Friday, April 4, 2008


Well it's time to say goodbye my friend

I'm glad you stayed until the end

I hope that you've enjoyed the time we spent

Though I know that I will be back again

I don't know just how soon my friend

Until we meet again just think of me

I'll think of you

There's a song inside me, memories keep playing like a film without sound. It's 2 in the morning with gentle winds blowing from north to south. All I could see is glowing lights above people doors, quiet, peace and pleasant. I'm sitting here in a candle lit room strumming away the guitar thinking about those 'moments' we had.

Well, yeah, we were more like a 'family', a happy family. We shared the years, we share each day. Bonded, we never part. Doing every deed together, good or bad.

We get to know each other from high school. But, Mike we've known each other for 8 years since our Mary Mount days. You know, there's a saying that people with similar hobbies, interests, likes and dislikes someway or the other bond with each other. So, I think this is how the party get started.

We've had many friends before we met each other, from our localities mainly and friends from old schools. But, any miracle can happen, since the day we met each other we fully left our 'other' friends. We meet everyday at school and on weekends we use to go somewhere nice. :D

I still remember the songs we use to sing together. The day we got our matriculation results. We never left each other, and when one have some problem, the others are ready to help. I'm proud to have friends like them.

On Friday nights or Saturdays nights, we always had what we call "Chaw ei khawm". Having dinner together on weekend was a part of our life. We don't need roasted beef or smoked pork, eggs and potatoes sure meet our satisfaction. Its not the food we eat, but the fun we had, the conversations, the things we share.

On summer weekends we go to Tlawng river often. I think we like Tlawng river more than others do. When comes Saturday morning, the phone rings and rings often followed by "are you ready", "come at 9, I’ll be at chda's". It was a plan to go to Tlawng. Our parents would ask where we are going, "We're going to Tlawng", "Why you kids always go to Tlawng river? don't you have any other place to go?", before they could finish, we're already off to Tlawng river. :D

Being great fans of the song "Never went to church", we (most of us) hardly went to church services. Its like once in a month or never. This is our weak point. We talked over the phone and we use to visit friends on Sundays. Sometimes on Sunday afternoon we use to go "nula rim", the bad part is that we have to wait till they finish their church services. And the good part is that, we follow them home dressed in best, look as if we were also attending the service. (PS: The nula rim part doesn't come every Sunday)

Sunday night, we rest. Doing home works or whatever important. Because the next morning we need to go nowhere but to school.

Its Monday, 6'o clock in the morning. Get up from bed and do whatever is needed. If I don't iron my uniform on Sunday night, this is the time i do it. After doing all these, the clock ticked 7. So, next thing to do is getting dressed for school, and at 7:45 I use to get ready. Mike come from Durtlang and drop at Chda's. The two of them then come to my place and the three of us set out together for the long day.

At Khatla, Opa and his party, RSa, Johnny, Cba were already there. And when they see us in the bus. They jump in. So, together we use to go to school. School start at 8:30 and we often reach school at 8:35 or something. And we hate the 'standing-out' part, not 'out-standing'. If we don’t enter the classroom before the first morning bell, we were to stand outside for one period i.e. 40 mins.

So, we stand outside, talking to each other. Sometimes our conversations got so loud that the teacher let us in before the time. :D Sometimes we got more punishments for making noise.

In the afternoon, when the 'school-is-over' bell rings, we ran out as fast as we could before anyone else. So we can go down Tlangnuam road in peace. And at Kulikawn, we all went inside our famous saloon "Sammy’s". Needless to mention how behave inside and one thing you must know. We make a lot of noise everywhere we go, and we can't help it.

After sitting there for about 1/2 hr we set out for home. Sometimes we went home walking, and we have our secret passage. We never use the main road. We talk by walking and the result is that we reach home late. Our parents worried about us, "Why are you so late?", "We came home walking, we like to share each other many things, so we won't be able to finish our conversations if we are coming home by bus", "Ha-ha, you people doesn't talk of anything else other than computers and cartoons, what’s so important?" .

Yeah, we talk mainly about computers, the newest gears available. We love jokes; We love to pull each other's legs. We laugh and laugh and laugh. Sometimes we like to be invulnerable, immortal and have superhuman strength. The other weekdays goes on like above.

RSa being his dad got transferred to Delhi, left us first. The day we bid farewell to him, how sad it was. We sing songs we use to sing, sitting on the terrace watching the fading light of the day. And the next morning, they were already leaving Mizoram. It was back in February, 2006.

Days turns into week, weeks turns into month. Its 2007 the month of April and we finished our HSSLC examinations. We have nothing to do but to have a final decision to where we are going for further studies. We talked about this since we started our HSS. But, never decide to where to go.

No one can live together all the time. To everything there is a season turn turn turn. And a time to every purpose. Now, the seas have parted. The sky has turn to black. We need to explore what’s going on outside, face the challenges ahead. Its like the worst ever part of my life. To know not if we will ever see each other again, together, the same time, the same place. Will our jokes still be funny?

We all went our seperate ways. But we never stop talking to each other over the phone. We miss each other so much. After a long 9 months, we met each other again on Christmas of 2007. I'm glad things doesn't change. Our jokes were still funny and I believe will be funny till the end. The get-together night was really amazing. The first thing we say to each other was "I va hmelchhe em em ve". We shake hands like we never did before. Then, from the first night, we do the things which we use to do before. Sitting together infront of one computer and cracking jokes and laughing loudly as ever, take pictures, whatever.

I don't know to express my feelings out here in words. But, I do miss my friends (brothers and sisters).

Ka lung a leng………

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Awzzman said...

eih Minus_sphinx a sam tawi lai thlalak khi....!! tunah a hmel nen dang lutk... sphinx clan ho hi an harh tha hlawm khawpmai... eng rau nge in chan bik le?

Joseph said...

an harh thra hlawm tiro?? :D hehe... eng rau tak emo chu an chang aniang, sawi chhuah theih si loh. :D

Almost Unreal said...

lunglen sa nak laiin tiang lam ringot chu i post le awwww

mnowluck said...

So true!

Nice post

Joseph said...

@almost unreal : mi lungleng mi tak mai hi chu an thi hma duh an tia.. eh!! a va den dawn ve tiro?? :D

@mnowluck : ty :D :D

DayDreamBeliever said...

Pu chu lung leng a ni maw? Mahse lunglen theih te hi a tha a nia...the gift of memory. I sam sei lo khian ka lo hmu thiam vak lo che a.

Joseph said...

@ daydreambeliever - yes.. mi lungleng reng mai ka nia. :D.. hehe.. lukawng hi ka pu hnem zawk... tinge min hai maim ai :D

Jinx said...

Lung i ti leng hle mai. Thian tam deuh inkawmngeih deuh neih hi alo va han nuam tak.Keini thianho chu kanin hmuhkhawm thei tawhlo. Kan awm darh mai bakah a thenin pasal an nei tawh a,pakhat phei chuan min boralsan tawh :(

In vannei hle mai inla inhmu khawm tham2 thei a.In interest/jokes ala inangin inla inkawmngeih zui zel thei bawk nen....:)

Jerusha said...

St Paul's chu lung a van tileng ve aww.. in thianzaho hi, in chimawm reuh hmel :P

Joseph said...

@ jinx. - nia... a nuam angreng. mahse thian te hi an ngaihawm duh e. thil enge maw nikhuaah chuan mamawh an na thei khawp mai. Pathian zarah kan la dam thra e.

@ maimawm - chimom ve pangngai e. :D

Puia said...

Ekhai, hotupa chu, in tet lai i ngai a ni maw, hetiang hun hi alom a ngaihawm tulh tulh mai. Puitlin tawh chuan rilruah ngaihtuahna a lo dam tawh a, hlim taka awm te hi thil har ta a ni tawhin ka hria.

Joseph said...

@ Zorun : Hotupa... ni e, lung a ti leng duh mai mai. Ngaihtuah engmah neih vak bawk loh nen. Ngaihawm tak tak a nia awww......

Zoram lam i chhuah san tawh nge? I la cham?

Almost Unreal said...

i va han sual tak e awww, lolzz

Joseph said...


Thinchhia said...

pix chungber hi han en hian Bawrai, ABC, Hairep etc etc... kawr vel faktu te in ni tih ka hre ta chiah mai