Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mizo's Funniest Videos

Here goes my list of funniest Mizo videos from youtube. You are most welcome to post any funny mizo video link in the comment. :D Click on the picture of each video and you'll be directed to Youtube website.

10. KOB - Ka chhai ngam lo che. - I think they are a group of guys from Kolasib. Watch the guitarist playing a 5 stringed and dont miss their bassist. Great metal rocker gonna be. The drummer slowly and steadily beating the cymbals and the sound goes hardcore... unbelievable. Watch it.

9. Johnny tawngtai lai - Here's our friend Johnny praying and while he prays, John is having fun. Just watch it.

8. Two Mizo Guys - These two guys from Israel (think so) are one of the most popular video played on youtube among the mizos. As from their comment their inspiration came from The AWESOME GUYS "Back dormitory boys. Watch them and be prepared.

7. Kan zotlang ram nuam - Some people say that this is just a fake video. The video is just dubbed to the song. But a guy says that this video is from North East Sports Festival held in Guwahati. She sings the songs from NE states in their languages....she's just fantastic. Notice the side dancers, i never knew a disco could go well with traditional songs like these.

6. Make a melody - I remember my days back in Mary Mount when we use to have a group called Cub Packs. Boys were called cub packs and girls called Bulbuls. Some songs we use to sing include make a melody etc, and one song I never forget is that "Akela, we do our best, we dip dip dip, we dop dop dop". OK, here is a group of Cub Master on their training at Sihphir Camp.

5. Mimawl 2 - You've seen these guys on number 8. Johnny and John. I thought this will be a great video and it will be hilarious and it was exactly as I thought. I find it hard to watch this video with a boo face.

4. Mizo kasauti - Funny translation of the heartrob tv show Kasauti in Mizo.

3. Mizo Rossi - Mizo Rossi, the name says it all. I think these guys are from Dinthar.

2. AIR Aizawl vs Mr. Philip - The hilarious conversation between a correspondent from AIR Aizawl and Mr. Philip, a seismologist from US. Mark the diffenrence in accent :-)

1. Save the best for the last. Watch it and never blame me for having continuous laughter after watching.



DayDreamBeliever said...

hehe thianpa...van collect tha ve a. Ka nui nasa khups mai. Mr. Phillip kha... I have the good fortune nge ka tih dawn misfortune... of being his cousin :) Chuan zai sang kha..van che chhe em em lolzzz. #10 na kha chu a aw kha a nalh ve tho kha...

benjamin rualthanzauva said...

This is missing

I actually thought of

Top 10 funny Mizo videos the other day.

Joseph said...

@ Daydreambeliever - haha, i cousin lo ni reng a, min lo chibai sak rawh. hilarious ltk.. ka ngaithla ning theilo ania. :D

@ ben - i was actually thinking of making list of funniest, best etc when you actually come up with that post. i was like.. Oh.. simpsons already did it. :-D Nice share btw... very very funny.

Michael Fanai said...

#1 na hi ka nuih pui nasa ltk.....mi zai sang ve te

sawmpuia said...

hei hei kan zotlang ram nuam chovi lai i mawi e....he hla hi ka ngaithla ning lutuk..ka thianpa hian ka nin a hriat avangin ka awm hlek tawh chuan play ziah...lolzzz engpawhnise tha vek e :-)

amuana said...

Hetsss!!! Ngatinge mi tawngtai laiin i lo uan a. Tha hlawm khawp mai

illusionaire said...

Nice one there my boy! Saw them all before but its good to see them again especially in one single post. We should never be short of laughter.

But how could you leave the headbanger out? :D

luliana said...

8,7,3 khi ka en tawh..a dang khi chu net kal veleh ka lo en ang..gprs atang hi chuan nileng a ngai leh palh ang... :D

Chuan krismas chibai nghla theks le..

wonderboy said...

Kan zotlang ram nuam tih sa tu khi Sangita Kakati a ni a assamese zaithiam a ni e. A album ah pawh a dah tel a niawm tak a ni. He hla zirtirtu hi khasi nu a ni a, Mizoramah kum 3/4 vel chauh a awm a, chu chuan a zirtir ve leh chhawng a ni a a lam dik lo nasa pawh khi a awm ve viau tho e. :D

nyway, hmuhnawm in hlimawm hlawm ngei mai!!

flower said...

cub packs hi mittui tla phungin ka nui alm le, zanah pawh khumah ka mitthla in hmu a, ka nui triah2 mai,tunah poh ngaihtuah chhuah chuan nuih a za tho

Anonymous said...

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