Friday, September 7, 2012

Coming Soon : Annual Cosplay Con Mizoram

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Mizoram is preparing for its “1st Annual Cosplay Con Mizoram”, thanks to Project Z.E.R.O. [Zeal Entrepreneur Reformation Operation] for taking the initiative. Well, being a member of the cosplay squad, it makes me shoulder a responsibility to jot down some‘thing’ about the event.

The event which is planned to be held at Millennium Centre roof top on 28th December, 2012 will be based on the theme “Anime”. So, this makes it clear that you can’t enter the roof top dressed neither as a Marvel comic character nor Hollywood’s bigshot superheroes. If you’re going and you don’t know what character you’re going to cp, you can google them all the time.

The squad aims at bringing Anime fans – big or small, together in a place where they can share what the world has been doing for years. Cosplay has been one big event across the globe for many moons and we see the content smile, the happy faces behind those masked and unmasked characters. Nothing is better than seeing people doing what they love and this event calls for a gathering for fans across the city to quench their thirst.

Cosplayers can enter their name for a competition on this big day and prizes will be given to best cosplay blah blah blah - later. And yet, you can still come to the venue cosplaying some character without participating in the competition.

There are some rules laid down by the organizers for the participants in the competition which you can read at the event page. Yes, check out the event page and see how many people brace themselves for the event.

On the contrary that we believe cosplays are kinky and are meant for big boys and girls, it certainly isn’t. Come and witness the young and pure hearts in action.

We had a promo video shooting and photo session somewhere outside Aizawl and I feel great to be a part of young and energetic guys out here, they’re awesome. Videos and official pictures will be out soon. So stay tuned on the official page.


Mimihrahsel said...

A day just after my birthday. yay :P so please cut me some slack and i'll come as birthday girl barbie :D

On a serious note, this is awesome. Something rare and new for many of us. I wish the team a grand success. I bet it will be a cold day on a roof top, filled with lovely Anime fans :-)

The Chhamanator said...

mami chuan a va ei nasa emem ve aww

Joseph L said...

@Mimi - I'll be Ken. :-P And thanks for the well-wish.

@Chhama - I ei ve chak em?

CyEf said...

oh yeah!! super excited!!!

lal eman said...

Ka lo chak ve em em ringot hah