Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Things to do in Mizoram before you die!

Bitch Please!

  1.  Take a perfectly timed picture of you jumping at Hmuifang Hill.
  2. Spend an evening at World Bank Road.
  3. Smuggle in two bottles of Whisky through Vairengte Excise Check-post successfully.
  4. Create and become an administrator in one of the most official and most hardcore mizo sentimental group in Facebook with 202 members.
  5. Like” and make pervertic/vulgar comments in at least three photos of “Mizo Hmeichhe Chhelo Post Na” group.
  6. Carry one big-shot DSLR camera and click a picture of you with it in front of the mirror and use it as your profile picture in Facebook.
  7. Own a dog. Yeah, a dog.
  8. Have at least two drinking spots on the outskirt of Aizawl City.
  9. Figure out what is “Last House”.
  10. Publish a magazine and become the greatest sex and love expert.
  11. Become a celebrity!
  12. Have a text mate you found from Lelte Pals.
  13. Start an Association and ask for donations.
  14. Hunt for Gutkha products while you’re chewing tobacco.
  15. Buy something online and brag about it everyday for one year.
  16. Save 2/3 contacts of liquor secret agents and become resourceful.
  17. Eat out at every new restaurant, snap pictures and be the first to upload pictures online. Later, comment on any friend’s upload on your news feed - “been there” “been there”.
  18. Be a badass. Buy coffee at some small local variety store at 9:30 pm.
  19. Count how many advertisements Vanglaini publishes in a day.
  20. Go to Anthurium Festival at Reiek and play “spot-a-chick”.
  21. Become a photographer and post your photos in “My Shots” album on Facebook. How professional!
  22. Form a club and make a t-shirt.
  23. Go to BSNL Office at around 9 pm and see how busy the street is.
  24. Update some Bible verses as your Facebook status on Sunday.
  25. Ride a Royal Enfield (Bullet) motorcycle and wear aviator shades no matter the weather.
  26. Go to Church, sleep through the whole service and be holier than those who stayed at home.
  27. Be the first to make a sex video clip in HD with your 8MP mobile phone camera.
  28. Hire a Taxi that will cost you 80 bucks for a kilometer.
  29. Watch Korean Serial and learn Mizo in 15 episodes.
  30. Go to any picnic spots at Sihhmui, they have swimming pools. Yay!
 Care to add some more?


Mimihrahsel said...

6 - John :D
9 - someone thought its "glass house"
17 - before it was orange walls, now yellow walls (go figure)
18 - after that, go to new capital complex and take lots of pictures, oh yeah, am such a bad ass :P
23- ehhhhhh, why oh why? :)
30- upload pictures on facebook and name the album "summer paradise" :D

CyEf said...

i see me... i see me!!
I see you... I see you!!
I see them... I see them

31. Make 1 music video and became the world class celebrity??
32. Organise at least one Event in aids of some orphanage

AlmostUnreal said...

damnnn...hvnt done most of them....I thought I was a badass..sighh....i cant die yet :D

Mal Sawma said...

Tang deuh la Chetan Bhagat angte hi i tluk thei mai ang. I thuziak ka chhiar hian ka nui ver ver zel..expect more from u

Joseph L said...

@Mimi - John will not like this and even Zorina. Haha. "Glass house", we shall make, so that somebody is not wrong all the way. :-) And yes, i shall go once again to see the yellow walls or whateva colour it might be right now. We all know you're a badass and that's why we tend to like you, ya know, someday the badass power in you might come in handy. Busy streets, we just don't know why. And lastly, name of the album "Free Bird's Summer Paradise" ;-P

@Cyef - You see me....I see you
You laugh at me...because I'm different
I laugh at you...because you're all the same.

Thanks for the addition though.

@AlmostUnreal - Buckle up and prepare for the most hardcore adventure in yo life.

@Malsawma - Hmel lamah ka tluk tho alawm. :-) I ti lawmawm e, ka phu lo.

Alejendro said...

Hahaha I've been in Aizawl recently after 7 years of wandering in Vairam.. things have changed.. the thing I like most is to sit inside a car and roam around the city.. Oh!!! how awesome those babes are.. I mean.. an chhelo :-P

H.Vangchhia said...

Fuihpawrhna ṭha tak an ni hlawm e hairehai :)

Mawipui said...

thra ve...
super like @Mimi Hrahsel's comment :D

Vanlaltluanga said...

can't stop laughing....i thiam...mizo thalai 80% mizia dik tak a nih ka ring

Vanlaltluanga said...

mifing tak i nih ka ring...i thu leh picture a bengvarthlak thin em mai....all the best

The Chhamanator said...

29. Watch Korean Serial and learn Mizo in 15 episodes.


MSI @ Rose, Lunglei/ AR said...

ka duh lutukkkk.. :D :D

VaiVa said...

Fair lo e... 28 chiah ka la qualified... Looong way to go before I die :P

Joseph L said...

@Alejendro - Hmanni kan thianpa pakhat pawhin a tia lawm, Liandingpuii te kan star theih tehreng nen tunah chuan an nghawng te hi a tawi tut tawh a, an hnar te hi kan hmu bawng deuh larh tawh mai a ni a tia, tunlai nula an chhelo viau aniang. :-)

@HV - An pawrh leh duh hlawm mang lo mawlee.. :-)

@Mawipuii - Thra vak ami? I tih ve phawt loh chuan a tha lo ang. Haha. Mimi khi chu hrethiam rawh, khimi bak pawh khi tihtur a hre hnemmm lutuk.

@Chhama Chengkawl - Learn Mizo.

@MSi - Nei daih laa :-)

@Vaiva - 28 chiah khi i la ti lo jokes lo maw? :-)

Joseph L said...

@Vanlaltluanga - a khaih khaih, mai mai thin a. mi hi in tha a, keini tehlul. Haha.. Tak taka, i ti lawmawm e. I lo tlawh ziah dawn nia.

MSI @ Rose, Lunglei/ AR said...

7.own a dog, yeahh.. Own a dog.

Dog..yeah...Zoui thau tha, dul puar, awm kiar, mawng chum, mei bul..yeah..wadda phuk!

mnowluck said...

3, 5 ,28 PHINISH

Joseph L said...

@Msi - my thought. exactly.

@mnowluck - accomplish the rest before December. :-)

DayDreamBeliever said...

Tih loh ka va la ngah e :(