh a, mahse christian pakhat pawh an la awm lo! An sakhaw biak hi Hindu niin sawi a ni a, mahse a inang lo deuh ten ka hmu ve mai mai. Anmahniin engkim an nei hrang a, tawng chenin, mahse hindi chu an hrethiam ve tlangpui.

Pic - An lung tam tak hi hetiang hian a tle vek mai.

Khawih thianglo pawh medical camp neih meuh chuan kan khawih ta nawk nawk hlawm mai a. Anmahni hlei hleiin min bawr nasa. Naupang te pawh sikul an kal ve a, sikul form te pawh an nei ve thlap a ni.

An In sak dan te hi a mak khawp mai, thli a na ngai lo ni tur a ni. A ban te hi lung ah an nghat tawp a, a bang te chu char tin an kham phei a, a chungah lung chhawng hnih vel an rem leh a, chumi chungah char tin an dah leh a, chutiang chuan an sa tlangpui.

Kan haw thla leh lampang chu kal lam ai chuan kan chhangchhe tawh lo deuhin ka hria. Kal dan kan thiam tawh hlawm emaw ni. Kal chhung pawh a reilo deuh. Tichuan, sumo bawkin kan let leh a, Manali ah kal tawh lovin bus in min lo nghak a, kan tlang lehnghal a. A tuk chawhma dar 10 vel ah kan thleng a, boruak a inang lo bawk a, a chauh thlak kher mai.

I chau em? tiin kan inzawt nak nak a, tumahin chau e ti duh bik hek suh. Mahse, zep theih a ni lo, hmel ah kan chau a ni tih a lang chiang hlawm hle. In lam pan nghalin ka mu nghal char char a, ka thawh leh meuh chuan a lo tlai tawh hle a, computer te on in he i thu chhiar lai hi ka ziak ta a.

Thlalak dang HETAH hian a awm nual bawk.