Friday, May 4, 2012

Project Banana

So, me and 4 of my friends or “Free Birds” as we would love to call ourselves came up with one helluva great idea on that one fine night in February. The idea that hails from the world’s greatest minds.. the idea that will wipe the wide smirk off from the face of some people.

Chillaxing on the roof of our zero point (our meeting point on a scale from which all our places can be measured), sitting around an old wooden table, a bottle of stag on it and smoked beef on sticks. Packet of cigarettes, “kuhva hring” and an ice-cold water on a purple plastic bottle. Gentle breeze on that quiet night, and the moon was the only light. Friend 2 plays “Zac Brown Band – Colder Weather” on the phone and that is when the world’s greatest mind were activated.

Friend 1: “Hey guys, remember all the stupid things that we’ve done before?”

Friend 4: “What stooopid things? Our ideas are always brilliant!”

Friend 1: “Relax Zawngpawng, I’m talking about that wedding we attend last time. We stayed at the newly wed’s room till 3 in the morning. Wasn’t that stupid? Just imagine… you’re the groom and you’re wife’s friends crack jokes and sings in your room till morning.”

Friend 5 (Me): “Hahaha, I remember the looks on the groom’s face. That poor guy.”

Friend 4: “Now that is stupid. I was thinking about that night when we went to that girl’s house and their lights were out for the past 2 hours. Friend 2 stands and goes to fix it while we tell the girl’s mom that friend 2 is an electrical engineer and that there’s nothing to worry about. Miracle happened and he fixed it! Girl’s mom was so happy, she asked ‘How much do you charge for a whole floor wiring?’ ‘Around 30k” friend 2 replies without a pause. So much win for friend 2 for he is a business administration graduate. Hahaha”

We all laughed.

Friend 2:  “Hey hey…enough of the past. Let’s think of something fantastic”

Friend 3: “True and hey I have an idea” *gulp down a peg* “How about we do something really crazy this time. I’m thinking of recording videos of us in a green room and later overlay our clips on a porn video.”

Friend 2,4,1: “Naiiissshhh”

Friend 5 (Me): “That’s not cool man. And it’s not unique; our seniors in college did that. We should do something extraordinary”

Friend 1: “How about a banana?”

Friend 5,4,3,2: “Banana?”

Friend 1: “Yes, we should buy big fat long bananas. And listen closely…..we will put it under our pants.”

Friend 3: “How’s that supposed to be an extraordinary idea?”

Friend 2: “Yeah”

Friend 4: *burrpp*

Friend 5(Me): “Ssshhh…quiet guys. I think friend 1 has a point here. Friend 1 please continue..”

Friend 1: “Ok, soo….putting it under our pants and make it look like our wee wee. And we visit our girl friend’s house from door to door. That will be sooo coolll”

Friend 4: “Uber cool man, and then we act like we don’t care at all.”

Friend 5(Me): “We’ll need tight pants, and the moment they noticed it. We’ll ignore them and talk about serious stuff.”

Friend 3: “And when we do sit, we should open our legs for a better view..hahaha”

Friend 1: “Exactly, and nobody should look at each other’s bananas.”

Friend 2: “This is naiishhh….this is naiisshhh”

Friend 1: “Project Banana, so shall it be called. Cheers”

All : *Cheers*

Friend 4: “They’ll wonder how these things get so big suddenly. Can’t wait to see the quizzical looks on their faces…”

Friend 3: “We should brace ourselves for it will be the beginning of fanny apocalyp…acopa…apocalyse….”

Friend 2: “What should we do if we get…if we get….aaa…whatever…damn, can’t remember a thing.”

Friend 1: “Hey….you’re all starting…*hic* to talk fanny…funny”

Friend 5(Me): “We do when start?”

Friend 1,2,3,4: “On Christmas hodilayss….”

Friend 2: “For now, let’s enjoy the moment…”

Friend 3: “What is up my negro?” 

Friend 4: “Zawngpawng….we’re out of water”

All: *Faak*


Mimihrahsel said...

Friend 1 to 4 tur awm ang chu hriat theih hle mai a.
Y U NO choose something else? Y My banana. hahahha. nice read :D

Joseph L said...

@Mimi - I rin te kha lo ni lo thut ta mai sela. :-) ... And I know you're voting eggplant cause that's your favourite, right? But... That is NO. Banana, we can eat. Brinjal, just tooo hard.