Thursday, November 6, 2014

Waiting for Game of Thrones Season 5

Apparently I had been watching Game of Thrones ‪#‎GoT‬ ‪#‎Game_of_Thrones‬ for the past two weeks. Finished the whole four season and what I find is that -

- Bran Stark is just a crawlin’ caterpillar in its cocoon waiting to be a butterfly.

- Brienne of Tarth is Ellen's younger sister.

- Jon Snow and his wildling girlfriend had sex and Jon did the tongue work. The most ewww thing is that they didn't take a bath in decades when it happen. No wonder they break up.

- "Hi I'm Tyrion Lannister and this is Jackass."

- 99.9% of runtime you see people drinking wine.

- King Joffrey is seen with naked ladies in several episodes but died a virgin.

- The Night's Watch are just a bunch of gay guys who swore to protect The Wall made of ice baby. And they protect it with oil by lubricating it...dayumm.

- Incest level is too damn high.

- The White Walkers, though feared by everybody are just a team of fancy Zombies with LED contact lenses and crispy skeletons from 1997 Hercules PC Game.

- Ravens are faster than Speed posts. Thou shall use Ravens for sending mails. All hail the mighty Ravens!

- Lastly... Cersei, you are the one true whore and we are waiting for those racks to swing freely on our screens like everybody else's.

- And Ros, lest we forget.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Smaug the Golden

If I were to pick out my favourite fictional monster, mutant, beast or any out of this world character, my list would be endless. From The Predator to Rattlesnake Jake, from Hydra to Cyclops, from Godzilla to Freddy Krueger.

Filmmakers, artists, and writers of fiction do their best to think up increasingly wondrous and terrifying monsters to haunt the nightmares and daydreams of their audiences. But few fictional beasts have proven as lasting - or as awe-inspiring as the wing-flapping, FIRE-BREATHING DRAGONS!!

Among them is Smaug. A fire drake of the Third Age, considered to be the last great dragon to exist in Middle Earth.

You hear his breath and the deep crepitating sound hits you, this ain’t no frilly Dragon. This Dragon is going to put hair in places you may not be accustomed to having it. This Dragon is so awesome that just by seeing him you can start imagining yourself being a different person already. He opens his one eye and your voice starts to drop.  He opens his other eye and suddenly you have an oversized sword in your left hand. 

At this point, your mom is confused and your siblings are scared, but there’s no turning back. The mighty Smaug cracks his neck and your accent comes. Slowly at first. An ‘aye’ there, a ‘lad’ there. But slowly takes a back seat after the Dragon started to stand.

Your accent is now in full steam, you look out the window and F’lar nods in approval. A kilt falls from the ceiling as you realize you’re now naked. You stand proud.

Smaug The Magnificient is now standing on all four in his Lonely Mountain. And your girlfriend is staring at you with hunger in her eyes. It’s a good day to be a Dragon Rider.

"My armour is like tenfold shields, my teeth are swords, my claws spears, the shock of my tail is a thunderbolt, my wings a hurricane, and my breath death!"

-   Smaug

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Orkut Hriatreng Nan

Kum 2007 a ni a, Delhi khaw lum vanglai tak mai chuan tihtur nei em em lovin ka mu dar dar a. U
 Hauzel Chda hian, "Orkut hi ti ve rawh. Hi5 ang chi deuh kha a nia, a that hmel reuh lutuk," a ti a. Hna pawimawh dang thawh tur engmah ka neih loh avangin reilote hnuah chuan ka siam ve ta nghal a, ka friend hmasa zingah U Hmingi Sailo te, U Lalfakzuala Hauzel te ho hi ka la hriat chian theih chhun.

A hman a awlsam angreng a, ka bo rei lem lo. Thlalak pawh a vaiin 12 lai a upload theih a, a in scrap theih bawk. A fimkhur deuhin scrapbook a thu ziah sa kan delete zel a, a pawiti lem lovin kan hung dul a. Hmelhriat sa, thian tha te nen neuh neuh friend pawh chu kan neih belh ta zel a.

Hetih hunlai hian Facebook pawh hi account chu kan nei fur tawh hlawmin ka ring, mahse Orkut a awlsam em avangin kan bo hlawm hle a nih kha. Tuman Facebook kan la hmang thra peih lo!

Recent Visitors kan ngai pawimawh em em a, mi profile kan "stalk" a, an recent visitor a lan te kha kan zak leh ang lawi a, a hide theih tih kan hriat te khan kan han hide a. Kan hide takah chuan keimahni recent visitors a in hide tel bawk si!

U Manuna Hj hi Orkut ah pawh khan a uar fal a ni leh a, SMS thawn ai chuan Orkut ah scrap ila, a hmu rang zawk kan tih thin kha a ni. Tichuan, Community te kan han siam a, kan phusa ve thrin hle.

Favang a lo nih meuh chuan "Delhi Orkutters Meet 2007" chu Sarita Vihar a U Rami Khawlhring te inah ngei hian kan va hmang a. U Michael Pautu, UTetei Renthlei te ho nen kan va phusa chiam a nih kha. "Harry Potter" en tura kan vahkual nasat zia te kha!

Tichuan, community lamah kan sikul kalna thin community ah kan awm a. Chuta tang chuan "Sommnnty" siam chhuak leh in kan sikula kal ve ngai lem lo U CyEf Lalhruaitluanga leh U Benjiboi Tangpua te ho hi a phusa ber ber an rawn ni leh a. Chuta kan senior member te U Effie Fanai, U Janet Lalawmpuii, U Alyssa Saptheipari te ho ai pawhin nuam an ti zawk!

Sommnnty vanglai a pel a, SOU (Super Orkuters United) kan in din chho leh a. Hetah hian U Ronald Lalthanmawia, U Seni Hranglung, ULalhmingmuani Bawitlung, U Lal Remsanga, U Xorina Ralte, U Mama Pachuau te ho nen kan han phusa leh a. Delhi Freshers Social ah Grease theme a nih angin "You're the one that I want" hla ah kan lam ngei a nih kha.

Orkut khan hmasawn tumin hmalakna hrang hrang a nei ve reng a, album te a siam a, thlalak pawh a upload belh theih ta zel a. Mahse right-click te an disable a, thlalak save theihloh turin an han siam a. A save dan awlsam te pawh tutorial te kan lo buaipui ve hle a. Watch -

Kan rik nuaih nuaih chhung hian "Testimonial" thlum tak tak kan inziah tawn sak reng a. Status te pawh a update ve theih tak e!

Facebook a kan hming te hi chu la pangngai tak a ni a, Orkut lamah kha chuan character mak pui pui nen a inchei nuaih kha a tam thin hle. In zawn (search) te phei chu har tak a ni.

Orkut hmuhchhuah a nih dan te leh Google in an enkawl tak dan a rawn lar hluai te phei kha chuan Orkut siamchhuaktupa hausak tur zia ringawt te kha hahip in kan sawi thin.

Sawi dawn chuan sawi tur a tam. Community fahrah te te U Robert Lalmalsawma hova kan siam thin, U Rosie Puipuii ten "A mihring ngai te te an lo awm leh ta" an tih hunlai te, Mutual Friend-a lar em em lai te, Orkut Application a kan in compete nasat hunlai te, inlak cool nan a theme kan thlak deuh sek thin te kha, tunah chuan Facebook ah kan insawn san ta dial chu a ni sia.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Bag Dum Pahnih

Buai deuha zin bik reng hi ka chanpual emaw ka ti ta hial!

Shillong lamah thil engemaw buaipui zuai tur ka neih avangin Friday zingah sumo a chhuk tumin ka in ruahman a, amaherawhchu ka thianpa John-a’n keipawh i kal dawn chuan office dawr tur ka nei alawm, min lo nghak rawh a ti a. Tichuan, Friday (September 19, 2014) zinga kal ta lo chuan zan lamah kan chhuak ta zawk a. Monday zana haw leh mai tum kan nih avangin bag dum pakhat lian vaklo ve ve kan keng a, kan zangkhai hle.

Zin kawng chaw @ Bualpui

Zan dar 7 a kan chhuak kha kan tlan tluang hle a, zunram thiar leh chaw ei a chawlh bak din kan nei lo a. Tichuan, tluang takin Shillong khawpui pawh Inrinni zing dar 9 leh a chanve velah ruah sur bur bur hnuaiah kan zu thleng ta a ni.

Zing thingpui @ Ladrymbai
Keimah a ka kal chuan Hotel a thlen tum kha ka ni a, mahse ka thianpa hian a Pa puia (uncle) te an awm a, an inah thleng ang a tih avangin chumi lam chu kan pan ta a.

Kan thlen na
Kan thlen na In a kan innghah fel hnu chuan kan inbual fai vel a. Ka tihtur zawk buaipui zuai tur vel chuan kan chhuak nghal a. Shillong khawpui pawh ruah a sur chuan a nuam lem lo hle a ni. Ka thianpa cousin in a motor in min hman tir a, kan fang kual hneh hle a, a chungah kan lawm hle bawk.

Neigrihms Hospital

A tuk Sunday ah chuan tihtur kan neih em em loh avangin ruah sur karah kan leng kual vel ta mai mai bawk a.

Ka tihtur ka zo fel tawh bawk a, ka thianpa zawk office dawr turin Monday ah chuan boruak vawt tak hnuaiah kan inphur chhuak leh ta a. Fel mai tura kan rin kha rin ai takin a lo bawrchuar a, nilengin thil pawh ei hman mang lovin kan phe kual zak zak a, Guwahati a chhuk tlang ngai hial in kan awm ta a. Kan buaipui ta rau rau, a hnai bawk a, chhuk tlang leh law law ila  ani mai alawm tiin Tuesday zinga chhuk tum chuan kan inruahman leh ta a ni.

Shillong leh a chhehvelah hian ruah a sur nasa hle a, Guwahati lama kan thiante kan biak pawhin a flood nasa hle tih thu min rawn hrilh bawk a. Sonapur lamah leimin a awm a, Sumo rawn chhuk tur pawh an tang tih te leh Meghalaya ah strike (Economic blockade) a awm avangin an zin motor te pawh an delay nasa hle tih kan hriat te phei chuan min ti phur tawh lo dun khawp mai.

Plan kan han siam leh ta zung zung a, zing karah a hma thei ang berin Guwahati ah chhuk ila, Guwahati ah chuan buaipui rei a ngai lo anga. Tlaiah Shillong ah let chho leh ila, Tuesday zan vekah hian Mizoram lam panin kan haw dawn nia tiin kan mu leh ta phawt a.

Tuesday zing ah chuan dar 6 ah thawh kan tum a, mut kan khamloh em avangin minute 15 mu leh ang kan tia, tichuan dar 6:15 ah kan tho ta a. Thingpui te in in, Guwahati pan turin Civil Hospital lam kan pan ta a. Civil Hospital kawt atang hian engtik lai pawhin Guwahati kal tur Sumo a chan theih a ni.

Dar 7 ah Shillong atang chuan sumo in kan chhuak ta a, kan sumo driver pawh kan be thla nawk nawk a. A car tape a a playlist a dangdai em avangin kan nui thla tiah tiah a. Dar 9:30 velah chuan Nongpoh ah breakfast kan ei thla a. Shillong atanga Guwahati hi darkar 4 tlan vel a ni a, kawng chanve vel kan kal tawh tihna a nih chu.


Nongpoh atang hian kan chhuak leh a, minute 40 vel kan tlan tih chuan motor rawn let leh ho hian kut an rawn thing chho nawk nawk in min rawn signal hlawm zel a. Motor 4 kan tawh na ah chuan eng nge a chhan tih kan zawt a, road block a awm an ti ringawt a.

Kan tlan thla leh deuh chu lei a lo min nasa mai a, kal tlang chi ziazang a ni lo.

Motor atang kan chhuk a, leimin en tur chuan kan chhuak vek a. Midang pawh an lo tang nasa tawh a, hei hi hemi tuk maia min a ni awm e.

Reilote hnuah kawng siam tlang turin hnathawk motor ho an rawn thleng thla nghal sup sup a, theihtawpin an bei nghal a. An thawk chak bawka tiin darkar reilote ah kan tlang mai ang chu tiin kan nghak thrup hlawm a ni.

Kan sumo pawh chuan kan nghak ve a, mahse ngaihthatlohna engemaw kan neih avangin kan sumo chu a thla la ve hrim hrim teh ang kan ti a. A hnung leh a hma a number plate lang chiang thei ang berin thla te chu kan la  ta a.

Darkar 2 vel zen zawn kan nghak tawh ang tih chuan kan chuanpui vainu pakhat hi a rawn kal a, “Sumo ah khan bag in dah em? A tlan daih ania,” a rawn ti a. Rang lutukin kan din na lam  pan chuan kan kal chho nghal a, kan hmu zo ta lo. Motor intlar tawp na thlengin kan kal chho a, lane lehlam lehlama inthenin kan zawng dun ta char char a, kan hmu zo ta lo.

Kan chuanpui vaiho kha chu leng mai mai tur ang an nih hlawm avangin bungrua an nei ve lem lo a, keini pahnih bungraw neihchhun kan bag dum pahnih chu a tlanpui daih mai a nih chu.

Hemi kan buai lai hi chhun dar 12 vel chiah chiah a ni.

Uluk takin a let zawngin kan zawng thla leh a, kan hmu chuanglo. A hmuna leimin vel rawn enfiah a rawn kal, police officer pakhat chu va hrilh tawp ila a tha ang tiin kan va be tawp a. Ani kan va biak ber kher kha helai district a an DSP (Traffic) a lo ni hlauh a, tichuan ani chuan Nongpoh Police Control Room min biak sak nghal a, kan motor number te chu sawiin chumi ang motor lo tlan a awm chuan lo detain turin thupek a han pe nghal a. Kan awmna lai hi signal kan hmuh thatloh avangin kan phone atang te chuan kan han biak tir nawk nawk a, tichuan ani chuan Motor chho tur zawng ula Nongpoh PS ah han in report nghal rawh u min ti a.

Motor chho tur lah chu a vang em em khawp mai a. Thui fe ke kan kal chhoh hnu in Taxi pakhat a lo tlan hlauh a. Kan chuang ta a, anni lah passenger duhthawh bawk. A khat kher loh chuan tlan chhoh an duh si lo, passenger min zawnpui leh. A rei dawn ta lutuk a, “Tlan chho mai la, passenger i hmuh loh chuan passenger dang chuan na man ang chu kan pe mai ang che,” kan ti a, tichuan kan chho a. Chho zawnga kan tlan meuh chuan passenger khat thrap in a hmu leh ta mai bawk a.

Tichuan Nongpoh PS chu kan han thleng chho a, PCR chu kan pan ding nghal a. PCR duty te lunch an lo ei avangin kan nghak a, kan nghah chhungin FIR te thehlut ve hrim hrim ang tiin FIR te chu kan han ziak chawp nawk nawk a. Kan bag dum pahnih chu kan bungrua a nih thu te chu chiang takin kan ziak lang a.

FIR kan va thehluh na room ah chuan an SI duty hmeichhia chu kan va bia a, ani chuan khawi atanga lokal nge kan nih te min zawt a. Mizoram kan tih chuan pai deuhin Mizo tawngin min be ta a, ngaih a ngam deuh sawt. Mizo chu a ni lo a, Mizoram a la kal lo bawk a, Mizo tawng erawh a thiam hle a ni.

Ani chuan min pui ta nghal sawk sawk a, PCR lamah te chuan min chhoh pui leh a. Min han buaipui sak ta vek a, PCR lama duty te pawh an lo fel em em a. Information kha Police Station hrang hrang ah kan awm lai ngei chuan an pe chho ta zel a, bungraw phurh bo chu bag dum pahnih a nih thu chu Shillong PS thlengin an pe chho ta a ni.

An SI (Madam Shyam) chuan, “Hlauhthawng reng reng suh u, an man ngei ngei ang,” tiin min thlamuan a. PCR duty te pawhin chuti chuan min ti bawk a, an man veleh report min rawn pe anga kan rawn hrilh mai ang che u an ti a. Keini pawh chuan nghah mai loh chu tih tur kan nei lo hle a, kan ril te a tam tawh bawk sia tiin lunch kan ei anga kan lo let leh dawn nia kan ti a.

Kan buai viau ai ei nghek ang tiin Chinese restaurant deuh kher kan zawng a, a vang phian lehnghal. A hnu ah kan hmu hlauh a, hahchawlh pahin tiin muang changin kan chawl a. Kan ei kham hnu chuan PS lamah chuan kan let leh ta a.

PCR kan han thleng leh chiah chu, “In motor sawi kha Umiang Police Station ah an man e. Han kal ula, Nongpoh atang kan rawn chho a ti ula an lo buaipui ang che u,” min ti a. Kan lawm ngei mai.

Umiang chu Ri-Bhoi District chhunga Shillong lam pana Police Station hnuhnung ber a ni a. Kan hriat theih dan tur chuan Barapani bul a ni. Lawmthu te kan inhrilh zawh hnu chuan Umiang lam pan chuan sumo bawkin kan chho leh ta a.

Nongpoh atanga Umiang hi darkar 2 vel zen zawn kan tlan a, kan delay deuh nachhan pawh kalkawngah lung tla thei mai a awm avangin an lo bomb a, hei hi kan nghak deuh reng a ni.

Kawng chhak bomb kan nghak lai
Umiang PS kan thlen chhoh leh meuh hi chuan dar 4 a hnaih thuak tawh a. Umiang PS ah hian an police duty te an lo fel em em a, sumo driver leh sumo pawh chuan lo kawl ran a. Tichuan, sumo ah te chuan min hruai a, kan bungrua, kan bag dum pahnih te chu kan la fel ta a ni.

Umiang PS ah kan sumo chuan na an lo man
“Engtia tih nge in duh?” tiin min zawt a, keini chuan, “Kan sumo chuan man leh helaia kan veikualna senso hi min pe rawh se,” kan ti a. Ani chuan pawisa a nei bawk si lo, kan han inhnial deuh bap bap a.

A tawpah chuan ama sumo kan chuan man bakah Nongpoh kan chhuk thlak leh na tur motor min ngaihtuah sak turin kan inbe fel ta a ni.

Nongpoh pan chuan Marshall motor ngei mai ang chi khan bungraw phurha min phur chungin kan insawh thla leh bawp bawp a. Nongpoh kan thlen thlak leh meuh chuan ruah a sur leh nasa tawh hle a ni.

Kawng kha chu a lo tlang tawh a, amaherawhchu, a min na hmasa bakah khan hmun dang pahnih ah a min belh leh tih te chu police duty ten min lo hrilh a. Guwahati chu kal ngaihna a awm tak loh avangin Shillong lam pan chho leh mai ang tiin Sumo bawkin kan chho leh ta a, Shillong kan thlen chhoh leh chuan zan dar 8 vel a ri tawh a ni.

Shillong ah chuan Hotel ah thleng tawh mai ang tiin Police Bazar a kan hmuh hmasak ber Stay In Guest House ah chuan kan thleng ta a. Inbual fai velin nilengin kan hun hman dan buai tak kan sawi velin hun kan hmang ta mai mai a ni. :D

A tuk Wednesday ah chuan Guwahati kal tawh lovin, Mizoram lam pan tawh zawk phawt mai ang tiin kan rel ta a. Meghalaya Strike awm avang khan buaina a sosang hle a, motor hal leh buaina neuh neuh a awm bakah Sonapur leimin avangin motor a tang nasa tih te pawh chu kan hai der tawp a, haw chu kan tum ta tho a ni.

Sumo a chuan chu kan hne tawh e mai tiin MST Bus in chho ang kan ti a, a tukah chuan MST bus kan va ngaihven a, mahse MST kal ni a lo ni lo a. Sumo bawk chu kan han ngaihven leh a, seat awl kan hmuh chhun chu a tlar hnung ber no. 8 & 9 a ni chauh bawk si a, a dang a awm miau loh chuan tiin kan la fel ta a.

Tlai dar 6/7 vela chhuak tura kan inngaih laiin dar 3 a chhuah tur an ti ta thut si a. Ka thianpa cousin bike in kan lo leng kual vel a, kan buai ngei mai. Dar 2:30 ah in report ngei ngei tur a ni a, Dar 3 a thlen hman loh chuan in kalsan a ni mai an rawn ti si a, kan haw kawng hriat ve ber lah NO ENTRY a lo ni bawk si. Kawng zawng chawpin kan tlan haw a, dar 3 rik hma chiah chiahin Sumo counter chu kan thleng ta hram a.

Dar 3 chiah chiah ah chuan kan chhuak ta a, kan thutna tlar ah chuan Mami, Zarkawt a lo chuang ve a, chuan midang pakhat nen kan khat thra threp thrawp hle mai. Nungchang a tha duh khawp mai, kan che sawn thei meuh lo a ni.

Dar 3 a kan chhuak kha Sumo kan intlar ve nual a, Ladrymbai velah Strike vanga an buaina lai hmun ber chu kan pal tlang ta hram bawk a. Kan hnunga Sumo rawn tlan 3 chu an lo dang a, lung te in an lo vawm a, passenger te pawh an vawm fuh tih te kan hre leh ta zel a. Pakhat rawn tlan tlang lah Sonapur lei a lo min belh leh a, chutah chuan a tang an ti leh bawk sia. Chung lam atangin vengtu chu a awm chiang a ni tiin tluang takin Aizawl chu zing dar 5:30 velah kan lut a. Zing exer la chhelo deuh deuh en pahin Thawh Thut Restaurant ah thingpui te kan in te te a. Kan haw ve thei ta hram a ni.

Ka zin bo chhung hian ka thian sual tak tak ten min lo chhuah chhe khawp mai a. Lal Jo-a te chu police in an man a, an tang tih te in min lo sawi a, pawisa an nei tawh silo a, pawsa puk chawpin an in bail chhuak te an lo ti thul. Lo awih tawk thian dangte zawhna ka dawng hnem malh malh hle. Heng thian sual te hi kawm tawh lo ila a tha ang.

Tin, ka awmloh chhung bawk hian ka motor neih ve chhun ding lai an lo hmu a. VIP light te min lo vuah sak thul.....

Thian sual kawm ka sim tawh dawn. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Aizawl Night Map

Aizawl bel lutuk lo emaw, hmun danga awm bo emaw tan a tangkai takin. Hnam dang rawn zin te leh thalai te tan hian zan lama han teichhuah na tur hi a vang duh em em a, mamawh neih emaw coffee emaw han in chhuah lawk na tur te hi hriatloh laklawh chuan buaithlak ve deuh a ni.

Ka hre kim vek e, ka hre dik vek e chu ka ti chuanglo a, heng te hi ka hriat chin ka rawn tarlang ang e. (Hriatsual ka neih chuan tih dik theih reng :P)

Restaurant inhawng tlai thei deuh te. (9 PM vel thleng an inhawng tlangpui)
1. Hot Pot, Zarkawt. (ICICI Bank chung)
2. Top Chef, Near Vanapa Hall.
3. Zo Foods, (Top Chef chung).
4. Magnolia Restaurant (Hotel Regency), Zarkawt.
5. Hotel Royale, Near Dawrpui SBI.

Nepnawi dawr inhawng rei (Cigarettes, Kuhva, Coffee etc)
1. Chaltlang – Bawngkawn road ah, Nazareth Hospital chungah dawr te. Zan dar 12 vel thleng te  a inhawng thin.
2. Hnamte Store, Ramhlun, Near D3 Enterprise ah. Hei pawh 12 vel thleng te an hawng thin.
3. Vanapa Hall hnuai dawr te. A chang chuan 1 ah te pawh an lo la inhawng.
4. Mission Veng Biak In opposite ah dawr an in hawng rei bawk.
5. Pi Kimi Dawr, near Zarkawt traffic point.
6. Israel Point bus stand (Bazar bus stand), Near Dawrpui taxi stand.
7. KNN, Ramhlun Venglai leh ST Mart, Ramhlun North, Near Zangena Petrol Pump.

Zan riltam thut a kalna tur
1. Lal Pu-a dawr aka Pulao Dawr, Silchar Road, Bawngkawn. (Open 24 hrs) A tui vak lo a, mahse a tih ve nawk nawk theih. :P

ATM awmna langsar zual
1. Ritz Hotel hnuai, Dawrpui.
2. SBI Main branch ah ATM 1 leh a hnuai ah ATM 2 (Solomon’s Cave)
3. Aizawl Tennis Court bul.
4. Millennium Centre opp.
5. ICICI Bank leh a opposit ah, Zarkawt.
6. Axis, Chanmari.
7. Chanmari Biak In bul. Etc etc.

Pinic Spots in Aizawl 
1. Chawngvawra – 2305306
2. West End – 2349316
3. N Palai – 2341913
4. Coconut Groove – 2340951
5. Hyde Out – 2342281
6. Hrangbana – 2341279
7. Holiday Palace - 2323156/2323325
8. Bungbangla – 2350669
9. Park Eden – 9862373550
10. Zote - 9862324500/9862277967
11. Liando Resort - 9862312303/9436146211
12. Mosia – 2345880
13. DG Park – 2329791
14. B.S. Farm – 9436153658
15. Daifim – 9615003337

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Yellow (Sunset in Aizawl)

Today's (July 29th, 2014) sunset in Aizawl was truly amazing! Took out my phone and capture the precious moment when the sun bathes everything in Yellow. Note that I didn't use any photo filters in the following images and these images are coming straight from my phone except the little watermark on the bottom right corner.

It's cliché but I almost had a feeling falling in love will be easy at sunset. :D

Lucky I had the chance to witness this sheer beauty the world presents us.

And the song Yellow by Coldplay came to mind.

Your skin,
Oh yeah, your skin and bones,
Turn into something beautiful,
You know,
You know I love you so,
You know I love you so.

I swam across,
I jumped across for you,
Oh what a thing to do.
'Cause you were all yellow,

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Text from out of this world

Have you ever been so drunk and that you really need to type a message?

Male or female, sender or receiver, we've all been involved in the classic drunk text scenario. If you've ever been on the receiving end of a drunk text you’ll notice that they usually start coming in around after midnight. Anything later and it might be too late to get the desired outcome.

If you’re the one that sends the text, surely you think that what you jot in there are all correct. But what you need to know is that, you will always find yourself guilty reading your sent messages the next morning. And sometimes, you just stare and stare at the screen, thinking about what you were trying to say and you really can’t make it out so you just laugh it away. It happen to one of my buddy sometime back.

There’s this time when we were out doing the usual on one fine weekend. And when we get back home, one of my buddy (the sender) couldn't find his pendrive in his car (i10). He thinks he left it in Michael’s car (also i10 - I am mentioning the car model because I think it plays a very important part in the text *look at the third message*) and he bombarded me with messages asking me to tell Michael to look for the pendrive in his car. I couldn't make out anything that he was sending me.

After much thought, I think he is trying to say -

“Hey, Michael kha lo zawt teh. Ka pendrive ka hmulo reng reng. Memory card nen”

“Mawh mawh”

“Ka i10 ka en a awm miahlo”

“Michael-a pendrive nen khan in dahkhawm ami?”

Sorry I couldn't decrypt the last sentence. :D

Ka naupan lai Facebook Status te

Kan naupan lai (ti ve khanglang ila) khan Facebook hi lo awm tawh ta se, ka status thin tur nia ka rin thenkhat te - 

1. Vawiin chu thirchhe hralh hlawk deuh bawk a, boss te nen chana Rs. 2 man theuh kan hawp. 

2. Tennis court ah ball boy ah ka tang a, tennis ball hman hlui 3 ka hlawh. - Feeling happy. 

3. Kid No. 1 ka ni ta bawk a, meizial pawh a tlawnin ka zu ru thei ta. 

4. Sikul banah workshop hrang hrangah tawlailir siamna tur bearing dil kual tur aw...@friend1 @friend2 @friend3 

5. Awmphaw tur tel tin chhin tunge nei?

6. Ka thiante nen sikul banah Ngaizel ah insual kan en dawn. 

7. Sagu leina tur pawisa khawl ngai tlat! 

8. Nilengin video games khel kan han en chu le, mit chu kham duh mai mai. 

9. Bawn leh chhang laikua ka va ei chak takh. - Feeling hungry. 

10. Ka pheikhawk eng thei a chhiaaaa! :'(

11. Klassik ah leh Leo Toys ah toys kan en kual chiam, ka awt hlawm thraaa..

12. Sister hmai plain chu ka hlau ve det. 

13. Sikulpuikawn bridge an siam zawh hma in kan lawn chhin, a nuam rip!

14. Tukverh ah ka dak chhuak lui tlat a, Conductor in min rawn kheuh trang trang pawhin ka hrelo der a, Town bus fare ka chawi lo..Ahaii hit top! 

15. Sikul kal dawn veleh a Star Plus a GI Joe chhuak thin hi chu aa....sikul kal loh mai ka duh thin. 

16. Kan buk sak an lo suam a, kan Charminar bawm 2 dah that an ru, phuba chu lakin a awm ang. - Feeling determined. 

17. Big Babol fakna hi tak tak nise awwww...

18. Marble 10 hi cheng khat a lo ni tawh mawle! Thil to chak zia hi. 

19. Mattress hnuaia ka hmanraw pawimawh dahkhawm ka nu in a lo paih vek! Hit lo mai mai. 

20. Children Park ah indo turin kal teh ang.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Ruah chu a sur buan buan a. 

A fanu kum 4 mi leh a pa chu an nu 'birthday present' tur an leina dawr kawtah chuan an ding reng a, an hma lawka tuihawk khauh tak luang hum hum chu an thlir mek a ni. 

A pa chuan, "Bawihte, min kai la. Tuihawk saw kan kân anga, kan haw dawn nia, a hlauhawm hleinem," tiin hlauthawng taka a fanu ding lai chu nui sang chungin a hrilh a. 

A fanu chuan kaih mai a tum lo, kaih a hnekin a pa chu a kuah bet a. Chu naupang hmel chu zamna hlirin a khat a ni tih hai rual a ni. 

Chutah a pa bawk chuan, "Bawihte, khawi keiman nghet deuhin ka vuan che anga, kan kal dawn nia," a tih veleh chuan a fanu chuan ngaih ngam takin a ban chu a rawn phar nghal a.

"An kaih hun che nghak lovin, i hmangaih te chu nghet takin vuan hmasa zawk ang che"


Emergency room ah chuan pa pakhat hi thinrim deuhin a lo âng bawrh bawrh a. 

"Khawiah nge doctor chu? A va rawn kal har ve. Hetiang reng renga duty ngai pawimawh lo te chu a hna atanga bân mai tur alawm," tiin. 

A bulah chuan a fapa chu accident avangin hmanhmawh taka zai ngaiin a mu reng a, zai a nih nghal loh chuan a nunna in a tuar thei dawn a ni. 

A awm hle hle thei lo, a âng buan buan reng a. Midang pawhin an khawngaih rual in mak tih hmel takin an en thup a ni. 

Chutia a ân reng lai chuan doctor chu a rawn thleng a, thinrim eng phiar in doctor chu a lo hau nghal bawrh bawrh a. Doctor chuan engtinmah a chhang lo chuan damlo chu inzaina pindan lamah a luh pui nghal a. 

Reivak lo hnuah chuan doctor chu a rawn chhuak leh a, "Ka pu, i fapa chu kan zai hlawhtling e. A dam ang. Engemaw hriat duh leh zawh duh i neih chuan nurse ho kha i lo zawt mai dawn nia," tih pahin hmanhmawh takin a chhuak leh ta nghal a. 

Chupa bawk chuan, a doctor ber biak duh laia nurse be tura doctor in thurawn a pe chu a lawm lo hle mai a. Nurse bulah chuan a lungawiloh thu a sawi zui lehnghal a. 

Nurse chuan, "Niminah a fapa accident rapthlak tak avangin a boral a, an vui mek laiin i fapa chhanchhuah sak tur che in a rawn kal vang vang a nih kha," a ti a. 

Mi dinhmun hriat sak hmasa lo a, mahni ringawt inngaihtuah hi a fuh ber lo fo.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

MLTP Act an hlih tak si ah chuan...

- I chhas te tluk zet a zinga i biak thin te biak an ngai tawh lovang. I contact list ah hming a dah belh theih nual ang. 

- Zan reia thian te mut leh mut loh, buai leh buai loh pawh ngaihtuah lek lova, "I hre mial lo maw?" tia i phone hmanna pawisa sen a ngai tawh lovang. 

- I thiante hming lam a, "Chumi khami thianpa chu ka nia," i tih zeuh pawh a i thil mamawh lak nan ngawr ngawr chuan Minister lehkha aia tlang tha zawk te khan tangkaina an nei tawh lem lovang. 

- Thim hnu a kawngsira i din vauh vauh a, i hmelhriat te i hmuh a eng nge i tih an zawh che a, "Mi ka nghak lawk," i tih pawhin i thiante tak tak i nghak tawh ang. 

- Sipai gate bul vela thim thama thianzaho carol zo hlim ni awm tak tei suau suau hmuh tur an awm tawh lovang a, vaitawng sipel chawp a phun bul bul hriat tur a vang tawh ang. 

- Nidanga engatan maha i tih ngai reng reng loh te pawh, zan dar 11 velah chuan, "Pakhat chiah chu a la awm lo maw?" tia khawngaih i dil mawlh mawlh thin te kha i biak thin ngai loh ni awm takin i kal pel vah vah thei tawh ang. 

- Pawisa neih vang pawh nilova 300 man ni na na na 800 a lei tlat te, 160 man ni na na na 500 a lei tlat te a ngai tawh lovang.

- Vairama awm thiante tlawn an ngai tawh lovang.

- Thian sipai te pawh an hlutna a tlahniam ang.

- RV lamah traffic a tawt tawh lo deuh ang.