Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Losing sense of humour

One of my greatest fear is that if i ever lost my sense of humour. :D I think and think will it ever be possible. Sometimes people see the scariest things in their life and nothing scares them anymore. Likewise, if I ever see the funniest thing in my life, will it be possible that I blew my funny fuse? My sense of humour overloaded and nothing else seems to be funny anymore.

I googled and googled. Here’s one answer I’ve found to know if we have lost our sense of humor:

1. When we can’t take a joke on ourselves. You’ve heard it said, “Laugh and world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone.” I’m not saying that it is always right, but to a great degree it’s true.

2. When others’ sense of humor gets “on our nerves.” Don’t let this happen. The world has a name for you: “party-pooper”.

3. When we stop looking for funny incidents in life. I call this operation – lemonade. When life hands me lemons I attempt to juice them, water it down, add the sugar of laughter and produce some delicious lemonade. Try to find something to laugh about this week, and see if it doesn’t go better.

And here’s one blogger who said “I’ve lost my sense of humour”.

Somewhere over the weekend I lost my sense of humor. I wasn’t expecting to lose it and was caught off guard when I did. I had it on Saturday night while wearing Kyla’s ruby red slippers. I was feeling pretty good Sunday morning when Joe and I went for a walk.

Sometimes it seems that the better I feel, the harder I can be knocked down. Was it a remark I took too seriously? Some feedback I didn’t want to hear? Will I stuff my bad feelings in with the rest of my emotional baggage, or will my bad feelings just wear off in time? If I bury them, won’t they take root and sprout up at some other time? Can I just change my mind and not feel them anymore? Where do bad feelings go?

Driving to town Monday morning, on my way to play Scrabble with Mara, I spotted a single burnt-orange couch cushion lying in the middle of the road. I didn’t smile at the unlikely sight or stop to take a picture, as I normally would. Instead, the out-of-place sad cushion reminded me how out-of-place I felt. It was then that I knew I had lost my sense of humor. It was then that I wanted it back.

Hmmm….. it can really happen!! Some people said if you lost your sense of humour, look inside the closet behind the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaner?? I thought it had already gone down the drain.

And recently i found this somewhere “Although researchers have long known that a good sense of humor has many healthy benefits, relatively little is known about how humor is handled by the brain. Thanks to new imaging techniques (MRI), researchers are now learning more about how the brain processes humor and may one day be able to help people who have lost their sense of humor due to depression or other psychological disorders.”

i love jokes, i love to pull other’s legs, i like to play the evilish way :-) always, specially behind the curtain (read net). ahh… its really getting long here. cyaoooo

(Wrote this article somewhere back in the middle of last year)


Sangi said...

i am pretty sure you are losing your sense of humor, if you have any!! :P

Sangi said...

2. so you were that bored??? :PPP

Joseph said...

lol.. i exam daih sia.

illusionaire said...

You're just a bit mood off, thats all :) And sometimes funny jokes also need the right moment to be executed, otherwise it does not deliver that humor punch.

Keep laughing! So do you still think you have lost it, from the time you wrote this article last year till today?

Joseph said...

not anymore :-)

Anonymous said...

"..if I ever see the funniest thing in my life.."
I think judging anything funnier than the next depends from person to person.. and it is possible to lose one's sense of humor, but not because you've seen the funniest thing, but rather the unfunniest in your life..

Joseph L said...

lol @ blackestred - have you had seen the unfunniest thing in your life? and u lose your sense of humour? :D

Anonymous said...

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