Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Things to do in Mizoram before you die!

Bitch Please!

  1.  Take a perfectly timed picture of you jumping at Hmuifang Hill.
  2. Spend an evening at World Bank Road.
  3. Smuggle in two bottles of Whisky through Vairengte Excise Check-post successfully.
  4. Create and become an administrator in one of the most official and most hardcore mizo sentimental group in Facebook with 202 members.
  5. Like” and make pervertic/vulgar comments in at least three photos of “Mizo Hmeichhe Chhelo Post Na” group.
  6. Carry one big-shot DSLR camera and click a picture of you with it in front of the mirror and use it as your profile picture in Facebook.
  7. Own a dog. Yeah, a dog.
  8. Have at least two drinking spots on the outskirt of Aizawl City.
  9. Figure out what is “Last House”.
  10. Publish a magazine and become the greatest sex and love expert.
  11. Become a celebrity!
  12. Have a text mate you found from Lelte Pals.
  13. Start an Association and ask for donations.
  14. Hunt for Gutkha products while you’re chewing tobacco.
  15. Buy something online and brag about it everyday for one year.
  16. Save 2/3 contacts of liquor secret agents and become resourceful.
  17. Eat out at every new restaurant, snap pictures and be the first to upload pictures online. Later, comment on any friend’s upload on your news feed - “been there” “been there”.
  18. Be a badass. Buy coffee at some small local variety store at 9:30 pm.
  19. Count how many advertisements Vanglaini publishes in a day.
  20. Go to Anthurium Festival at Reiek and play “spot-a-chick”.
  21. Become a photographer and post your photos in “My Shots” album on Facebook. How professional!
  22. Form a club and make a t-shirt.
  23. Go to BSNL Office at around 9 pm and see how busy the street is.
  24. Update some Bible verses as your Facebook status on Sunday.
  25. Ride a Royal Enfield (Bullet) motorcycle and wear aviator shades no matter the weather.
  26. Go to Church, sleep through the whole service and be holier than those who stayed at home.
  27. Be the first to make a sex video clip in HD with your 8MP mobile phone camera.
  28. Hire a Taxi that will cost you 80 bucks for a kilometer.
  29. Watch Korean Serial and learn Mizo in 15 episodes.
  30. Go to any picnic spots at Sihhmui, they have swimming pools. Yay!
 Care to add some more?