Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My youtube playlist

At first I was thinking of putting the title "My Youtube Crush List", but then have changed my mind. Not to mention there are countless number of hot chicks across the globe, I will list out my youtube playlist for which I've watched their videos at least 50 times. These girls, some are hot, some are not but I like them in just one way, their way of singing.

1. Mia Rose - Many of you may be familier with this English/Portuguese girl who covers Kelly Clarkson's, Bryan Adam's and even more. Shes 21 years old currently living in Portugal with more than 172000 subscribers on her Youtube Channel. On 4 April 2007, Ryan Leslie signed Mia to his NextSelection label.Though Mia claims to have recorded 6 or 7 songs with them, she has expressed interest in departing from NextSelection, and going independent once more due to lack of progress.

This Mia Rose was introduced to me by a friend back in 2007. I really liked her expressions and the way she sings. I don't think she is a good singer but still manage to become one.

2. Marie Digby - Known for her Rihanna's Umbrella cover, this American songwriter, guitarist and pianist is the daughter of an Irish-American and a Japanese, no wonder why she's pretty :-). The main reason why I like her so much is that, she croons the cool of the coolest songs. I like her cover of James Morrison's You give me something and Joan Osbourne's One of us.

3. Tamar - This 21 year old, winner of the MySpace Apologize cover contest by One Republic and Timbaland has found herself right at home in an environment that compliments her natural ability for classic songwriting. Fusing childhood influences in the vein of Billy Joel, Carole King, and The Beatles, currently she's working on her first album. I really like her Apologize cover which runs in a slow and smooth piano, plus she is really really cute.

4. Ana Free - I was stunned when I first found her on YouTube. This singer + guitarist from Portugal sounded much better than some of the original musicians. I like her cover of Nickelback's Savin' Me, hope you'll like it too.

5. Cathy Nguyen - A christian residing in California hailing from Vietnam. Her covers include Hillsong United and Jason Mraz.

6. Em Tolentino - A filipino with a great voice. I really really liked her cover of Bleeding love with the guy from guitartutee. She just sent me a friend request at youtube, which I readily accept. :-)

7. Emma Jane
- I found this lady in search for the song "From a distance" which was originally sung by Bette Midler. I love this song since my childhood days, which pulls me much into liking her.

OK, guys, please watch the below Korean vids.

This is what i called "flyyyyy". :D


DayDreamBeliever said...

bengvarthlak hle mai, boss; ka en nual a, mahse ka bb a muang deuh emawni,a tawp chut2 a, ka lo la en tha leh ang. An chhelo hlawm hle bok. Some people have all the luck :)

Anonymous said...

keipawh Tamar leh Em khi ka duh khawp mai. an sexy ka tih reuh teh mai ania. i list ho hi an van hawt hlawm ve :-) tlangval ila ni maw :-) fiamthu


Anonymous said...

Hei ka lo hriat thar ve choh hi, i hre tawh em em ang nang chuan. Hnanni ah Ellen Degereres show ah te an lang. An lar vet vet khawp mai.'rin on the rox'

Hei ka hla duh deuh an sak na

-i pi bleki

Joseph L said...

@ DDB - Ma'am, an chhelo hlawm tiro? :D haha

@ Lalviking - Tamar khi a special 'top' a. :D hawt hlawm tak an ni, tlangval dawn chauh lawm le. :D

@ A pi black - Kan en ange, chutiangin ka hre em em lo. hre vek turah min dah kher suh ;P

Joseph L said...

Pi bleck, if i were a boy tih ngei mai kha maw? :D hehehe, an zai thiam khawp mai.

Sekibuhchhuak said...

I playlist-ah hian mipa an va awm ve lo ve a :-)

illusionaire said...

A tawp ber video te pahnih chu... clip tawp ah, "related videos" en zel a awl khawp mai!!!

Jerusha said...

Keichu hla mi cover ho hi en enah ka lo ngai ngai lo. A re re ah ngati nge hmeichhe cover chauh, mipa cover ngaithlak tlak vak awm lo nge.. :P

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emtol_8 said...
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emtol_8 said...

Hi there (: Someone just shared with me this link and I am truly glad I found this. All of the girls on your list are my favorites too! And I am really really flattered to be a part of this. Thank you so so much!

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