Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ziah zawh peih loh ho

Thil hi ziah kan tum ve uk uk thin a, ka peih leh thin lo a. A chang chuan pakhat ziah ka tum reng laiin pakhat dang a rawn lut leh thut thin a. Chung ka ziah zawh peih loh ho chu update tur ka hriat loh em avangin rawn dahchhuak mai mai ila. Dangdai ve hrim hrim, ziah zawh loh articles ho pawh hi. :-) Min lo hrethiam mai ru.


Saruak Philosophy

"Saruakin ka lo piang,
Saruak vekin ka kir leh dawn"

Mihring tungchho-a kal te hi a tir atanga saruaka piang tih takah saruak hi kan lawm hlawm em em mai mai a. Ni e,

A tirah chuan

Mizo te zingah hian saruak thlalak hi tunhnaia lar ta thut a ni chuang lem lo a, tun hma pawhin a lo awm zauh zauh tawh thin. Doctor lema changin hmeichhe thla a lo la ru thin tih angreng te kha kan chanchinthar hriat kha a ni deuh nawk thin. Tin, mi thenkhat te kha chuan nula ruak thlalak mi hmuh tur kha an kawl ve nual thin bawk.

Tunhma te kha chuan mobile/digicam etc vel hi a la chhuah loh avangin saruak thlalak darh te pawh kha mi zawng zawngin an nei lem lo. A film atanga develop kha a ni a, print hnuah a darh pawhin mi 2/3 bak a thleng ngai meuh lo. Tin, a tam lo bawk.



Zan a rei a, mutthilh theih si loh chuan thil ziah mai loh chu tihtur a awm thin lo. Lehkha han zir dawnin rilru ah a lut tak tak thei tawh bawk si lo, mut luih tum lahin ngaihtuahna lawilo pui pui neih a awl si. Thil ngaihtuah vak tum loh veleh lah hian ngaihtuah tur hi a rawn kal zut zut thin lehnghal a. Naupanlai te a hmingin kan han ngaihtuah let ve khanglang a, lung chu a leng duh thin ngei mai.

Zanin erawh chuan thil pakhat ngaihtuah ka nei a, he ka thil ngaihtuah hi ngaihtuahna luhlul, theihnghilh ka tum apianga rawn langsar tial tial thin a ni. Ka lung a ti leng a, ka lung a ti chhia a, ka mutthilh theihloh phah fo thin.

Awle, high skul kan kal lai khan hmangaih ka nei a, ani pawhin min hmangaih tih ka hria. Mahse eng eng emaw vangin inhmuh ni a awm thei ta lo, he kan thawnthu hi ka hrilh dawn che u a ni.

Middle skul kan kal zawh chuan kan khuaa high skul tha ber pawl an tihah chuan ka lut ve a. Chutia skul tha a ka lut thei chu ka intithei ve in, nuam pawh ka ti ve hle.



1. Why do babies cry when they born? Why don't they laugh or do something else? The moment they born, the first thing they learn is how to cry.

- A frozen chicken being stuffed through a letter box would cry if it could.

2. What is the meaning of "Use Dipper at Night" often seen on the back of a truck?

- Isn’t that high beam setting for really dark and empty roads? Why use it on a fully lit, crowded road? Damn Idiots. So here’s fifty paise to all those frigging people who drive on high beam. Get your dipper switch repaired.

3. Most people say that excessively or extremely practicing or doing anything is not good. But


Welcome to Mizoram

Mizoram is also known as “The Switzerland of the East” which share land borders with Tripura, Assam, Manipur etc. A land with mild climate where average rainfall is 254 cm per annum and is rich in flora and fauna and many kinds of tropical trees and plants thrive. The population stands at 888,573 as of 2001 census, quite old record.


The origin of the Mizos, like those of many other tribes in the North Eastern India is shrouded in mystery. It is believed that during the days when The Great Wall of China was constructed, a lazy peasant was also there… working. This lazy bastard was so unwilling to use his energy any longer, so he planned to run away. One fine morning, he managed to sneak from the guards and move all the way down. On the way he got married and later moved to India to their present habitat and came to be known as the first Mizo.


The Chief Minister is the head of all-in-all.




Mizoram can be called “The Land of Associations” where you will find all types of organizations, from political to non-government and even the All Mizoram Graduate Unemployed Association.



Summer...yet again!

You may have read my post on "Summer sucks" last year. I felt really bad to come up with the same topic, but the bowl on the shelf cried out how much summer had broken its heart. I felt so sorry…

The ceiling fan is just doing a wobbly hula dance overhead for the sake of being turned on. So I thought I would go outside and see what summer had done to people and things around me. I lift my sweaty thighs sticking to the white plastic chair where I was sitting.

The stray dogs on the road waved at me and says "Hey mister, please take a snap for us and post them in your blog. It’s just the thing we could do during summer, posing for photographs”. I said “Why not? Smile….1, 2, 3….click”


Ka lung a leng loving

Lunglen.....tuarin.....tlaini eng ka thlir....valmawi... nang ngai hian... tiin a lo zai riai riai a, tu zai nge mawle ti a ka han bihchian chuan, Mimi-i lek a lo nia. A lung te a leng vel a ni maw tiin ka ngaihtuah mai mai a, chutichuan, mak tak maiin chu hla chu ka ngaihthlak chhunzawm zel a. Mipa in han sak ve dawn chuan... valmawi han tih rut rut chu a ni chiah bawk si lo, chuvangin thianho a han sak ve chang pawhin valmawi tih aiah lungrun kan ti ta keuh zel mai a, a hlimawm duh phian a. Lunglen lam chu a kawk lo khawp mai.

Khami zan, mutthilh theih loh zan mawlh mai te kha! Ka lunglen vang pawh ni miah lovin kan naupan laia (ti ve zel teh ang) engmah ngaihtuah nei lova kan tlan kual zek zek thin lai te kha ka ngaihtuah chhuak mai mai a. Kawnghren a, samurai lem pai kha chuan pa ta viaua in ngaih lai, thal leh a ngul pai phei chuan rambo kha kan ni ringawt zel a. A thenin bearing kan han khalh thin a, ka bearing mawlh mai te kha, ka uluk bawk a, oil ka pe thlap thlap zel a, kan intlansiak pawha a hnuhnung lamah ka tlan loh phah. Ka bearing kha, high sikul ka kal hnu thlengin ka kawl a, mahse engtin nge a bo tak daih ka hre ta lo reng reng.

Pi Momo-i a rawn kal a, cheng khat kan neih chuan chuhhelh fahranin lei hmasa inchuhin kan innek luai luai a. Momo pakhat kan han lei a, kan han pai tha leh thlap a. A nei rei thei thei tan a hnuhnungah thiante awhfik nan hman a nuam thin. Mahni nu ten artui min han chhum sak te kha chuan, chak ta lua ah khan kan inngai a, ei zawh meuh chuan thiante kha inbuan puiah kan cho kan cho mai thin kha a nia.

Vawi engzat nge cycle a ka accident pawh kha ka hre tawh lo. Mi sual tak mai ka nia, mi bazar haw em phurh ah te hian lung tum hi ka lo dah sak teuh zel a, mi rangva inchung vawm ka hrat lai te kha. A ri ring duh sia, bomb kan vawm leh lawk tih pahin, kan vawm ri dup dup zel a, a neitute min hauh lah engahmah kan ngai ngai lo. Mi ventilation atanga rawra kan chhun luh hnuk tum te kha, kan va lo sual thin tak em. Mi compund chhunga halpuah kan paih luh puah pup pup thin te kha, min hauh pah khan kan tlanchhe char char zel.

E ka sawi zawm peih tawh hrih lo, ka ning leh hluai zel. Khang te kha ka lungleng vanga ngaihtuah chhuak pawh ka ni lo a, ngaihtuah tur dang a awm miau loh avanga ka ngaihtuah mai mai an ni. Lunglen hi kan ti thla zen a. Englai taka kan awm hian nge kan lung a len? A khawi lai tak hi nge lunglen chu ni ta ang??

Ka lung a leng, ka nu te ka ngai. Hei hi chu mi tam tak dawt sawi fo thin a ni. An sas te ngaih vangin nu leh pa ka ngai an han tia, nu leh pa lam chu khawi lam hi a ni ringawt. "Balance ka nei lo" tih an sawi zin ang bawkin, "Ka lung a leng" tih hi chu an sawi zing. Ngaih bik pawh hriat loh a lunglen te a awm an tia. A va ho thin tak e aw.

Ngawi teh, ka rilru ah a lut lo e mai, ka ziak zawm peih tawh lo. Kei chu ka lung a leng lovang....


mnowluck said...

LOL .. makes a good read instead

chhangte_ll said...

"......a lazy peasant was also there… working. This lazy bastard was so unwilling to use his energy any longer, so he planned to run away. One fine morning, he managed to sneak from the guards and move all the way down. On the way he got married and later moved to India to their present habitat and came to be known as the first Mizo."

Patlinga pumpa Office a kan nuih rik ngheng chu le..lolzzzzz...Ziahzawm lo hrâm teh, kan History i ti linglet dawn lawm..Lolzzzz...

Sekibuhchhuak said...

Haha! I thil post hi dangdai tlat. Mizo blogger post of the year a thlan mai ka duh :-)

illusionaire said...

hahaha... kei pawn post ziah zawh lo chu ka nei hnem tawh lutuk... ziah tan tirh laia hit, mahse a chanve vel thleng tawh a boring ho hi... lolz...

chuan i saruak post ziah tuma pic post i tum ka hmu chak :P

jesleen said...

nice half written blogs...please finish the one about your high school sweetheart....Im like "ok ..so what happened after that????!!!!" ummm mizo origin....as pu chhangte has commented..ziahzawm lo mai teh lolll..khitiangthlah khi ka nih duh lo ania auh!....I lungleng loh tum khi chu maw..i bored lutuk anih hmel..i thil ziah atang khian..bored vawrtawp i thleng ve an tih ang hi aniang ..neway..interesting read loll

Joseph L said...

@mnowluck - hehe, you make this post weirder. :-)

@chhangte_ll - ziak zawm tawh lo mai ang, a hun laiin ka phur em em a. ka ziah laklawh laiin hmun dangah kal a ngai thut anih kha le. :-)

@sekibuhchhuak - ka'n phu lo, chutiang ang chawimawi na te. hehe

@illusionaire - In ni ve nual tho ang, ziah zawh loh neih hi chu. mahse han post chiah hi chu an awm kher lo a.. haha. saruak post ah khian maw, i pic rawn dil che ka tum a, ka hreh leh deuh a, chuvangin ka ziah lai pawh ka ziak chhunzawm peih ta lo law law.

Joseph L said...

@U Jes - Hmmmm... about my high school sweetheart? (searching through post again) lol A lo awm tel tih pawh ka hre lo a. Ka peih tawh teuhh lo mai. hihihi . Mizo history hi a chianglo thei ltk a, chiang deuha ziah ka tum a male. khitiang thlah khi alawm kan nih, hnathawh dawna tlan chhe du du , thatchhe deuh deuh kan nih hi. Tin, a chang hi chuan a boring ve thin emmmm a ni :-)

violette said...

ka chhiar chhuak vek a.....ziah zawh law2 tan a va tha hlom e.

violette said...
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Joseph L said...

@violette - chutia mawn le. ti khian a fuh zawk, ziah zawh vek chuan a 'bam' vek palh ang. :-)

Mimihrahsel said...

seph seph te (in ko duat sawt asin, after commenting on 3 or 4 of your previous posts.. hehe) nicely written. keipawh high school sweetheart khi ka hre chak ber, khawnge a awm? engtin nge in in tawn? in inhmuh hnuhnun ber, etc etc.. hehe

Joseph L said...

Enge ni Mimite. :-)

etc etc i tih khian enge i tih ber?

Mi said...

:D xiah xoh peih lo chu keipawh ka ching lutuk, atleast we write, don't we? hehe