Friday, April 25, 2008


Ka kut hlei man hi ka tuar thin!! I just lost my SIM card 10 minutes ago, its dead! Why? Why?

Well, when I switch on my phone it says PUK Blocked and the only option available to do is call an SOS number. Here goes how I lost my SIM. (PS : I don't write this to blow my own trumpet)

I use to own a Motorola Rokr e6 which my dad allows me to buy it when I graduated from High school. I was really happy with it, the sound was great, the color displays were amazing, and you know what? Its all operated in touch screen technology and run on linux based OS. This was a stage much higher than the days I use my W220 phone.

After using my Rokr for more than 7 months, the defects arrive. The touch screen sometimes doesn’t work, and sometimes the phone got switched off by itself. I try to ignore these probs but it prompts me whenever I use my phone.

So, last week I decided to exchange it at The Mobile Store rather than to repair it. I knew how time-consuming it is to give a phone for repairing. I exchange my old phone with a brand new Samsung E250.

I always wanted to know everything inside and outside of my gears. Did I mention before that I’m a Moto-fan and am not use to other phones? If not, I am. So, I decided to check out my phone, the security settings and all stuff. Its totally new for me, especially this Samsung mobiles. Nokia has the most user friendly features, Sony Ericsson has the most mobile cams ever and the sound/displays are fantastic. Motorola, they have all the features mentioned before and the best looks ever :-)

I could activate the mobile tracker successfully and changed the password the night I got my new phone. It’s been one week and I’m afraid I already forgot the password. Damn it….

I am so bored, got nothing to do under this sweating damp April night; I decided to check out my phone again. As always, I went under the settings menu again. Accidentally I push the PIN check button, and I was prompt to enter the password. Confidently I enter the 8 digit password, but it was wrong. I sit up straight and enter the password again which I think is correct, but unfortunately its wrong again!

For the third time, I was asked to enter the password again, now is the time when I enter a different password, and all my efforts were in vain. So, all my pass were incorrect, I was then asked to enter the PUK code. I don’t know what a PUK code is and I thought it will be the same password as the phone. So, I enter the same ten times.

Ten times? Yes, of course. PUK code was asked ten times and all my codes were wrong again. Now guess what I see on the screen - PUK Blocked.

I turn off my phone, turn it on again - PUK blocked.

Switch off, battery removed, SIM removed. Put back everything in order, switch it on again – PUK blocked. I was really worried by this time then.

So, I insert my roomie’s SIM into my phone, but everything was OK!! I was really really amazed. Then, I insert my SIM to his phone, and all I could see is “SIM card rejected”.

I am totally blank now. So, I decided to browse what is PUK anyway. This is what I see

What is a PUK code?

If you enter the wrong PIN code 3 times in a row, your mobile phone asks you for your PUK code. The PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) code is used to unblock your mobile phone. If you enter the wrong PUK code 10 times in a row, your SIM card will remain definitively blocked.

Damn it!! Damn it!! I search for better answers. I am using Vodafone. So, I look into more answers. This is what I see on Yahoo Answers.

sally71 says :

Vodafone samsung SGH E250v says PUK blocked?

My son is a vodafone PAYT customer and has managed to lock his phone. It just says PUK Blocked and offers a SOS call.

vnethirajan says :

Dear Sally,

Do not try any PUK other than the one provided by your carrier(operator). If you have the PUK provided by ur carrier then you can enter it when prompted., Otherwise call customercare they will be able to provide you the PUK again. Remember entering PUK wrongly, for 10 times will block your SIM, and the SIM will be useless.

Boo hoo!! I finally accept that my SIM is DEAD!

I don’t want to change my number frequently. If I have one, I want that to be as long as it can be. Being a prepaid user, my SIM was supposed to be active till August. All my contact list were saved in my SIM. Damn it!! Now I have to collect all my contacts again asap.

I will need your numbers again. Please acknowledge and mail me at

Never ever try to be a gadget-savvy unless and until you are the creator itself. LOL Ka chawh ngawih ngawih!! Learn to walk before you run.


DayDreamBeliever said...

ohoooo, pu chu, so sorry to hear about your SIM. Tih theih kan nei ve mang si lo va, chaw ei tui le ti ngot mai ang hmiang?

Tak2 a, now you'll know who your real friends are, a ngai tu che chuan i chhui chiam ngai lovin an rawn phone sap2 che anga, i lo save hmeks zel mai dawn a lom!

Joseph said...

Ka lung a aawi thei lo... thil pawimawh atan ka hmang nasa si!! min rawn fone turin sim thar ka neih hunah a no. an hre dawn si lo.. ui. vanbuaithlak tak em!! naktuk ah, a hma thei ang berin sim thar va ngaihtuah nghal tur a ni.

ka chaw ei chu a tui dawn khawp chuan ka hria, i ti lawmawm e. :D

tetei said...

father, ti kha chuan ka no thlak buai buai a ngai ta love, min ron tibuai thei toh don lo a, a va lomom em... phew!! L-O-L
tak takah, i va khongaihthlak ve, chaw chu ei treuh mai roh, kan hman veleh kan ron ral ang che :p

Almost Unreal said...

i hate motorola..i dont know why but i jsut hate it

ka no ka ron thon don che em..hehehehe

benjamin rualthanzauva said...

did you backup your address book?

Joseph said...

@ tetei : ehe. i rawn comment ve teh mial a. i thla hrang a ni lo maw? :D Nia, ka rawn tibuai thei tawhlo tur che chu ka ui.. hihi . i hman veleh chuan i rawn kal ngei ngei tur ani. gumboot bunin :-)

@ almost_unreal : tinge motorola te i lo duhloh mai mai, a thra ber! lo hmang ve thin roh :D

@ ben : nope :(

Calliopia said...

That's what happens when you use Motorola. I'm a Sony Ericsson user and I've never had to go through anythinglike that heheh :D

Joseph said...

not with motorola.. but with SAMSUNG....

tin i khawih kual i khawih kual loh chuan i buai khat viau ang.. haha

Naruto said...

van poi ve oooo.... kut harh ltk niang chu molee.. mwahaha.. slide i la ta a?? why slide man??

illusionaire said...

Hahahahaaaaaaa! i van chawh! :-)

PUK unblock dan chu a awl lutuk. Naktuk sunday hian Mizo Inkhawmnaah kekawrbul leh mawza inkhinglo bunla, chuan pulpit atangin vawi thum "PUK I want to bake free" tih han au la, chuan PUK chu a in unblock mai ang.

Joseph said...

@ naruto.. a zia in a daih lo a ni. yes.. slide ka la ta mai. a value in a mil tawk ni sia.. hehehe... ka fone hlui chu ka ui leh hnuhnawh. :D

@ illusionaire : eka, i thil tihdan tur min hrilh hi i tih tawh dan a ni lo maw?? nang hi thil chi hrang hrang hi i ti kual a.

faka said...

Contact list tihbo hi buaithlak duh phian. Hmanniah pawh ka u-in min rawn call a, "Tunge aw ka biak hi?" te ka lo ti vel:)

I sim thar nei tur chu a va huphurhawm dawn ve aw... "SIM thar neih chuan kan number an la hriat hmain mi kan missed call nghek nghek thin," tiin khawiah emaw i lo sawi tawh sia:))

Jerusha said...

cell phone kum tam tak ka hmang tawh chung hian Puk chu hriat pawh ka hre ve ngai lo, ka phone thrin theih lutuk vang hi ni thei angem? :PP Pawi hle mai Father, mipa ho hi chu in khawih sek zel hi a pawi thin anih hi, keini ang hian hum ve hle hle mai rawh u :DD

Joseph said...

@ faka... hehehe... ni e. ka han tum tehreng nen, ka contact list ka nei tawh si lo a. tu no. mah ka nei lo alawm. ka lo backup bawk si lo... poi lutuks.

@ jerusha - eee. khawih khawih hian thil thar te kan hrechhuak a, hmeichhia hian, i van thiam bik em em engtin nge i tih? te hi an han tia.,,nuam bik e. fone inang rau rau ah pawh. hahaha. PUK chu phone thrin leh thrin loh a ni lo, i phone ah sim card a dah theih phawt chuan a theih vek. :D

mnowluck said...

You can have the same number I believe, While I'm a prepaid User in Pune, I've had my PUK blocked more than 2 times and all I have to do is replace it with a new SIM which would cost me Rs 99/- at the Airtel Relationship Center, which allows me to have the same number. I believe you can do the same with your Vodafone.

When I landed here in Mumbai, I used Vodafone, Darn! Everyone would claim that Vodafone is the best! but as for Me I'm a Die hard fan of Airtel, so I switch over to Airtel again, I'm using Prepaid when I bought the new SIM card, but I'm still using the same number when I convert it all over to Postpaid

if you backed up your address book in your mobile, then you need not worry

When It comes to mobile.. Sony Ericsson would rule for me! You've known why!

Joseph said...

@ mnowluck.. thanks for the advice... ive already got a new sim. now, am up again with a new sim, but with experience.. hehe...

Shahnaz Kimi said...

father, MOTO rules:-) I only have good things to say about Motorola:-)
Not sure how it works there, but if you had saved your numbers to the SIM, the network provider should be able to get your phone book back for you from the network, i.e. if you have the same number...
I lost my phone once, and all the numbers I saved in my SIM was retrieved from the network...

Joseph said...

@ shahnaz kimi : thanks for dropping in. :D yeah.. MOTO rulez. Ka buai peih lo ve bawk a, chutiang vel ti tur chuan. haha. ka hmanhmawh ve deuh sia...

Awzzman said...

nin hlei in tawpeng a nei e an tih kha maw....