Friday, December 5, 2008

Santa, can you hear me??

There are three stages of man.

1. You believe in Santa Claus.
2. You don't believe in Santa Claus.
3. You are Santa Claus.

I can't recollect the book in which I've read the above life-cycle of man, but I think it's the universal truth. Santa isn't real, its just imagination. Maybe in the Imagination Land, he is real. Well, as a kid, we all believe in Santa Claus and our parents and relatives makes us to.

On Christmas eve, we use to pray to Santa to give us anything we wanted. But when we prayein such like that, sometimes our parents would come to us and say, "Dear, Santa cannot what you've just asked for. Instead, how about asking him another gift?" and giving us the list of option to choose. We never knew what strategy they're up to.

Then, comes dusk. All the excessive eagerness to see the gifts wake us up and I can still picture the rush we use to had to take them. All we wanted for christmas was Santa bringing us gifts, and the new clothes and blinking shoes. Thats how we celebrate it in the early days.

Many people think that Santa diminishes the memory of Jesus's birthday with his presents. And some, insistent that Christmas is a time for giving, and not merely remembering Jesus's birthday.

We should also remind our children that without Jesus, Santa wouldn't even exist. Its a time of love and we should co-operate with each other. Many people started to fight about what's more important, Jesus's birthday or the new clothes that we had, the presents that we gave to each other. Everyone knows, it's Jesus's birthday and what more can we expect if we are happy. If you go on worrying about people giving presents to each other, decorating the houses instead of knowing the true Christmas, going out with friends and sharing things, you are the one who isn't happy.

We shouldn't argue over it or start a fight from it, it's one time of the year that we should get along. No matter what we believe in, this is the season just to be good to each other. We should understand that Santa Claus is keeping the spirit of Jesus's birthday alive by bringing happiness and joy.

I still believe in Santa Claus, literally. And I wish Santa can hear me..

Santa, can you hear me ?
I have been so good this year
And all I want is one thing
Tell me my true love is here
She's all I want just for me
Underneath my Christmas tree
I’ll be waiting here
Santa that’s my only wish this year.


toy soldier said...

Hey is this BS's My Only wish? :)

I am still remembering how one christmas eve(My Happy Bday), me and my sis wont get sleep and mom has to give us our Santa's presents around 1 in the morning..

Chuan, "we should also remimd our children that..etc,etc"..ka nuih i ti za reuh, i ziak thiam na a, i la naupang c..hihi

Anonymous said...

future tv snr!!
va naupang chhia tak em??!!!
ka chhiar chunag lo na in. i lo sawi ve chiam sia!! :P

Joseph said...

@ TS : yeah.. this is BS's my only wish.. hehe tinge i nuih te lo zat mai mai. ka naupang tawh lo nia aw... :D

@ sangi : lalpitarte, u won't be happy when u see a big picture of you on the front page. :-)

luliana said...

Hey whats christmas without santa? :) A ti kim tu pakhat alawm..hehe

samuelapa said...

You still believe in Santa Claus
You haven't reached the 2nd. stage of man...

Joseph said...

@ luliana - yeah.. very true.

@ samuelapa - guess i'll never reach that. :-(

illusionaire said...