Sunday, July 13, 2014

Text from out of this world

Have you ever been so drunk and that you really need to type a message?

Male or female, sender or receiver, we've all been involved in the classic drunk text scenario. If you've ever been on the receiving end of a drunk text you’ll notice that they usually start coming in around after midnight. Anything later and it might be too late to get the desired outcome.

If you’re the one that sends the text, surely you think that what you jot in there are all correct. But what you need to know is that, you will always find yourself guilty reading your sent messages the next morning. And sometimes, you just stare and stare at the screen, thinking about what you were trying to say and you really can’t make it out so you just laugh it away. It happen to one of my buddy sometime back.

There’s this time when we were out doing the usual on one fine weekend. And when we get back home, one of my buddy (the sender) couldn't find his pendrive in his car (i10). He thinks he left it in Michael’s car (also i10 - I am mentioning the car model because I think it plays a very important part in the text *look at the third message*) and he bombarded me with messages asking me to tell Michael to look for the pendrive in his car. I couldn't make out anything that he was sending me.

After much thought, I think he is trying to say -

“Hey, Michael kha lo zawt teh. Ka pendrive ka hmulo reng reng. Memory card nen”

“Mawh mawh”

“Ka i10 ka en a awm miahlo”

“Michael-a pendrive nen khan in dahkhawm ami?”

Sorry I couldn't decrypt the last sentence. :D


Gexg Lalnuna said...

ruih lai cuan insum alo tha ber ani e...hehe tha ltk e

Gexg Lalnuna said...

hangover ana duh