Thursday, November 6, 2014

Waiting for Game of Thrones Season 5

Apparently I had been watching Game of Thrones ‪#‎GoT‬ ‪#‎Game_of_Thrones‬ for the past two weeks. Finished the whole four season and what I find is that -

- Bran Stark is just a crawlin’ caterpillar in its cocoon waiting to be a butterfly.

- Brienne of Tarth is Ellen's younger sister.

- Jon Snow and his wildling girlfriend had sex and Jon did the tongue work. The most ewww thing is that they didn't take a bath in decades when it happen. No wonder they break up.

- "Hi I'm Tyrion Lannister and this is Jackass."

- 99.9% of runtime you see people drinking wine.

- King Joffrey is seen with naked ladies in several episodes but died a virgin.

- The Night's Watch are just a bunch of gay guys who swore to protect The Wall made of ice baby. And they protect it with oil by lubricating it...dayumm.

- Incest level is too damn high.

- The White Walkers, though feared by everybody are just a team of fancy Zombies with LED contact lenses and crispy skeletons from 1997 Hercules PC Game.

- Ravens are faster than Speed posts. Thou shall use Ravens for sending mails. All hail the mighty Ravens!

- Lastly... Cersei, you are the one true whore and we are waiting for those racks to swing freely on our screens like everybody else's.

- And Ros, lest we forget.